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Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back.

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Confrontation at last.

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Chapter Eight: Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back.

"What is it Frank?" Gerard stared at Frank bewildered and annoyed. His heart and mind was in a state of chaos and pain, he didn't think he had room for anything else. Frank had grown a guilty expression on his face, and Gerard was alarmed when it turned into one of fear.

"Look out!" Frank screamed as he grabbed Gerard by the arms and moved him aside. Gerard spun around and saw the man with the ski mask, holding a machete as though he had been prepared to strike.

"You!" Gerard growled. "Fucking murderer!" he screeched before he launched himself at the man, completely forgetting that the man was armed. Frank watched them struggle with one another for a moment before he managed to pull Gerard away. As he did, he heard Gerard emit a horrid cry. The blade had left a large gash on his side, that was now bleeding profusely. The man swung the machete at Gerard again, which Gerard ducked.

"Gerard, run!" Frank screamed as the blade came his way again.

"I'm not leaving without you!"

"Don't be stupid, you can't fight him! I'll hold him back, just go!" Frank yelled as he grabbed the man by the wrists to prevent him from swinging the blade anymore.

Gerard seemed conflicted as to what to do, but he knew he had to make a fast decision. Frank looked as though he was struggling to restrain the man for much longer. Gerard made up his mind and ran for it.

Frank and the masked man watched Gerard dash away, and Frank took advantage of the distraction, administering his opponent a hard kick in the stomach. The ski masked man fell over but held the machete to Frank's neck in order to prevent him from advancing any further.

"The fuck are you doing?" Frank growled "You weren't supposed to hurt Gerard!"

"You should have known better than to trust me."

"I thought you were over that stupid grudge."

"Hey man, I did most of what you paid me to do. Now let me get mine!"

"Bert, you fucktard, the whole point was to have Gerard to myself! How the fuck am I supposed to do that if you fucking kill him?"

“You didn’t think I followed you guys up here for a reason? You only teamed up with me after I fucked up Ray’s car. Obviously I had a purpose here before you proposed your stupid little plan!”

“Yeah, we had an agreement but I never meant for it to go this far. YOU took things too far. Fuck off Bert, you’re not going ANYWHERE near Gerard.”

Bert sneered. "Oh loosen up. You can still get what you want if I bury you both in the same grave. "

Bert thrust the blade at Frank's neck hoping to sever, but Frank dodged accordingly. Frank punched Bert in the stomach, which he dodged and then made to knee Frank in the face. Frank swerved out of the way and ran a circle around Bert, which distracted Bert long enough for Frank to jump on Bert's back. Bert ran around, trying to shake Frank off him. Frank held on for dear life, not entirely sure as to what his plan of action was. Bert then seemed to decide to purposely fall on his back, in order to get Frank off him. Frank did not let go, but instead grabbed the hand that still held the machete and attempted to use it to sever Bert's neck. Bert rolled quickly, making it so he was on top of Frank instead. Bert raised the machete over them as Frank tried to wriggle out of the position.

'Shit shit shit...' was all that ran through Frank's mind. Bert's hold on him was strong. Bert looked ready to strike.

And then a gunshot resounded.

Suddenly, Bert's head exploded. Literally. His brains, tissue, blood, and membrane splattered all over Frank's face. Frank gagged and spat as the salty fluid filled his mouth and went into his eyes. After a bit of sputtering, he turned to see a shaken Gerard holding the rifle from before. He stood not too far off them. Frank spit out some of Bert's blood, pushed Bert off him, and walked over to Gerard. As he came closer, he could see Gerard's hands shaking. He looked frightened.

"Are you okay?" Gerard squeaked out.

"Yeah, are you?" Frank took the rifle out of Gerard's hands. Gerard nodded his head slowly and unconvincingly.

"When did you get here?" Frank asked hesitantly.

"Just now. I went back to the spot we were last in to get the rifle, and then I saw Bert on top of you... I can't believe... why would he do this?"

Frank looked at Gerard closely. He was clearly in shock. He looked scared and hurt. He looked confused. His eyes glistened with tears. Possibly partly due to what he had just done.

"Aw, sweetie... come here..." Frank pulled Gerard into a tight embrace.

"Why Frank..?" Gerard whimpered into his shoulder.

Frank sighed and looked off into the distance as he said, "I don't know baby. I just don't know."

They stood there for a while, until Frank finally told Gerard it was time they should leave. Gerard went with one last look at Bert. They held hands as they walked away from the horror they had faced together.

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