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So Long and Goodnight, Lornaigh

by fueledbyPanic 5 reviews

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This is dedicated to Lornaigh Ni Íonnrachtaigh, author of Full of Holes. You probably know her as Lauren. I wrote this the day after she passed but I never had time to post it. This is pretty much just me just trying to put my thoughts into words.

I won't give you pity, I won't give you tears.
They only keep us from moving on.
You showed me how to fucking live
And now I can truly say
"I am not afraid to keep on living,
I am not afraid to walk this world alone."
Because in this world, we will always walk alone.
It's only after the end that we can truly see each other.
Death is only an illusion,
A false and weak barrier between
The solitary mortal life we live now
and the true endless life we can live after death.
We can destroy this barrier
If we embrace death and accept it
Without fear,
Without doubt.
No one wanted this to happen
(except for suzyrevenge)
But just remember that
We can meet again when
Our cars collide.
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