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Back to the apartment.

by Bad_Romance


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Sex in this chapter! Thanks to one of the ladies on here who helped me with a few of the sex scenes in this story (Tati)... I think I've finally managed to write them myself, but for each one that I post I will put whether it was me or her!

Chapter Seven
Chloe and Gerard walked to the club, when they were halfway there he reached for Chloe’s hand, taking it softly, and smiling as she entwined her fingers with his. They arrived at the club quickly, and once they were there, Gerard spoke to the door men, telling them his name, and they were all given a wristband each, been told not too loose it, and they were VIP, they were able to go anywhere they wanted in the club. They all smiled widely as they walked in, and banged there head to the sound of Nirvana blaring out.

“Thanks so much Gerard, this is fucking amazing!” Mikey shouted, looking around the busy dark club.

“Yeah, cheers dude!” Frank smiled, slapping him on the back and then wondering off to the bar with Ray and Mikey.

Gerard turned to Chloe who was smiling widely at him.

“The last time I was here, I was so drunk!” She grinned to him, and he reached down and pecked her on the lips softly.

“Chlo.. I hope you don’t mind. I told the guys they could stay at my apartment tonight, think I could stop at yours after?” He asked, his eye brow raised.

“You didn’t even need to ask! Your always welcome!” She honestly told, grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the bar, next to Ray and the other guys.

“What do you guys want?” Ray asked, getting out his wallet.

“Erm, can I have a double vodka and lemonade please?” She asked, and Ray nodded, then Gerard nodded as well.

“Same please dude” He answered, and Chloe smiled to him, then reached over to his ear.

“We’ll top it up with the vodka in my bag” She grinned to him, and he pecked her on the lips.

“You’re a genius!” He smiled sweetly to her, and Chloe nodded along.


“Guys I think we’re going to head off! Its like 3am!” Gerard shouted to Ray, Mikey and Frank, which only Ray and Mikey were listening, as Frank was head banging harshly to the Black Flag song they were playing.

“Yeah, we’re going shortly. Can we have your apartment key?” Ray asked, holding out his hand, and Gerard placed his key in his hand, and Chloe came over to them all.

“I’m fucking exhausted, and my feet are killing me!” She shouted, pointing to her feet.

“We’re going now sugar!” Gerard grinned to her, wrapping a arm around her waist, and she leaned into him.

“Thank fuck. I’ve had a amazing night head banging with you all, but now I’m tired!” She smiled to them, and they laughed and nodded, then looked to Frank who was still head banging away.

“He’s going to feel it in the morning” Ray told them all.

“Ha! I know. Right well guys, thanks for tonight, and we’ll see you tomorrow. Juts give me a call when you wake up or whatever” He told them, and Mikey and Ray nodded.

“It was really nice meeting you both!’ Chloe came forward and hugged them both warmly, once she had hugged them both, she poked Frank in the side, where he lifted his head up drunkenly. ‘Frank, we’re going! It was nice meeting you!” She smiled to him, coming forward and hugging him slightly.

“You too Chloe! Bye!” And with that, Frank started head banging again, causing them all to shake their heads slightly.

“See you guys” Gerard waved to them, and then caught Chloe’s hand with his, and they now began walking out of the club.

Once they were outside the club, they both lit up a cigarette, and Chloe threw the empty bottle of vodka in the bin, both of them laughing slightly.

“To say we’ve drank all that, and what we drank before hand, I don’t feel so bad” Gerard told her, as they started walking back to her apartment, which was only a short distance away.

“I know! I was expecting to be so drunk tonight!” She grinned to him, then stopped where she was and leant against a wall. Gerard frowned at her, and then laughed as she reached down and pulled her shoes off.

“Oh! God, that feels amazing” She moaned and she rested her feet on the cold pavement.

“Your feet are going to be filthy!” He grinned to her as they started walking again.

“I’d rather have dirty feet than be crippled forever!” She dramatically shouted, and Gerard laughed.

After a short while they reached Chloe’s apartment building, whereshe unlocked the main door, and they both walked up the stairs to her room.

“I had a lot of fun tonight Gerard” Chloe smiled to him, as they both walked in through her apartment door.

“See they weren’t as bad as you thought they would be” He smirked at her, his hands resting on her hips as she got a drink of water from the tap.

“Not at all. They were all really nice, and I think they liked me” She grinned to him, turning around, and putting her hands on his hips.

“They did… I’m glad you decided to come out” He pecked her on the lips, and sighed as he rested his forehead on hers.

“Me too….” She smiled at him, and ran a hand through his long messy black hair.

“I’m tired….” Gerard said, sighing.

“Come on then, lets go to bed” Chloe answered him, before pulling him into the bed room, smiling at him with a seductive look on her face. Gerard grinned to his self when he realised what was probably going to happen tonight.

Chloe sat on her bed, and Gerard sat next to her, he pulled her by the neck, softly, and pressed his lips gently against hers, before slowly pushing his body on hers, causing her to lay down on the bed, him hovering above her. He pulled away from her, and gave her a sideways smile that made Chloe’s stomach flutter, and she sat up slowly, looking him dead in the eye.

"Gerard." Chloe giggled when he leaned in for another kiss, his hands attempting to tickle her while she tried to move away. He only smiled as he pulled her back by the waist while she smiled sheepishly at him. He let out a small laugh before he captured his lips with her own, this time the kiss being more gentle and soft. Chloe couldn't deny the kiss made sent small tingles up her spine by the feel of his soft pink lips. It seemed like forever the kiss lasted, but it was only a few seconds. Gerard took the opportunity to deepen the kiss as Chloe obliged. Gerard moved swiftly and more passionately as Chloe tried to keep up. She felt his tongue ask for entrance while she accepted and allowed to him to invade. His tongue swirled with hers in a soft dance while Chloe couldn't help but let out a small moan.

As the battle for dominance continued, Chloe felt Gerard's hands rest on her hips, and he moved them so the were better sat on the bed.. Soon afterwards he moved his hands down until they reached the hem of her dress. He put his hands underneath it and He touched the soft skin of her thighs, and then moved up to her stomach. When he found no objection, he continued to move his hands up until he felt the lacy material of her bra, and he lifted the dress over her head and threw it on the floor. Chloe feeling a little on standby, lifted up to undo Gerard's shirt. She pulled it over his head, along with the tie, as he smiled his famous sideways smile while she tossed it with the rest of the discarded. He pushed her back down while his hands reached behind her and worked on the clasp to her bra where he undid it swiftly. He eyed Chloe while he pulled her bra straps down her arms, where he quickly yanked it off, leaving her only in her panties while her skin flushed. She watched Gerard's eye brighten a little when he eyed her chest. He kissed down from her neck to the middle of her breasts, before stopping as his hands had slid up her sides and up the swell of her breasts. Chloe let out a moan when his hands had cupped them, his thumbs touching her nipples that peaked up into his hands. He squeezed the hard nubs between his index finger and thumb, pinching the nipple while Chloe moaned. He leaned his mouth down and captured one in his mouth while Chloe gasped. He swirled his tongue around while he continued to squeeze her other breast. He sucked it before delivering the same treat to her other breast while Chloe slid her hands into Gerard's locks of hair.

"Chloe….. So fucking beautiful" he whispered as Chloe smiled as he kissed down her stomach and stopped at her underwear. His fingers traced the material and touched in between her thighs while she bit her lip. He rubbed her softly through the material as Chloe felt herself get wet with every gentle stroke. Gerard's touches was unlike anything she felt before, and not having sex with him for the last 2 weeks increased the pleasure. He reached for her panties and pulled them down swiftly and onto the floor before Chloe could blink. When she realized she was fully naked, her whole body had flushed to Gerard's amusement.

"Don't be shy, its only me" he smirked at her while she felt like her lip would bleed any minute from biting so hard. His fingers returned to their former position and he opened her legs a little bit to get a better access. His hand glided down her thigh and gripped it before heading down to her middle where Chloe's breath began to pick up with every moment he got closer. His fingers touched her slit that was moist to the touch as he gave her a soft smile. He pushed past her lips and found her pearl causing Chloe to let out a loud gasp. Gerard traced the small tender bundle of nerves before rubbing it in a circle.

"Gee..." she whispered as he retracted his finger only to push back in while simultaneously working on her clit while Chloe couldn't help but buck her hips up into this fingers while she moaned. He moved faster and harder, feeling her moisture drip onto his fingers, her moans becoming louder as she felt her stomach tighten and a fuzzy warm feeling developed. She let out a sudden scream when he decided to give his fingers a break and used his tongue a replacement as she squirmed.

"Jesus." she mumbled as he worked her like a pro while suckling her clit that made Chloe grip the sheets with a tight clench as he moaned sending vibrations through her as it only magnetized the sensation. She felt her thigh muscles start to contract as he brought her closer to her orgasm, a soft scream escaping her mouth when she felt a rush go through her head. Gerard felt her juices seep down his fingers as he smiled while Chloe panted, and blushed as Gerard put his fingers to his mouth and licked off her juices. She blushed even more when she noticed the obvious bulge in Gerard's pants as he smirked.

"How'd that feel sugar?" he teased, whilst sitting up to see her face, and she smiled sheepishly.

"Amazing." she replied as she sat up to undo his belt buckle, jeans, and boxers in a hurry, his naked glory made her eyes widened like she was a nun. He moved back to her while he pulled her into a kiss once more, Chloe spread her legs wider in anticipation. She nervously waited for him to enter and stared at his mini Gerard that was fully alert. He was nothing short of big.

"Ready?" he asked her as she nodded, biting her lip. He slipped it in and she moaned from his size that stretched her walls quite a bit. However it still felt amazing as he was literally all man.

"You okay?" he breathed shakily as she nodded and adjusted to him as Gerard continued to glide in and out of her. Chloe pulled Gerard closer to herself to feel his warm body on hers as he smiled at her.

"Fuck, god your so fucking tight." he moaned as he worked faster while she titled her head back, and closed her eyes as she felt every thrust.

"Like that baby?" he said breathlessly as she nodded, moaning at the sound of his voice

"Say it."

"I love it." she whispered as he smiled.

"Gee harder." she gasped again when the same familiar feeling returned in her stomach when Gerard pumped in and out her hole faster.

"Harder Gee." she repeated when he kept going, the sensation only doubling as her fingernails scratched at his shoulders leaving red marks, and her legs wrapped around his midsection.

"Fuck, Gerard!" she screamed when he pinched her nipple hard, sending her over the edge while she released a second orgasm that made her see stars as she panted heavily while Gerard continued to thrust in and out her, his breathing becoming ragged and harsh as he let out a loud moan before he followed her a few seconds after and released. He rode out his high and collapsed on her chest when it finally stopped. Chloe looked up at the ceiling and sighed as Gerard planted one last kiss on her chest.

"Wow." she only whispered as Gerard giggled into her neck.

“I’m fucking glad we waited” Gerard panted into her ear, then kissed her neck softly before rolling on to his side, running a hand through his hair that was damp with sweat.

“I know…. Jesus Gee” She said, laughing as she covered them both up with her duvet.

“So, its official now then” He smiled to his self, his eyes closed.

“Whats official?” Chloe asked frowning, and she turned to look at him.

“You’re my girlfriend” He smiled to her, before gently pecking her on her smiling lips.
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