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Catching Up (well sort of)

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Gerard and Frank catch up, sort of. sorry this is just filler

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“You’re Party Poison!” cried Frank, he couldn’t believe it, not only was Gerard a killjoy but he was fricking Party Poison who was practically they’re leader or so he’d heard. “You better believe it baby” said Gerard whose driving was now picking up pace “oh and I didn’t get a chance to ask earlier, but how are you not dead?” Frank froze; answering that question would mean talking about the past, which was something he wasn’t prepared to do. Instead he decided to change the subject “so where’s Mikey?” Gerard tensed at the name, Frank inwardly cursed why had he said Mikey; he was probably dead like everyone else. Gerard’s response however was not what he was expecting “what you mean Kobra Kid, I wouldn’t know we don’t speak anymore” Gerard spat out the words harshly. “Kobra Kid?” asked Frank; “yep, that’s his name now” mumbled Gerard who seemed to have suddenly become very interested in concentrating on the road. Frank was confused when he’d known the Way brothers they’d been the closest brothers he’d known, what had changed? He didn’t want to pry but he was curious, “why don’t you and Kobra speak?”, “I’d rather not talk about it, let’s just say we didn’t see eye to eye on something and it resulted in the killjoy rebellion being split in two” Gerard said nonchalantly like it didn’t matter. Frank didn’t push him any further after all he would be a hypocrite if he did as he was refusing to talk about his past. He decided to change the subject again “so, where are we going?” asked Frank, “ah, that is me to know and you to find out” said Gerard who now had an evil smile on his face. This worried Frank because as far as he could tell the only thing that made Gerard or Party Poison smile like that was killing Dracs, what if he took him near Korse? “Um Party were not going near Korse are we?” asked Frank nervously, “no, why, you scared of him?” sneered Gerard, “no, it’s just my last few encounters with Korse weren’t exactly pleasant” said Frank defensively. ”hold up” said Gerard stopping the car, “you have encountered Korse before”, “yeah” said Frank, “I know where I recognise that name of yours, you’re on the list of people Korse wants exterminated, and if I remember correctly your are up there with me, Dr D and Jet Star, which means you really must of pissed him off” said Gerard smiling wickedly at him. “You could say that “said Frank a dark look on his face, Gerard looked at him with a curious look before starting the car again.

They were silent for a few minutes before Frank asked “isn’t your bro-“,“yes he’s on the list too” mumbled Gerard uncomfortably. Once again Frank decided to change the subject “Who’s Jet Star?” said Frank realising he hadn’t recognised that name, “his real name is Ray Toro, do you remember him?” said Gerard, “he’s alive?”Said Frank surprised, “yes, why are you so surprised by that you’re the one who is supposed to be dead, which brings me back to my earlier question, how are you not dead” said Gerard who once again was not concentrating on the road. “That’s in the past so it doesn’t matter” said Frank gritting his teeth, “ok Ghoul I was just curious” said Gerard raising his hands defensively, Franks eyes widened “Party hands on the wheel” shouted Frank, “ok Ghoul chill” said Gerard placing his hands on the wheel, “hey were almost there” said Gerard excitedly, “and where is there, as far as I can see were in the middle of the desert“ said Frank “look closer my friend and you will see” said Gerard mysteriously, frank squinted and realised there was in fact a building in the distance, “is that where were going?” said Frank pointing towards the mystery building, Gerard nodded “yep and we should be there very soon” he sped the car up. Frank leaned back into his seat wondering what this building was, he didn’t realise how close the building was until they pulled up at it. Frank looked at it; it looked like a rundown gas station he looked at Gerard curiosity in his eyes. Gerard grinned “let’s go meet the gang”.

I have a question for people who auditioned for this, would you rather be on Party Poisons side or Kobra Kids side. R&R
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