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Thumb Master

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I’m aware that the guys didn’t really know each other in this time period (I’d written and posted the chapter before I realised what I had done) I’m thinking oh shit! But oh well… Just have to pretend that they knew each other in this year. = )

Chapter Six
Chloe walked around her apartment, glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand. She was waiting for Gerard to get back from the shop with alcohol, but he had been gone 15 minutes already. If he doesn’t hurry up soon, his friends would be here before him, Chloe thought to herself. She frowned as she heard male voices in the hallway outside her apartment door, and then she heard aloud knock. How did they get in if the buzzer is broken? She wondered to herself, and then walked over to the apartment door. She placed the cigarette in her mouth and opened the door, revealing 3 smiling young men.

“Err, hi. Is Gerard here?” A guy with very curly hair asked her, as the others tried looking in her apartment, and also looked at Chloe with wide eyes.

“He’s gone to the shop for alcohol. Are you his friends and brother?” She asked them, after removing the cigarette from her mouth.

“Yeah I’m Ray, this is Frank and that’s Mikey, Gerards brother” Ray answered her, pointing them all out, each of them smiling softly at Chloe.

Chloe smiled back, and moved aside, so they could all walk into her small apartment. She watched them as they all walked in, taking in their appearances. Frank was shorter than the other two men with him, as he walked by she noticed he was about the same height as her, and he had dark hair, that was short, and cut with a small fringe, with bright green eyes. Mikey, who Chloe actually thought looked nothing like his brother, wore a pair of glasses, that rested on the edge of his nose, causing him to have to tilt his head slightly back so they wouldn’t fall off. And then Ray, who was smiling widely at Chloe as he bounced through the door way.

“So your Chloe? The girl Gerard is seeing?” Frank asked, a small smile on his face.

“Well, we’re -’ She was cut off from her phone ringing. ‘Hello?”

“Can you let me in again?” Gerards sweet voice spoke, and she smiled.

“Of course” She hung up the phone and walked over to the buzzer, pressing it. “This is him now” She explained to them after she pressed it in for a while.

“This is your wall that you and Gerard painted? Its pretty amazing” She looked over at Mikey who was looking at the wall closely.

“Yeah, your brother is a amazing artist!” She smiled, walking over next to him, and putting out her cigarette.

“Ok if we smoke in here?” Frank asked, pulling out a packet of cigarettes.

“Yeah that’s fine” She waved to him, and walked over to the door of her apartment, opening it and smiling as she saw Gerard come up the stairs in front of her door, slightly out of breath and carrying a few bags.

“Here let me help” She smiled to him, coming forward and taking one of the heavy bags from his arms.

“Thank you sugar” He grinned, and then smiled widely as he walked into the apartment and saw his friends and brother in their.

“I fucking shouted you all as you walked by the shop I was in!” He grinned to them, walking in the kitchen and dumped the bags on the side.

“Oh sorry dude. Didn’t hear you” Frank casually shouted over, after lighting up his cigarette.

“How did you all get in here by the way? The buzzer is broken downstairs” Gerard asked, and watched as Chloe came next to him and began getting the things out of the bags.

“We were just about to ring you and then somebody walked out. We just said we were going to apartment 15 and they let us in” Mikey explained, coming over and standing next to Gerard.

“We brought a bag of stuff to drink as well!” Ray said, plonking the bag next to Chloe who was holding a bottle of vodka and a beer, which she handed to Gerard smiling.

“You starting on the vodka already?” He softly asked, pulling her over so the guys could get there drinks.

“No, I was just holding it! I’m going to get a beer” She laughed and he kissed her softly on the lips.

“Oh right. How long were they here before I came back?” He questioned, opening his beer can.

“Only a few minutes” She told him, looking over at the guys getting there drinks.

“Were they okay with you?” He cautiously asked.

“Yeah they were fine! Don’t worry Gee! They were nice!” She laughed to him, and he laughed slightly.

“I knew they would be! I just know how worried you were about meeting them!” He grinned, as they watched as the guys went and sat on the couch, placing their beers on the new coffee table in front of it.

“Well, the initial meeting is over now! I don’t mind it so much. But we should play some drinking games. Loosen everyone up a bit” She grinned, as they now walked over to the kitchen counters, and Gerard pulled out two 8 packs of beer, and another bottle of vodka.

“Yeah sure, what game you got in mind? I don’t know many?” He asked, grabbing some glasses from the cupboard and they both walked over to the coffee table, and sat down on the floor on the other side from the guys.

“You wanna sit here? Its your couch after all?” Mikey asked, and Chloe shook her head.

“No no, its fine! We’ll sit here! Have you guys ever heard of thumb master?” She asked, opening her beer and taking a drink from it as they all shook their heads, even Gerard.

“No. Good drinking game?” Frank asked, and Chloe smiled, nodding and moved backwards slightly, hitting play on her CD player, which blared out The Misfit, and also reaching in the basket next to her cd player she pulled out a packet of cards.

“Its pretty simple. I’ll shuffle them, and then say I go first, id pick a card. If it’s a Ace, everybody drinks a fingers worth of their drink. If I pick a 2-5 you have to drink that amount. 6-9 you give people that amount, so say I picked a 9, I could give Gerard, Frank and Ray 3 each. Or just give Mikey the whole 9’ She looked at them as they all nodded, showing they understood. ‘10, if I pick that, I’m thumb master. So at any point in the game, whilst your thumb master, I can put my thumb to my head slyly, and you all have to copy, the last person to do it drinks a fingers worth. Jack, that’s the rule card, anyone picks it you make up a rule, so say I got it, I could say every time somebody takes a drink you have to kiss me on the cheek, or something like that. Queen, Question card, can only answer a question with a question, and they all have to relate, if you haven’t answered in 10 seconds, instant fail and you drink. And then finally king! Waterfall! If I pick it, its goes in a circle. So Gee cant stop drinking until I stop, Frank you couldn’t stop until Gee stops, Mikey you have to wait for Frank, and Ray, you’d have to wait for Mikey to finish! Feel like playing that?” She asked after explaining, and they all smiled widely to her.

“That’s a pretty good game! But I might forget a few things. Can I ask what they are for a while?” Mikey asked, looking slightly worried.

“Yeah of course, after a few drinks it kind of gets drilled into you anyways” She told them all and they all smiled, she started shuffling the cards, and then placed them in the middle.

“Ladies first” Gerard grinned and Chloe smiled back, picking up a card.

“7...Er, think we’ll have Ray, Mikey and Frank 1 each, and then 4 for Gerard” She grinned over at Gerard, who poked her slightly in the side.

“Meanie” He smiled, before lining up his fingers and then downing almost half of his beer, they all cheered slightly after he’d finished, and he held down a burp.

“I’ll go next’ Ray said, reaching into the middle of the table and picking a card. ‘Jack… Er, rule card. Every time you take a drink you have to say ‘I am Optimus Prime!’” Ray shouted in a funny deep voice and all of them laughed.

“Somebody needs to pull a Jack, and quickly” Frank laughed, causing Chloe to laugh slight at him, he looked at her with a small frown, a smile still on his face.

“You have the most adorable laugh! it’s a proper stoner laugh that!” Chloe giggled, and all of them laughed with her, even Frank.

“Well, its been called girly and not a laugh but a giggle, but never adorable or a stoner laugh ha!” He laughed once again, then they watched as Mikey picked up a card.

“5” He sadly said, and then quickly downed half of his beer, all of them cheering him slightly.


“Gee, what time are we going to the club?” Chloe asked, as she was sat on the window sill of her living room, smoking a cigarette, looking slightly drunk.

“Err, Ian told me to get us there for about 10.30 its that time now. So we’ll set off” He said, standing up slowly from the floor, and walking over to her, accepting half of the cig from her.

“You feeling alright Mikey?” Chloe grinned over to the couch, and saw as Mikey looked very drunk.

“Yea… I just, had a bit too much…… Beer” Mikey mumbled, and Frank poked him on the face, causing Mikey to flap his hand away and mumble about a fly.

“Maybe a bit too much starting thumb master too early” She grinned to Gerard, as she leaned her head against the wall.

“He’ll be alright when we get somewhere more lively! You been to this club before?” He asked, and Chloe shook her head.

“No, have you?”

“Chloe, you know me. I don’t go anywhere apart from my apartment, my moms house or work. Or here, since the last 2 weeks” He told her, and Chloe smiled.

“That’s true! I’m pretty sure if you didn’t have me or work, you’d stay in your apartment all the time drawing” She honestly answered, and he nodded, whilst blowing smoke from his nose, and he threw the cig out of the window.

“That’s true! Do you need anything, cos we’re going now?” He asked her and she stood up, Gerard leant forward and kissed her on the forehead.

“I’ll just go check my make up” She smirked to him, leaning up and pecking him on the lips, before walking into her bedroom.

“She’s gorgeous Gerard” Mikey drunkenly spoke from the couch, and Ray and Frank nodded in agreement.

“How did you meet her first?” Ray asked, a hand on his chest whilst he laughed slightly.

“I dunno dude. I’ve been very fucking lucky” He grinned to them, and then Chloe walked out of the bedroom, a pair of high black shoes on, that made her slender legs look longer.

“You look lovely Chloe” Ray smiled to her, and Chloe grinned.

“Thank you! I don’t know how long these will stay on for though!” She said, pointing to her shoes and she walked into the kitchen, grabbing a black small bag that went around her shoulders, and she slipped her apartment keys in it, along with a smaller bottle of vodka and then her cigarettes. ‘Right, ready when you are” She smiled to them all, her hands on her hips.

“Yeah. Lets go” Frank shouted, standing up quickly and bouncing around.

“I hope they play some decent music in this club Gerard!” Mikey shouted, following Frank over to the door.

“I’m sure they will” Gerard smiled, as he opened the door, and they all walked out.

“Going to be a good night” Chloe whispered to him, and kissed him on the lips softly, then walked out.

Gerard smiled quickly to his self, and nodded, then followed them all, closing the door to Chloe’s apartment after him.
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