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Day One-Rocking Out

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Jack's POV

Today was the official day I would be living my life until the end. What I wanted to do the most is to rock out again, that’s always my number one thing I love to do. The guys didn’t think I was ready to rock out just yet but I wasn’t going to listen I wanted rock, I need to be on stage again I forgot what it felt like playing in front of our fans.

“Jack do you really think you can play? The whole show, which lasts about two hours, without wanting to pass out or anything? I honesty think it’s too soon and I know you want to live your life but I don’t wont you to do something that could spend you back to the hospital, “ Alex said while we lay in my bunk.

“ I know your worried about me and I know you want me to do whatever I can not to push it and to make me live longer but we know there’s no way I can live longer. I want to do this I forgot what it felt like playing on stage, I want that feeling back, “I said while looking at him.

“I can never say no to you no matter how hard I try. Alright we’ll play tonight, but promise me if you feel sick or feel like passing out anything please tell me, “He said.

“I promise, “I replied.

I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from playing tonight this is what I need. I couldn’t wait until tonight.

*Hours Later*

It was almost time to go out and rock out; I was counting down the minutes. I admit I did feel kind of weak but I push that feeling aside I wasn’t going to let anything stop me. All of us were behind stage waiting to go out, I could hear the fans screaming. The fans had no idea we would be playing we wanted this to be surprise; the fans just knew some band was coming out to play. And just like it was time to go out, we all look at each other before heading out.

As we walk on stage, the fans scream beyond yelled, cheering and clapping making a ton of noise. I stood on my side of the stage while Alex walk towards the mic stand.

“Surprise! We just couldn’t be away from our fans; I just want to let everyone know we are back! So who’s ready to fucking rock? “Alex scream into the mic. The fans went insane I smiled this was were I wanted to be. And just like that, we rock out just like always.

Two hours went by so fast I couldn’t believe the show was over I join every moment. This was were I belong on stage with all my friends and my love, I never wanted to leave this but I knew some day I was going to have too. But until then I was going to enjoy every fucking minute of my life.
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