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2 weeks In.

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Chapter Five
"Hello?” Chloe answered her phone, whilst pouring herself a glass of wine.

“Its me. I’m outside, can you buzz me in, some idiot has pushed the button in too far and its not working” She smiled as she heard Gerard speak.

“Of course” She smiled, walking over to the buzzer and pressing it.

“See you in a minute” He said, and then hung up.

Chloe smiled, and walked back over to her glass of wine, and took a big gulp, she only had a pair of sweats on, and no top, only her bra, but she wasn’t bothered, over the last few weeks Gerard had seen her topless. Her and Gerard had known each other for 2 weeks now, and they saw each other nearly everyday. And if they didn’t see each other, they would speak on the phone. Chloe wasn’t sure if they could say they were dating yet, and she didn’t dare ask him in case it ruined everything. They had kissed, and touched, but never anything sexual. They had come very close to nearly having sex, but Gerard always pulled back, saying that he didn’t want to ruin anything yet, it was nice to hear at first, but Chloe was starting to wonder if he just didn’t want to have sex with her. Tonight they were going to Adams house to watch a soccer game, Chloe and Gerard hated soccer, but Adam near enough begged them to both go round. She jumped slightly, hearing the knock on the door.

“Hi” She smiled at Gerard, opening the door.

Gerard smiled at her, and walked in, leaning down and kissing her on the forehead.

“You look nice” He grinned, looking down at her boobs in the bra, wanting so badly to touch them.

“Pft… I’ve not even started getting ready” She told him, and walked to sit on the couch.

She watched Gerard as he came and sat next to her. He was wearing some black jeans, that looked a little bit tight, and a black shirt, a red tie hung loosely around his neck.

“You look smart to say we are just going to Adams” She smiled, pulling the tie so she could kiss him tenderly on the lips.

“Yeah, err, about Adams…. We’re not going now” Chloe frowned.

“Well, where we going?” She questioned, lighting a cig.

“My brother and three of my friends are coming for a night out. So we are going to that rock club, I can’t remember the name of it” Gerard said, frowning as he tried to think of the name of the place.

“I know which one you mean. But Gee, you know I wont be able to get in. No id” She said plainly, using his nickname.

“Clo, my friend Ian works there, he’s sorted it. Plus, there will only be Ray whose going to be old enough. Mikey is only 20... And Frank is 18 so..” Gerard explained, taking a drink of Chloe’s wine.

“Ahhh. Shit, so I’m going to be meeting your brother and friends?” She said, slightly nervous, causing her to finish her cig quickly.

“Yeah….’ He saw her looking nervous.
‘You okay with it?”

“Yeah, yeah I’m okay… Just nervous I guess. You’ve met my friends, you know a lot of my friends. I just didn’t think I would have to meet them all at once” Chloe laughed, rubbing the back of her neck.

“You’ll be fine darling” He smiled at her.

“What time are they coming then?” She asked, standing up, and walking over to the kitchen to pour another glass of wine, Gerard could help her drink the bottle.

“Going to mine first for some drinks, they are coming to New York for 7 then heading to the club about 10.30... Is that okay?” He asked, walking over and standing behind her, his hands on her hips.

“You should of said to come here, it saves us walking back over to your place, to have to walk back this way to the club” She told him, facing his now, and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“Well, I can ring them if you want. They wont off set off yet” He said, looking at his watch.

“Yeah, its fine, honestly. You’ll have to nip to the shop though, I don’t have much booze in” She told him, standing up, and walking into the bedroom, trying to think of what she should wear.

She looked through her wardrobe, and heard Gerard talking on the phone. She was a bit worried about meeting his friends and brother, but she knew once she had a few drinks she wouldn’t mind so much.

“All sorted, I’ve told them to park at mine, and then walk here, they know the way” Gerard told her, laying on the bed, and watching her choose what to wear.

“Hmmm, which one?” She asked, holding up two black dresses.

Once was halter neck, and the other had no straps at all, but both of them were the same length. The one with no straps was very simple, just material and it looked like it would hug all of her curves, and Gerard instantly wanted to see her in it.

“That one” He said, pointing at the one without straps.

“Good, I’m glad you picked that” She smiled to him.

“Your going to look nice and sexy” He winked at her, and then looked over out of the window whilst Chloe slipped her sweats down, and started pulling the dress down her body. Gerard couldn’t look at her, he knew if he did, he would pull her on the bed, and have his way with her.

The last two weeks had been hell for him, not been able to have sex with Chloe, but been so close to doing it was torture. He honestly didn’t know how he had managed to stop his self so many times. But he knew that he wanted something special with Chloe, and he didn’t want to do anything until they were sure that they wanted to be together. He had never been like this with a girl, but there was something about Chloe that made him want to be with her completely.

“Shit” He came out of his day dream, and found Chloe throwing bras onto the bed.

“Am I dreaming?” He asked, sitting up and picking one up.

“I cant find my - Oh! Here it is” She said, holding up a blood red strapless bra, and then quickly unhooked her bra she had on letting it fall to the floor.

Chloe heard Gerard gasp as he saw Chloe’s chest now bare in front of him, and she smiled at him.

“You okay love?” She asked, clipping the other one on, and pulling her dress up and over it.

“Yeah… Your just fucking stunning” He softly said to her, smiling.

“Oh, you do know how to charm a lady Mr Way” She smiled to him, and then clipped her hair up and sitting in front of the mirror so she could do her make up.

“I told Adam that its Rays birthday, and I forgot that he was coming to New York for a night out tonight. He was a bit bummed but he got over it. I said we’d go round one night next week?” He said to her, picking his fingernails and looking pretty bored.

“Yeah that’s fine. Just let me know when and I’ll see what I’m working, or what I’m doing at college” She answered, applying some dark eye make up.

“Will do. Hey, Chlo. Don’t be worried about meeting them. They’ll love you” He told her, after climbing off the bed, and putting his hands on her shoulders.

“Yeah, we’ll see. I’m just going to get arseholed, and then I will be fine” She smiled to him.

“Don’t feel you have to get drunk to meet them” He frowned at her, rubbing small circles on her shoulders.

“No, I know… But I’ll drink plenty anyways, you know what I’m like” She told him, finishing her make up by applying some dark red lipstick to her lips.

“You’ll be fine. They will all love you, honestly” He told her, before taking a long drink of his wine.

“Yeah… What time is it?” She asked, pulling her hair down, and adding volume to it with her hands and then applying plenty of hairspray.

“God, Chlo… Trying to kill me?’ He coughed through the mist of hairspray in the room. ‘ Its 6.15 so they’ll be setting off anytime now” He told her, looking at his watch.

“Best get drinking then hadn’t we” Chloe smirked to him, picking up her glass of wine.

“Want me to go to the shop now?” He asked, after downing his wine.

“Its upto you Gee” She answered, walking over to her cd player and pressing play, where The Misfits now blared out of it.

“I’ll go now, before they get here” He told her, walking over and pecking her on the cheek.

“Ok, how much money you want?” She asked, walking over to her bag in the kitchen.

“Don’t worry bout it. I’ll get us some vodka and beers” He told her, walking over to the front foor of the apartment.

“Gerard! No..”

“Its my treat!” He grinned, before walking out of the room and leaving Chloe alone, smirking to herself.
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