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They get talking at the party.

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.:Chapter Two:.
“Do you smoke?” He asked, as he pulled a pack of Marlboro gold’s out of his pocket, and watched as Chloe’s grey eyes lit up.
“Yes. Oh my God. I can’t believe I forgot mine” She practically shouted, and accepted the cigarette off him.
“There’s a few things you’ve forgotten tonight” He winked at her, and moved forward, holding the lighter in front of him. He watched as Chloe lit the cigarette from the lighter in his hands, and saw as she inhaled, she closed her eyes and she leaned her head back on the wall, she laughed slightly as she exhaled. There was something very sexual about the way Gerard was stood nearly in between her legs, and her rolling her head back like that, that made him quickly move back over to his counter he had been leaning on.
“Its better than sex” She joked to him.
“Obviously not had very good sex then” Gerard flirted to her, he couldn’t believe his ears were hearing these words come out of his mouth.
“Hey, I’ve had some amazing sex” She smirked at him, continuing to smoke the cigarette quickly.
Gerard laughed at her, and listened as the music now got turned off.
“Out! Everybody get out!” Gerard heard Adam shouting from the room next to them, he watched as Chloe jumped down off the counter, frowning.
“What the hell?” She asked, as she walked to the kitchen door, and saw all the lights on in the living room, and Adam stood at the door, marching people out.
“Chloe, sorry you gotta go hun” He said to her, walking over rubbing his face.
“What’s wrong Adam?” She asked, as she followed him back into the kitchen, he reached for the bottle of Jack Daniels that Gerard and Chloe had been drinking from, and took a swig from it.
“Laura came round, she was absolutely off her tits on ecstasy. Wanted me back, she doesn’t understand the reason we broke up was because of the drugs… Anyways, she’s gonna call the police, tell them someone’s dealing drugs here. And I cant afford cops coming round and finding underage people drinking, and probably doing drugs. You can stay if you want Gerard, your over 21” He told her, now leaning against the counter next to Gerard, getting a cigarette from his packet.
“Ah right, well.. I’ll get going then. Don’t suppose I can pinch that bottle of vodka can I?” She stood in front of Adam holding onto his shirt, giving him a big flirty look.
“Take what you want. I don’t mind, so don’t try and flirt your way into having it” He joked with her, holding her hand and then poking her in the side causing Chloe to laugh. Gerard watched her as she did all this, she was amazing he thought. In the short space of time he had got to know her, he didn’t want to let her go from his sight.
“I think I’ll get going Adam….” Gerard told him, stubbing his cig in the ash tray next to him, and then walking over to the other counter, and picking up the Jack Daniels.
“If your sure man” Adam said to him, rubbing his eyes tiredly.
“Yeah, I’ll walk Chloe home, and then head off?” Gerard said, looking at Chloe who smiled at him and then nodded.
“Ok, well I’ll give you a ring in the next few days… I’ll probably need some more of your drawings soon” Adam yawned to Gerard.
“That’s fine dude. Just let me know” He patted Adam on the shoulder, and now walked to the kitchen door.
“I’ll see you soon Adam’ Chloe went up on her tip toes, and kissed him on the cheek.
‘Ignore bitchface. She’ll leave you alone soon enough” She whispered to him.
“Thanks Clo. See you soon… You too Gerard” He shouted over to Gerard and waved at the both as they walked out of the kitchen, and out of the apartment.
They both walked down the stairs in silence, and walked out into the street.
“I can’t believe how early it is…. Shortest time I’ve ever been to a party” Chloe said to him, and she walked next to him, hugging herself, the vodka resting on her breasts.
“I know. Its only 11.15pm” Gerard told her, checking his watch on his wrist.
“You can come up to mine if you want? We can finish these off?” She asked him, slightly nervous tone laced her voice, and she indicated at the bottles they were holding.
“Yeah that’ll be good’ Gerard smiled to her, following her footsteps.
‘But I doubt we’ll finish both, we’ll start with the vodka, and then see how we feel” He said, looking at the vodka bottle that was squashed up to her breasts.
“Are you looking at my breasts or the vodka bottle there mister?” She asked playfully, walking into him slightly, nudging him with her elbow.
“The vodka bottle” He winked at her. Gerard was in a bit of shock with the way he was flirting with Chloe. But there was something about her that made him feel just a bit more confident, and that he could flirt with her like that, and she was flirting back with him.
Chloe laughed, and turned a corner, he followed her.
“Pervert” She smiled to him, and then stopped outside a apartment building.
‘Here we are” She said, opening the entrance door, and walking towards the stairs.
“I’m on the second floor, we can stair it or elevator…. I don’t mind going in it with people” Chloe laughed to him, standing in front of the stairs.
“We can stair it’ He smiled, and they began walking up the stairs.
‘Why don’t you like elevators?” He questioned, pushing some hair behind his ear.
“Why? Been stuck in a little metal box that goes up and down a tiny little shoot… No thank you” She said to him, as they reached the first floor, and Gerard noticed that she was fidgeting around in her top.
“What are you doing?” He asked, his eyes wide as she hand her hand down her bra.
“Relax, I’m looking for my ah-ha! Key” Chloe smirked to him, holding the key in front of his face as they now reached the second floor.
Gerard followed her till they reached number 28 and Chloe now fiddled with the key in the lock, she looked like she was struggling a bit trying to put the key in the opening. Gerard laughed at her, and moved his hand forward, holding her hand in his, as he help her guide the key into the lock. He could feel her body pressed against his, and it seemed to fit so well, and he was breathing onto the back of her hair.
“Ha, thanks” She breathed out, and then opened the door walking in. Gerard slowly followed her into the small apartment.
The living room was fairly small, it had a small couch for two people in in, and TV in front of it with a table at either side of the couch. He noticed that there was a lot of art work on the walls, they had a lot of red and blacks in them.
“Did you draw these?” He asked, walking over to one that caught his eyes. It was a drawing of a woman, who was sitting in front of the mirror, looking fairly happy. But then in her reflection she was unhappy. Chloe came and stood next to him, and he saw her nod.
“Yeah. That was my first piece I got where I got a A” She smiled as she spoke.
“Its beautiful. Your very talented” He said to her, watching as she shook her head, embarrassed.
“Well thank you Mr. Gerard” Chloe nudged him slightly, and then walked over into the kitchen which was open plan in her living room. She reached up and got two glasses from a cupboard, and then poured vodka in them both.


From the moment Chloe felt Gerard’s body push up behind hers to help her get the key in the lock, she instantly knew that she had a crush on him. His body felt so fitted to her back, and her been a few inches smaller than him, she could feel his breath blowing down towards her ear and neck, causing her to shiver. She couldn’t deny he wasn’t good looking, he was stunning she thought.
“Ha, thanks” She breathed out, feeling herself getting hot with the closeness of his body.
Chloe walked into the apartment and walked over to the kitchen area, putting the bottle of vodka down, and then noticed Gerard staring at one of her paintings. It had been one when she was very down in her first year of the art school, and she had felt like she was putting on a brave face for everybody, but really she was crying and hurting inside. She explained to him about getting her A, and he complimented her on her painting again.
“Well, thank you Mr. Gerard” And then she walked over and poured them some vodka.
“What music do you like then?” She asked him, walking over to her CD wrack and kneeling in front of it, she prayed that it would be something decent.
“My favourite band is Iron Maiden….. But i’m into a few thing, mostly rock an metal” He told her, sitting on the couch.
“Your fucking shitting me? Maiden are my favourite, that’s sorted then, I’ll put them on” She smiled at him, just pressing play on the player, and then coming to sit next to him on the couch.
“There an amazing band” Gerard smiled to her, watching as she made herself comfy.
“They are…. So Gerard. Tell me about yourself?” Chloe winked at him.
“Why?” He laughed at her, taking a swig of his vodka.
“Well, if we are going to stay in contact, we should at least find out things about each other” She answered him, keeping her smile intact.
“Ok, well, my names Gerard Way. I was born April 9th 1977 in Newark, New Jersey. I have one brother, Mikey, he’s younger than me. I still have my room in my mothers basement……. Your turn” Gerard laughed at her, as she listened to him intently.
“Born Chloe Emma Lee on March 29th 1979 in West Chester Pennsylvania. I have one older brother, Alfie, and one older sister, but she left when she was 17 and none of us have heard from her since. I still have my room back home, but I haven’t been home yet since I’ve left” She answered him truthfully.
“Why do you hate West Chester so much?” Gerard asked her, then thinking maybe he shouldn’t of asked.
“I just don’t like it. I mean, my family and friends are there, but I’ve always felt like I’ve needed to be somewhere else. New York suits me better than West Chester” She told him, setting the glass of vodka on the floor, and picking the pack of cigarettes off the side of the couch.
‘You want one?” She asked, passing him the packet.
“Yeah go on then. Here” He answered, throwing her his lighter.
“Thank you. What about you Gerard? I take it your living in New York?” She asked, after taking a big drag of her cig.
“Yeah, my apartment is pretty cheap, and I like it in New York, so…. I’ll probably move back home soon enough though. I work in a comic book store, so its not the best wage” He told her, smiling.
“Comic book store? You work in one? That’s amazing’ She laughed, and picked her vodka up.
‘I love comics. I’m in a music store working when I’m not at college”
“Its pretty dead in the store, but I don’t mind, I just draw or read the comics” Gerard answered her, then downed the rest of his vodka. He was beginning to feel pretty drunk after this.
“Your going to be drunk Gerard” Chloe smirked at him, and then took his lead of downing her drink.
“You will as well missy” He grinned widely at her. ‘Yeah, I’m definatly drunk’ he thought to his self.
Chloe laughed at him, and then stood up, stumbling slightly. She walked over to the counter in her kitchen, and stubbed her cig in the ashtray.
“Gerard come here” She whispered, looking out of her window.
He frowned and walked over to her, wondering what she was looking at to make her grin so madly. He reached her, and looked out of the window, and he gasped slightly when he saw what she was looking at.
Pressed up against the allyway that was outside Chloe’s kitchen windown, were a man and a woman, having sex.
“Woah…. Get them” Gerard laughed, pushing his hair behing his ear, and then walking over to the counter, leaning against it he watched Chloe laugh and shake her head.
“Atleast some people are getting some” It had been a few months since Chloe had had sex.
Gerard smirked and watched as she walked over to him, and reached for the nearly empty bottle of vodka next to him. She unscrewed the top and then drank quite a bit from the bottle, then handed the Gerard the remainder of it.
“Rest is yours” She smirked at him, Gerard accepted it and quickly drank it, softly slamming the bottle on the side.
“Nasty stuff is vodka” He winced, and he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“Nasty, but its so good” She continued smirking at him.
“Your drunk arnt you?” He grinned at her, watching as she watched him, biting her thumb.
“Maybe. But so are you’ She winked at him, he heard her take a deep shaky breath.
‘Hasn’t seeing that out there made you feel really horny?” She asked him, taking a stop closer to him.
Gerard grinned at her, and bit his lip softly.
“I take it it has you?” He teasingly asked.
Chloe nodded, continuing to take smaller steps closer to Gerard.
“So, whatcha wanna do now…..Gerard” She asked him, breathing out his name in a sexy tone.
The way in which Chloe said his name made something in him click, and he reached out and grabbed Chloe’s hips hard. He pulled her to him, her body hitting his softly, and he heard her giggle slightly. He lifted one of his hands off her hip, and rested it softly on neck, his thumb brushing her cheek.
“I think you know” He mumbled and then bent his head down, and he gently brushed his lips against hers, not pushing it to kiss her, he wanted Chloe to kiss him.
Gerard continued brushing his lips softly against hers, stopping just before he could of kissed her, he did this a few times, teasing her, and then felt her arms reach up and wrap around his neck.
“Just kiss me Gerard” Chloe gasped, and then she pulled his head down to gently meet her lips.
He smiled into the kiss, and Chloe started to deepen it as he felt her tongue asking for entrance. He opened his mouth, and allowed their kiss to get more passionate.

Chloe could hardly breath as she kissed him, he was amazing. And she loved the feeling of his body on hers. The continued kissing, and Gerard now moved his hand from her neck, and the other from her hip, and gripped her bum tightly, crushing her hips to his, where she could feel his arousal for her and she moaned into the kiss. But as soon as the moan had ended, Gerard slowly pulled away from her mouth, and brought his hand up to her face against, softly stroking her cheek.
“I really like you Chloe” Gerard softly said to her, his breathing coming out quickly.
“I like you too Gerard” She smiled to him, he smiled back to her, and rested his forehead against hers.
“That’s why I’m going to ask you what your doing tomorrow? Get your number? And then go” He told her, his eyes closed as he said all this.
“What? Your going to go?” She asked, not believing what she was hearing.
“Yes, believe me its difficult doing this….. But I don’t want to rush into anything just incase something better can come of us” He truthfully told her, suddenly feeling very brave in front of her. He smiled when he felt Chloe nodded against his head.
“Me too” She grinned to him.
Gerard smiled at her, and softly pecked her on the lips.
“So what are you doing tomorrow?” He asked, they stayed in the same position.
“I’m meeting up with a guy at 2’ She answered, biting her lip. Gerard frowned, and moved his head off hers.
‘he’s someone I recently met. Nice guy, long dark hair’ Chloe reached up, and ran her hand through his hair, Gerard laughed quietly when he realised she was talking about him.
‘The most stunning eyes, and the most kissable lips” Chleo grinned, and she kissed him on the lips again.
“Hmmm, I need to go” Gerard said, after he pulled away from the kiss reluctantly.
Chloe nodded and bit her lip, then stepped away from him.
“Ok, well, where do you want to meet tomorrow?” She asked, slowly walking with him to the front door.
“How about here? We can walk into the city, do the cinema’s if you want? Have some fun?” He asked, scratching the back of his head.
“I like that. Oh Gerard, its like half 12. Its not safe walking the streets at this time” She told him, her hands on her hips.
“Chloe, I’ll be fine” He laughed to her, sticking his hands in his pockets.
“No, you won’t. Your staying here tonight” She told him, locking the door, and walking over to the CD player, and turning Iron Maiden off.
“Are you trying to seduce me Miss Lee?” He asked, following her.
Chloe laughed loudly, and turned to him, as she turned off the kitchen lights, and walked into what Gerard now saw was her bedroom.
“No, I’m not. I wanting to make sure you’ll be safe, and sending you onto the streets on New York at this time in this area, is not safe” She truthfully told him, walking over to her draws and picking out a nightie, and then a baggy t-shirt. She threw it at Gerard.
“Whats this?” He asked, looking at the t-shirt which had Misfits on it.
“You can sleep in it. It’ll fit you” She told him, before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.
Gerard shrugged, and took his shirt and t-shirt off, before slipping on the misfits t-shirt on, Chloe was right it fit him. He undid his trousers, and slipped them off, leaving him in his baggy boxers. He folded up his jeans, and laid them with his shirt, just as Chloe left the bathroom. He had to do a double take as he saw her in a silky deep purple nightie. He watched her as she walked around the room in it, it barely came just past her bottom, and Gerard could see her French knickers underneath it.
“You can sleep in here with me, it’ll be too cold on the couch” Chloe told him, snapping him out of staring at her.
“You sure that’s ok?” He asked, watching as Chloe laid on the bed, moving the covers around her.
“Of course. I don’t mind” She smiled to him.
Gerard smiled and got in the bed next to her, settling his self under the covers. She had a very comfy bed.
“Can I snuggle you?” Chloe asked him, a mischievous look on her face.
Gerard laughed, and moved a arm under Chloes head, and moved her so she laid partly on his chest.
“Of course you can” He told her, his thumb making small circles on her arm.
“Your comfy” She mumbled, Chloe could feel her eyes already starting to close.
“And you sound tired. Go to sleep darling” He softly spoke to her, whispering slightly.
Chloe nodded on to his chest, and closed her eyes completely.
“Don’t leave tomorrow without telling me Gerard?” She whispered to him, Gerard also had his eyes closed now.
“I promise I wont” He whispered back, feeling his self fall to sleep.
They both feel asleep feeling pretty happy about what could happen now they had met each other.
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