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This Is Goodbye

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Hope was fading from my lips.

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The hope is fading from my lips
When I kiss you with goodbye

Hope was fading away from me, if there was any hope left in me. That’s all that kept me alive was hope, just to hope some how we could turn this all around, and now I’m left with nothing. You’re eyes meet mine, eyes filled with sadness. I look away I can’t let you look me in the eyes, because I know that I’ll give in, every bone in my body would love to turn this all around. I left you with our last kiss; I couldn’t go on in life without kissing you one last time.

Now when you let go of our last embrace
Please don't look me in the eye
Secret's out, that I just might care about you

Your eyes keep coming back to mine, I told you once not to look me in the eyes, but like always you never listen to me. It was a waste of my breath to tell you, this always made it hard. You had a way with your eyes that every time I would look into them, I wouldn’t be angry anymore, I wouldn’t be sad. I would be at peace; I can’t let that happen anymore. If I do look you in the eyes, the secret would be out that part of me still cares that I never stop.

You broke me, you're leaving
There's nothing I can do/\]

You broke me into a million pieces to the point the pieces are too small to be pick back up without being cut. You broke me one by one piece until there’s no pieces left. There’s nothing I can do to make things right, you’ve ruin that.

[/I'll find a way to close the door
I want to say so much more but

Every day its going to be hard for me to learn how to close this door, to close you off. To be done with the memories that keep playing in my head, to burn the pictures that hang on the walls, pictures that haunt me. To know I’ll never see that smile that makes me weak every time you walk into a room, I have a million words to say but I know I can’t, I have to let go.

I don't want to
Won't let myself

I never want to realize this is the finally goodbye, that it’s the end of the story. I’m not ready to stop reading there has to be something more, something unexpected to happen. But I wont let myself think like that, the story has ended, its time to start a new one.

I have to realize
This might be
This could be
This is goodbye

The smile fate was wearing; slowly die
Minutes turn to months

It’s funny how time seems to go by so slow, before I even believed it was a month. A whole month has gone by since I saw your eyes, since I touch your lips. Something inside of me keeps hoping that just maybe you will call and me being stupid will answer and I’ll forgive you but it never happens, my phone never rings, I never hear the sweet melody of my phone going off to let me know its you.

Minutes turn to months
Silence of the phone just mocks my cry

I finally left the house I haven’t felt the outside hair in weeks, I wasn’t ready to face the world. I walk through the park, the park that once was ours. The park we’re we feel in love, our first kiss; now its just a park filled with pointless memories, as I walk I see you sitting on a bench, and you’re not alone. I couldn’t believe it not even a month and you already found someone else arms. I wanted my body to feel nothing, to feel its old self but instead it felt sadness filled with angry.

When I see that you've moved on
Secret's out that I did care about you

Did I ever cross your mind? Did I for a second come into your thought when you less except it? Did you for one minute think about me? All those thoughts run free through my mind as I look at you, but I know I will never get answers for my thoughts. Sometimes I can’t believe how life plays out, its never fair.

Do I ever cross your mind?
Cause you're on mine all the time
I can believe how unfair life is sometimes

With one last look I walk away, I walk away from you, from memories of you. This is a new start a new being, a new me. I walk away from everything that has you in it, I wont let myself be sad. I can finally be who I am and not let my thoughts wonder about you. I wont let my feelings take over my mind, I wont let you break me anymore. I finally know this is goodbye.
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