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Losing Sight

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The attack.

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A/N: I really need to stop having Gerard raped don't I? Last one for a while, promise.

Pretty Eyes.

Chapter One: Losing Sight.

Lindsey kissed Gerard quickly before she lifted a nicely dressed Bandit and smiled.

"The birthday party ends at 11. But we should be back before then." she told him as she grabbed her purse and headed towards the front door.

"'Kay babe. Love you." Gerard nodded before he turned back to his laptop.

"Love you too!" She yelled back.

And he heard the door close shut.

Gerard sighed and went back to writing some notes for his new comic, although writers block was plaguing him tonight. He would have wanted to go with Lindsey and Bandit, but Gerard was always careful as to what public events to attend. Being as he was after all, a famous rockstar. Gerard typed and backspaced some things a few times, before finally giving up half an hour later.

He went upstairs to go watch some television. Perhaps a bit of relaxing would refresh his mind, he figured. He went into their bedroom, hopped on to the bed and turned on the tv. Checking the guide, he decided on watching some King of The Hill as he sat back and relaxed.

Then, at around 8:30 he heard a noise. A slight thump. Curious,Gerard got himself out of bed and walked outside of the room. He looked down to see where the noise may have emitted from. When he saw nothing, he made to turn back.

Suddenly, a large pair of hands pushed him down onto the floor. Gerard turned quickly around to see what had happened. A very heavy set man was behind him, wheezing and looking at him strangely.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked Gerard, trying to sound intimidating despite how scared he felt. The man didn't answer. He grabbed Gerard by the hair and dragged him to the bed. Gerard tried to fight against him, but his frail, skinny frame was no match again this beast of a man. He grunted as he shoved Gerard into the mattress.

Gerard screamed for help as the man dealt him various blows in an effort to shut him up. He then pulled out a blade and pressed it to Gerard's neck. Gerard quieted down and stared at the blade wide eyed with fear.

"Be nice, or I'll kill you." the man growled.

Gerard could tell something was off about this man. He was definitely wrong in the head. Gerard stayed still, paralyzed by the threat of the knife. The man proceeded to get out some duct tape from his back pocket. He cut off a strip and placed it securely over Gerard's mouth. He then turned Gerard over and taped together Gerard's wrists behind his back.

Wasting no time, the man went on to take Gerard's pants off. Gerard's heart raced as he could feel the man unbuttoning his tight black jeans. He stripped them off Gerard in one swift motion, revealing his bare bottom. The man ran his hands over his pale cheeks, and Gerard shuddered. He inserted a few fat fingers into him, and Gerard felt his back arch from the sensation. The man then sliced a gash into Gerard's leg which earned a small muffled scream.

"I said be nice." the man said through gritted teeth.

Gerard tried to calm himself. This must be some sort of fucked up nightmare. The man stroked his legs roughly. Gerard felt something slimy begin to poke around in his anus. The man was licking, inserting his tongue into his asshole, perhaps as to provide lubricant. A wave of nausea came over Gerard and he had to swallow back bile as the man inserted his tongue deeper and deeper. Gerard tried hard to be quiet, but small whimpering noises were spilling out of him none the less.

What felt like ages later the licking sensation stopped. The man lifted his tongue, letting the cold air hit his now moist asshole. Gerard wondered hopefully if the man might be done with him. But then he felt a large muscle come upon him, and he knew what it was. The man was preparing to insert himself in.

Panicking, Gerard tried desperately to think of a way out of this. Unfortunately he realized he could do little to nothing with his hands bound, and the gash in his leg was already searing with pain. It was unlikely he'd be able to run from the situation. Before he could think more of it, the man began his intrusion into Gerard's entrance.

Gerard screamed and screamed against the duct tape. Completely forgetting about the knife, he began writhing from the pain as the man's large cock stretched him out. The man didn't seem to care, he was enjoying himself quite a lot. He issued a violent thrust into Gerard to make sure he was completely in before he snickered.

"You feel good." he said.

The man thrust into Gerard repeatedly. Gerard felt as though each was more painful than the last. The man lay himself on top of Gerard, crushing him into the mattress. The man was already moist with sweat, perhaps nervous or exhilarated by the act he was committing alone. Gerard felt the ability to breathe leave him soon enough. He felt his tailbone break. Tears streamed down his face and he tried to suppress his sobs.

It went on for nearly two hours. The man twisted and turned Gerard into different positions. And by the end of the ordeal, Gerard looked as though he had been mauled by a wild animal. Some would say he had. With Gerard bleeding and broken on his back beneath him, the man grabbed his knife.

"You didn't see my face." he grunted.

And he took his knife and plunged it straight into Gerard's left eye. He twisted it inside the socket as Gerard screamed and convulsed in agony. He released the knife and made to do the same to the other eye. Gerard shut his eyelid quickly, but it was no use. The man just pried it open and drove the blade through that eye.

And just like that, Gerard could see no more.


Next chapter: The fallout.
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