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Small Touches.

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They choose where they want to go.

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.:Chapter 3:.
Chloe opened her eyes slowly, feeling herself adjust to the light that was now flooding the room. She frowned as she felt something warm, and moving underneath her head, and then she remembered Gerard. Chloe smiled to herself, and lifted her head, looking at Gerard’s sleeping face. He looked peaceful.

“Are you staring at me?” She jumped when she heard Gerard’s tired voice, and he opened one of his eyes.

“Oh! Fuck, Gerard you scared me” She shouted, sitting up, and gently slapping him on the chest.

“Well you were the one staring at me whilst I was sleeping” He grinned up at her, putting a arm behind his head.

“You looked pretty” She mumbled to him, a small blush appearing over her cheeks.
Gerard laughed at her, and rested his hand on the top of her bare leg.

“Was I comfy then? You stayed on my chest all night” He asked her, yawning.

“You must have been’ She smiled to him, and then looked around the room for her clock.
‘Half 11, damn, its late” She said, and then flopped on the bed next to Gerard.
Gerard rolled on his side and looked at Chloe with sleepy eyes.

“So, Miss Lee. What are you wanting to do today?” He asked her, a playful look in his eyes.

“What do you want to do? What would have been your plans for today if you weren’t here with me?” She asked him, turning on her side to look at him.

“Hmmmm, I’d of done some drawing maybe. Probably gone home to see my brother and friends” He answered her, biting his lip as he thought.

“Well, we could paint? I have a wall in their that needs painting’ She grinned at him.
‘Then maybe go to the cinema. There’s that new film American Beauty that’s out, suppose to be alright?” She asked him, and Gerard smiled.

“Whatever you want to do, I don’t mind” He told her, bringing his hand up and resting it on her cheek. His thumb gently brushed over her lips.

‘Your very pretty you know?” He whispered to her as he brought his head closer to hers, and brushed his lips over hers.

This time Gerard didn’t hesitate in kissing her and pushed his lips firmly onto hers, the kiss passionate from the moment their lips touched. Chloe could feel him deepening the kiss with his lips, and he moved his hand to her hip, pulling her body closer to his until she was firmly moulded to his body.

Chloe moved her hands up and put one against his chest, and the other up the back of his t-shirt, her nails gently scratching his lower back. Gerard moaned into the kiss and flipped them over so he was now on top of Chloe, his body rested between her bare legs.

Gerard felt Chloe move one of her hands into his hair, and tug gently on it, turning him on even more. He felt her hands now come up his t-shirt and rub his back before lifting the t-shirt off him completely. Their mouths left each others whilst Chloe pulled the top off Gerard, but they soon met again, and continued kissing.

Chloe was moaning into the kiss slightly, as Gerard ran his hands up and down her bare hips, and this caused his arousal to grow. She quickly flipped them so she was now on top of Gerard, and Gerard sat up, so he could kiss her easier. He ran his hands under her nightie and rubbed his hands over her soft back, slowly edging the nightie higher and higher, until eventually it came up over her head and he threw it on the floor. He sighed as Chloe now sat on his lap in just some lacy underwear.

“Beautiful” He mumbled as he reached his hand up and cupped her breast, softly taking hold of it and massaging it.

Chloe moaned and leant her head back, revealing her neck to him. Gerard moved his mouth to her neck, and gently placed kisses on it, then finally rested on a little spot just below her ear, where he gently sucked and nipped with his teeth, causing Chloe to shiver.

“Oh, Gerard” Chloe groaned from the pleasure she was receiving from his hand massaging her breast and his mouth pleasuring her neck.

Gerard heard Chloe moan his name, and it nearly sent him over the edge. He gripped the back of her hair, and pulled her mouth to his, kissing her hard. Chloe now began grinding her hips against his, rubbing his arousal against her panties. Gerard removed his mouth from Chloe’s slowly.

“If we are going to take things slowly, we need to stop…… now, while I still can!” Gerard hotly said to Chloe, his breathing coming out in pants as Chloe now slowed her grinding down.

“Oh really?! Is this turning you on?” She asked, slowly moving her hips against his, pushing harder down on his arousal, causing Gerard to gasp, and close his eyes.

“Yes, very much. You need to decide Chloe” He slowly spoke to her, looking her dead in the eye, his hand came up and began playing with Chloe’s nipple now, causing her to bite her lip in pleasure.

“Oh fuck, this is so shit” She nearly shouted, pecking him on the lips and then flopping onto the bed next to him, not bothering to cover her chest.

Gerard let out a breath that he didn’t even know he was holding in, and laid back on the bed, running a hand through his hair.

“If I didn’t like you so much I’d say lets fuck. But I know you wanna take it slow” Gerard laughed slightly, turning his head to look at her.

“I know’ Chloe laughed, and looked down at her body.
‘We have to make a deal or something, cos I know if we carry on like that it wont be long before it happens”

“When it happens it’ll happen. We’re not making a deal” Gerard told her, moving his arm under her head and pulling her close to his chest. She rested her head there and smiled.

“Your going to think I’m weird in saying this….. And I know I’ve only known you less than 24 hours. But I feel safe here” She told him truthfully, Gerard could hear reluctance in her voice.

“I don’t think your weird. Its cute. And I like that you feel safe with me” He told her, smiling as he said it.

Chloe laughed, and nodded. She brought her head up and kissed him on the chest, then reached up and pecked him on the lips.

“I’m going in the shower” She told him, and then stood up from the bed, stretching as she stood up.

Gerard watched her from the bed, and saw her frame lift her arms above her head, and stretch. He looked at her legs, they were quite long, and had amazing curves that lead up to her hips, where he flat stomach laid, and her waistline came in, giving her another amazing curve in her body. Then his eyes rested on her breasts. They were quite big, considering her body size, a bit more than a handful, and Gerard couldn’t wait to get his hands on them when they finally did have sex.

“Your beautiful you know?” He asked her, as Chloe was picking through her wardrobe, choosing something to wear.

“I’m not…But thank you” She laughed to him, and threw a pair of black skinny jeans on the bed, and a red vest.

“You don’t think you are?” Gerard frowned to her, Chloe now picked up a towel and started walking into the bathroom.

“I look at myself in the mirror and think of damaged goods” She sadly smiled to him and then closed the bathroom door, leaving Gerard to his thoughts.
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