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any of my readers please read!

by XxxFallenAngelXxxx 3 reviews

if you read I don`t love you like I did yesterday, Danger Days:Bob`s story, or have read one of my one shots (We will remember the and goodbye world)please read!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-05-20 - Updated: 2011-05-21 - 314 words

So,hi. Just a few things. I know, I`m annoying. So I have a few ideas for some other stories, but want your opinions, like I have mentioned before, I want people to actually like what I write.
So, one of the 1st ideas is some random one shots aboout everyones kids growing up and shit. I know this has probably been done countless times, but I personally think MCR`s kids are so adorable and lucky. NOT becuase of who their families are, but becuase they`ll all grow up in a very open minded enviroment and be taught everyone is equal and to love yourself and stuff. And not all kids have that. Does that sound crazy/weird/stallkerish coming from a teen?
The 2nd is a prequel to Danger Days: Bob`s story(after I have finsihed it, obviously)
Another is a songfic. I already have a few songs in mind, and I don`t think that they are overdone or anything. I really think i will write a songfic using a Fuel song, no matter what you all say.
Another possible idea is more sad one shots, like goodbye world or we will remeber them. Have any of you read these, is so what did you think? Would you read another?
Another idea I had is life without MCR. LIke, how would it be for the band members and fans, if MCR hadn`t formed.
Or, a kinda history fic. Like in we will remeber you. History is a fave lesson of mine, and I AM doing my GCSE in it so... Don`t judge me! I like history! But basically, what would the world be like if insert historical event here involved MCR. I might post something just to see what you think.
so thanks for reading, and Please leave a review telling me what you think.
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