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Love that Lasts

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Gerard and Chloe meet in 1999. #I suck at summaries#

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Love That Lasts

Chloe stood in front of her mirror, running a brush through her hair, and a bottle of vodka in the other hand. She sighed, and threw the brush onto her table in front of her mirror, turned to sit on her bed and took a long drink of the vodka in her hand. She grimaced at the taste of it, and shook her head slightly. She stood up again, feeling the alcohol go through her body, and she checked herself in the mirror again. She had put on a skin tight black dress, that hugged all her curves perfectly, with some fish net tights and a pair of black converses to go with it. Her hair was straight and had some volume in it, hanging past her shoulders. Chloe had put some black mascara on her eyes to frame them, and make her grey eyes look bigger, and put some red lipstick on her full lips.

She nodded, seeming quite pleased with how she looked. She took one more deep drink of her vodka, and put it on her table, then picked up her key and tucked it into her bra in her dress. She turned off her lights in her bedroom, and walked out of her small apartment, down the 2 flights of stairs and into the dark street outside.

Chloe moved to New York 2 years ago, when she was accepted into School of Visual Arts in New York. She was now in her final year, and was due to finish in June 2000. She was 20, and had lived alone since she moved to New York. In ways, Chloe thinks that her living on her own caused her to start drinking so much, she would get lonely on a night, but once she had downed a bottle of either vodka or whiskey, she didn’t mind been on her own. She would blast out some Iron Maiden or Misfits and start her art work for college. Chloe had friends in New York, and she was planning on moving out with some of them, into a apartment that was a bit nearer to her college, but she ended up enjoying the drinking too much, and didn’t want any of her friends finding out how much she ended up drinking when she was alone.

Chloe smiled to herself as she walked down the quite busy street in New York, making her way to her friend‘s, Adam, apartment. He was throwing a party seen as though it was a Friday night, and Chloe was always invited. Usually Chloe would come loaded with booze, but she had blown all her wage on some new makeup and alcohol, also she had gone on a binge of cocaine last week with her friend Rachel. Chloe wasn’t the . Usually Chloe would come loaded with booze, but she had blown all her wage on some new makeup and alcohol, also she had gone on a binge of cocaine last week with her friend Rachel. Chloe wasn’t the type of girl who would do drugs, but she had decided last week, after she had seen Rachel in the toilets shooting up a line, that she wanted to try some. The binge last 3 days, and Chloe went to a lot of house parties with people she didn’t even know. She said to Rachel after that she would not be doing drugs again for a while, and she did not want to make it a habit. She made it too the apartment building in no time, he lived a few minutes away from her, and she pushed the entrance door, finding it open, she walked in and jogged up the one flight of stairs to Adams apartment. The closer she got to his apartment the louder the music was playing. She could hear some dance, trance music that Chloe hated, but she figured she would drink enough to be able to zone out the annoying music. She found the door to the apartment already slightly open, so she figured she should just walk in, if she had knocked nobody would of heard anyways. She looked around the room, and saw that it was pretty full, and she squinted trying to find Adam. Chloe saw that he was stood in the corner of the room, drink in hand, talking to a man that Chloe had never met before. She started walking over to him, dodging the drunk people that were falling in front of her, she rolled her eyes, it was on 10.30pm and people were already that drunk. ‘its going to be a short party’ she thought to herself.

“Hey Adam” She shouted over the music, smiling and waving in front of his face as she now stood in front of him.

“Chloe! Babe! Good to see you” He said, smirking at her, and pulling her in for a big hug.

“How are you?” She asked, her eyes flickering to the man that Adam had been talking to, he was now nervously looking around the room, taking regular sips of his drink he was holding. Chloe recognised the man, she had been to see his final exhibition at the art school she attended. Chloe noticed he had lovely coloured eyes.

“I’m good. Me and Laura broke up yesterday, so i’m young, free and single again baby” He joked with her, poking Chloe in the side.

“Oh at last, you’re the man I’ve been waiting for” She winked to him, smiling widely, but still glancing at the man who still looked quite nervous. She saw that he had fairly long black hair, that framed his face beautifully. He had a nice face shape with not full but not thin shaped lips, they looked lovely. He was wearing a black shirt, he had a black t-shirt underneath it Chloe could see, with a pair of baggy black jeans.

“Haha, oh sorry, where’s my manners. Chloe this is Gerard, Gerard this is Chloe” He pointed to each of them, and Gerard looked at Chloe, and small smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you” He smiled, holding out his hand.

Chloe smiled back to him, and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you too” She shouted back to him, he really had amazing eyes, she thought to herself.

“Clo, where’s your drinks?” Adam asked, as he poured some vodka in his own and Gerard’s cup, then added some diet coke.

“This is where I get a bit cheeky…. I’ve ran out of money, work fucked up my wages this week, and i’m broke…. I had no booze at home either” Chloe shouted, she bit her lip after telling him this.

“No problem sweet. I’ve got plenty just help yourself to whatever is in the kitchen, and here’ He handed her a cup, and started to fill up her cup.‘You want some coke in it?” He asked.

Chloe shook her head, and put her hand over her cup.

“I’ll go into the kitchen and find something else to put in it’ She smiled to him, then reached up and gave Adam a kiss on the cheek.

‘I’ll see you later for a drink Gerard” She smiled over to him, before pushing herself through the drunk people towards the kitchen.


‘Why is Adam playing this shit music? I can’t even hear much of what he’s saying to me, this shit music is drowning him out’ Gerard thought to his self as he nodded to what Adam was saying to him, and he kept drinking quick sips of his vodka. He had managed to dodge having to add anything to it for this drink.

“Here comes my friend Chloe, she’s fit as fuck, don’t you agree?” He head Adam shout to him.
Gerard looked up to see where Adam was looking. He saw a girl walking towards them, she was wearing a black dress that was tight to her frame to show of her amazing curves, and it was low cut, showing off a fabulous set of breasts. With this she wore fishnet tights, and some black converses. Her make up looked minimal, but she looked beautiful with it. Gerard nodded in agreement, and took a long drink of his vodka. He carried on drinking, feeling quite nervous whilst this beautiful girl was talking to Adam. He noticed her giving him small glances, and he could feel his cheeks starting to burn slightly.

Gerard now noticed that she turned her body to him, and Adam introduced them to each other.

“Nice to meet you” He smiled as he held out her hand, best be polite, he thought.

“Nice to meet you too” She shook his hand, her soft hand settled into his, and she smiled warmly at him.

He watched as she explained her reason for not having any alcohol, and saw Adam giving her some vodka. She said that she would go and find something else to put in the vodka in the kitchen.

“I’ll see you later for a drink Gerard” She smirked at him, before walking away.

“I told you she was hot didn’t I?” Adam smirked, as they both watched her walk away from them.

“Yeah, she’s pretty’ Gerard took another swig of his drink. ‘What’s she doing in New York?” He asked, curious.

“Art College. Same one you went to actually. She’s in her final year now” Adam answered him, looking around the room.

Gerard nodded, and noticed he had now drank all of his drink.

“What the fuck is she doing here?” He heard Adam shout, he looked up and saw Adam storming over to a blonde tall girl who he presumed was Adam’s ex girlfriend. He watched as they now started screaming at each other, and she was now shoving Adam backwards. It made Gerard’s stomach turn as he watched what was happening in front of him, and he decided to go into another room, and headed for the kitchen. He battled past people, who were now all moving to watch the scene that Adam and his ex girlfriend were now causing, so the kitchen was empty when he got there apart from Chloe.

Chloe was leaning against the counter, pouring herself some jack Daniels into her cup, and then took a drink of it, and pulling a slight face as she moved the cup away from her lips.

“It goes well with something else added to it you know” Gerard mumbled to her, as he moved closer, and settled against the counter that was in front of her.

Chloe smiled at him, and put the bottle of whiskey on the counter next to her.

“Doesn’t get you drunk quite as quick though does it” She smirked to him, taking another swig of her Jack Daniels.

He laughed slightly at her, and reached for the bottle of Jack Daniels next to her, his fingers brushing her hip slightly, he pulled the bottle to him and poured a big amount into his cup.

“I see your doing it the rock n roll way as well” She smiled to him, and watched as he took a swig of it, putting the bottle back onto the counter.

“Best way. Plus it feels like we’re going to need to get drunk after what’s going on in there. Adam’s ex has turned up” Gerard told her, watching as she lifted herself up onto the side, and sat down on top of the counter.

“Oh bitchface…. There probably arguing then?” She asked, having another drink.

Gerard nodded, and watched as she smiled at him.

“So, Adam said your going to Art College. Same one as I went to” Gerard stated, folding his arms across his chest.

“Yes I am. Final Year. I actually recognise you. I went to your final exhibition with the school… You’re a very talented artist” Chloe smiled to him, and ran a hand through her hair.

“You did? I don’t remember seeing you there” And he knew he would remember seeing her.

“It was a busy exhibit’ She continued smiling to him. ‘And I was too nervous to come over and talk to you” She said, looking down at her lap, and then took another drink.

“You were?’ He laughed. ‘I wouldn’t of bitten you” He smirked at her, he couldn’t believe he had just said that, he must be on the way to been drunk.

“How old are you Gerard?” She asked, looking at him closely.

“22. And you?” He asked back, tucking some of his hair behind his ear.

“20... I’ll be legal in March… its so far away” She answering, swinging her legs slightly.

“It’ll soon be hear. I cant believe its October now” Gerard answered her, watching her toned legs sway from side to side.

“Yeah… What you doing Halloween?” She asked, taking another long drink.

“Its my friends 18th back home. So I’ll probably be going there to party” He then downed the rest of his drink, grimacing after he had done it.

“Your hardcore Gerard’ She laughed at him, as he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. ‘Where abouts are you from then?”

“Newark, New Jersey… So not far away. You?” He answered, as he wandered around the kitchen. He fancied some more vodka.

“Oh nice and close then. I’m in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Shit hole that it is” She mumbled the last part, and then copied Gerard. He watched how she raised the glass to her lips, and then as she downed what she had left in the cup.

“You are going to be drunk soon enough” Gerard smirked at her, pouring his self some vodka, as he walked around to Chloe. He moved in front of her and held up the bottle. He watched her, his eyes a little hazy after drinking so much in a short amount of time, as she lifted her cup up to him, and let him fill her glass pretty full with the vodka.

“No mixer?” She asked him, smiling as he put the bottle to the side of her body on the counter, his hand brushing her hip once again.

“I think you’re the type of girl to drink it neat” He smirked at her, and watched as she moved her cup up and clinked hers and his cups together.

“Cheers Gerard” Chloe smiled at him.

“Cheers Chloe…’ They both had a long drink of their vodka. ‘What are you doing for Halloween then?” He asked, and moved back to the counter he had been leaning on before.

“I don’t know…. Doubt I’ll go home for it… Might come crash your friends 18th if you give out drinks like this” She smirked at him, indicating at the cup in her hand.

“Do it’ He laughed to her. ‘If we are still talking by the time its Halloween, come to it” He smiled at her.

“What makes you think we’ll still be talking?” Chloe teased with him, she looked a bit more drunk now.

“I don’t know’ He let out a deep breath. ‘It’ll be nice to meet some new people in New York. And you drink like me, we share a interest in art….” He drifted off and watched as Chloe stared at him intently.

“Yeah…. Well lets do it. We’ll keep in touch” Chloe now smiled at him, and Gerard felt his smile get bigger, he was glad Adam had introduced them at the party.
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