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Walls that are white.

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.:Chapter Four:.
‘Damaged goods?’ Gerard played that over in his head whilst he got dressed.
‘What does she mean damaged goods?’ He kept thinking.
Gerard buttoned up his shirt, and walked out of the bedroom and into Chloe’s living room, he wanted to see where they would both be painting. He frowned as he could see that it was the big wall on the side of the room, that was just painted white. Gerard walked around to the sink, and poured his self a glass of water with a throw away cup that was laying there. After downing all of it, he walked over to the bin, and threw it in. He frowned when he walked away from the bin, and then turned back looking inside it. His eyes widened when he could easily see 6 empty bottles of vodka, and 3 empty bottles of Jack Daniels.

‘How long have they been there?’ He wondered, ‘I actually think Chloe might drink as much as me’.

“Whatcha looking at?” He heard Chloe’s sweet voice come into the kitchen, and he saw her stood drying her hair with a towel, fully dressed.

“All them empty bottles in your bin’ He laughed, and walked over to her.
‘You might actually drink as much as me” He grinned, then leant down and pecked her on the lips.

“Damaged goods, I told you” She softly said, then threw the towel on the counter top.

“Your not damaged goods for drinking a lot” Gerard frowned at her, his hand coming up and brushing against her back.

“Hmmm, well I hope so” She mumbled, and then pecked Gerard on the lips.

“The big white wall in the living room is the one that you want to paint then?” He asked, sitting on a stool and watching as Chloe lit up a cigarette and then went to the fridge looking in it.

“Yeah, I dunno what to do with it though, we’ll just paint whatever on it, I’m sure if your helping it’ll look fab’ She smiled to him, then pulled out something’s from the fridge. ‘Omelette?” She asked.

“Yeah, that’ll be great’ He nodded, then lit his own cigarette.
‘You excited about finishing college then?” He asked, wanting to know everything about Chloe.

“Yeah I am. I don’t really like it. They are pretty strict there arnt they. I had to miss a day there once, family emergency back home, and they told me, no matter how good my work was, I wouldn’t be receiving a B or higher because I missed a day. They can be bastards” She told him, starting to break the eggs, and start cooking.

“Yeah, they were like it when I was there. Try not to worry, from your paintings on the walls you’ll pass at the end of the year easy peasy” He smiled sweetly to her, watching her as she was cooking.

“Yeah well, I hope so. My parents would be disappointed If I didn’t’ She told him, mixing eggs and cheese together.
‘But hey ho. Enough about school. You just working at the comic book store then?” Chloe wanted to get to know Gerard.

“Yes, and I do some drawings for people. I get paid, but I don’t have a steady job in art” He answered her, putting out his cig.

“Who really does? I mean, if you get into Illustration or something along them lines, been a artist isn’t a steady job” She truthfully told him.

“Why did you come to Art School if you knew you might not get a steady job?” Gerard questioned her.

“It was easy… I’m good at art, it was the only thing I was really good at at school, so I just thought why not. To be honest though, I didn’t think I would be accepted, so it was a bit of a shock when I was”

“Hmmm, what would you of done if you hadn’t been accepted?” He asked her, biting his nails.

“Erm…. I honestly have no idea. I think my friend Bam would of helped me. His friends and him have just managed to get a TV show with MTV, calling it Jackass or something’ She said dismissively.
‘So I’m pretty certain he would of helped me out, and I’d be working with them”

“Well, that wouldn’t of been bad. Working on a TV show, pretty exciting” Gerard told her.

“Yeah it wouldn’t of been so bad I suppose. What about you? Anything you would of preferred to or would like to do?”

“I’d quite like to start a band” He answered her truthfully. This shocked Chloe.

“Really? You play anything?” She asked, still standing over the cooker making omelettes for them both.

“I play a bit of guitar, but I suck at it. But I’m alright at singing” He told her, a slight blush appearing in his cheeks, this is why he drank, he thought to his self, he didn’t blush as much.

“Oh really? That’s interesting. You’ll have to serenade me one day” She winked at him.

Gerard laughed, and accepted the plate that Chloe handed to him.

“Hmm, this smell good” And he rubbed his stomach, taking the fork off the table.

“Ha, its only omlette” She laughed.

“Well, this is gorgeous. You can cook for me forever” He smiled at her, whilst chewing.

“No way mister” She smirked, sitting next to him, and starting her food.

“So your last name is Lee? Same as my mothers maiden name, and my grandmother” He smiled to her, after finishing his omelette quickly and putting it in the sink, and starting to wash up the pots for her.

“You don’t have to do that Gerard. And yeah it is. That’s pretty cool, I share the same surname as your family, must be fate” She grinned, coming over next to him and pecking him on the cheek.

“I don’t mind washing up” He told her, finishing quickly, and finding Chloe stood in the living room sorting through some paints.

“Hmmm, what do you wanna do with it then?” She asked, mixing up some paint together, trying to get a nice purple colour.

3 hours later.

“Ha, that looks pretty awesome” Chloe smiled, as he and Gerard stood back, covered in paint, and admired the wall with their art work on.

They had made like a comic book strip on the wall, showing the life of 2 superheroes that wanted to save New York. It involved a lot of detail, and had a look of anime about it.

“Shall we sign it?” Gerard asked, dipping his hand in a black paint.

“Sign it with our hands?” Chloe giggled, rubbing some red paint on her own hand.

“Yeah, its different” He said, frowning as he worked out where to put them.

He decided to put his on the right hand side of the wall where people would be able to see them, but they wouldn’t look out of place. He softly pressed his hand against the wall and pulled it off, where it left a clear black image of his hand print. Chloe came up next to him and did hers next to his, quite close.

“Its amazing. Thank you Gerard” She smiled to him, and he turned to look at her before he pulled her into a tight hug, and he kissed her forehead.
“Still wanna see that film?” He asked, still holding her close.

“If you want to? Looks weird” She said, looking into his orbs.

“Lets go. I’m not ready to leave you for today yet”
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