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If I fall... (missfunghoul57's request)

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When Mikey comes home to propose to his girlfriend and finds her with another man he leaves to join the war...

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As a request from missfunghoul57, I am going to complete her story 'If I fall...'. She has given me her full consent to write this and I do NOT own any of these characters; all credit goes to missfunghoul57 (the original author). I hope you enjoy!!!! :D

- Sara xoxo

Michael James Way, or 'Mikey' for short was pretty much all in all a well off man. Decently tailored trousers, shirt and tie clung well to his thin rake-like frame, and a black jacket was slung over his shoulder.
He smiled as he entered the jewelry shop, eyes flickering through the selection of ornately decorated rings until his eyes clapped on the one he wanted and the one she would love. The silver ring glittered on its plush cushion, a crystal blue sapphire glinting in the centre followed by two diamonds either side. He slipped his hand into his pocket and withdrew his wallet.

"This one please." Mikey said, indicating toward the ring. The shopkeeper grinned his approval.
"Good taste young sir, I'm sure the lucky lady will love it." He winked and Mikey laughed slightly.
"That'll be one hundered and fifty dollars, please." The man stated, sliding the small black box toward him. Mikey placed it in his pocket carefully and handed the money over, leaving the shop with a huge smile plastered on his face.

The walk through town was a short one, Mikey kept his head down, ignoring the recruitment posters on the walls of buildings and turning a deaf ear to the shouts of army officers telling people to join the cause. He spared a glance to the young men, some not as old as eighteen, waiting in long lines, speaking loudly in voices of excitement as they happily signed their lives away. America had just come out of the 'Great Depression'; this should be a time for joy, not for war. He tutted and continued down the street to his house, stopping at the pathway that lead to the small wooden steps. He dipped his hand back into his trousers, clasping his fingers tightly around the ring. This was it. The day he and his girlfriend had been waiting for.

He was going to ask for Jessica, his beautiful lover, to be his wife.

He took a deep breath and walked to the emerald green front door, anticipation building up with each step he took. He closed his eyes and twisted the handle.

"Jess, I'm-" He stopped, horrified. Jessica gasped and pulled away from the man Mikey realised to be his next door nieghbour, Scott.
"I didn't think you'd be back so soon!" She squeaked, trying to readjust her dress but it was too late, Mikey had seen enough. Anger burned through him like acid in his viens and he gritted his jaw, turning on his heel to leave.

"No Mikey! Don't go! Scott's nothing to me! You're the only man I love!" Jessica cried, grabbing his wrist tightly. Mikey snarled,
"Maybe you should of said that earlier, before I bought you an engagement ring, hmm?" He spoke dangerously quiet, scaring Jessica and tearing her heart to shreds as he flung the small box at her and slammed the door behind him.

Mikey knew where to go. He stormed off angrily down the street, getting as far away from his house and Jessica as was humanly possible. It was a five minute walk before he arrived at the small house. The lights were on and he could see a silhouette against the curtains. He rapped the door harshly, blinking back hot salty tears that threatened to spill over at any second. The locks clicked and he was greeted with a bone crushing hug.
"Mikey!" Gerard cried, and pushed his younger sibling back at arms length to get a good look at him with his dark hazel eyes. Mikey smiled weakly at his older brother. Gerard was quite a well off man, but you wouldn't of expected it by just a glance. It was normal to see him in a clad black suit, ebony hair dishevilled and knotted from neglect and his skin so sickly pale that he almost glowed in the dark. Mikey however, was the opposite of Gerard with his hair slicked back, fashionable outfits, skin that was not so deathly white and his glasses clean and unmarked.

"So," Gerard started, a lopsided grin on his face, "What brings you to my humble home?"
"I live here too you know!" Came a shout and Isabella popped her head round the corner, blonde hair tied up and a cleaning cloth in her hand. "Gerard, I really wish you would stop spilling your Goddamn coffee on the carpet! I'll have to buy you a baby's milk bottle if you don't!" Mikey chuckled softly, but stopped when he saw the ring on Isabella's finger and all the pain came rushing back. His eyes began to prickle.
"Oh Mikey dear, what's wrong?" She cooed, wiping a stray tear from Mikey's cheek and Gerard frowned in concern. Mikey sighed.
"I was going to propose to Jessica-" He whispered. "But I came home and she was kissing another man, our next door nieghbour actually..." Mikey sniffled and Isabella hugged him and Gerard patted his shoulder.

"Oh, you poor thing!" Isabella soothed, "I'll go get the guest room ready and Gerard will go fix you up a drink, okay honey?" She trotted off and Gerard sat him in the living room before heading to the kitchen. Mikey sat in the plump armchair, lost in thought.

Maybe joining up to the Army didn't seem so bad afterall.

R&R and let me know what you think, missfunghoul57 especially! :D xoxo
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