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Cemetery Drive

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A Cemetery Drive one shot. I miss you...I miss you so far and the collision of your kiss that made it so hard. What would you do for love?

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Cemetery Drive One Shot based on the song by My Chemical Romance

He stumbled along the highway, tripping over his blanked steps with her in his arms bridal style. The rain fell like acid as he tried to tune out the sirens in the distance, his breaths growing heavier and heavier after each ticking-bang of a second crashed past him like a jet set life on the go. Noises escaped from his throat as he continued to run, she being unconscious but he didn't know whether she was going to live; him finding her collapsed on the bathroom floor. An overdose? He couldn't imagine. After everything she'd been through, he wasn't surprised to find a bottle Oxycontin within her grasp. He tried everything he could, but once her parents saw him, after seeing his face on the news hundreds of times, their first reaction was to call nine-one-one; and his was to run like hell, letting her parents believe that he was kidnapping her. But now, here he was, almost regretting the decision to save her, trying to pull her away from her abusive parents' gravitational pull, because no matter where she went, what she did, she'd always end right up back with them. But not this time. This was the last time; and he was going to save her. Despite the words they've exchanged--more like screamed - despite the hatred they once shared, because deep down, he knew that he loved her more than he could ever love himself.

He took a tight turn, and skidded past the gates' entrance to a cemetery, his hopes dropping instantly when the sound of the sirens only grew closer, his black hair resting easily above his eyes as they dripped with the skies' tears as he slipped and fell, his head knocking against a tombstone; not enough to knock him out, but certainly enough to blow his vision off.

"Shit," He cursed, rolling flat on his now muddy back. "Shit. Shit. Shit!" They were getting closer; and he could only expect the worse.

'They'll never get me' he repeated in his head, pulling a gun out of his side pocket; two bullets left. 'They'll never get me alive'. He stood slowly, the world dripping side-ways as his body swayed side-to-side with a tipsy affect. His eyes scanned for her body, when finding her he pulled her and himself up against a tree trunk, tears recoiling from his dark hazel eyes from the occurring pain in his head and the emotional stress of the situation.

"I'm so sorry, Tristan." He tried to grasp the right words, but his fragments never sounded right. Nothing sounded right, the massacre of rain slapping against the ground, her unsteady breaths, his heart beating out of his ribcage to its full extent. They were so close now, and his breathing caught off rhythm, his chest heaved as he felt the weight of the world just pounding on him; he couldn't take it.

For once, he couldn't take it, for once, he was beyond scared--he was terrified, and for once, he cared for someone other than himself. He rested the back of his head against the tree, letting his thoughts collect; he had made up his mind. He was going to do it. "They're gonna get us." He choked as he clutched the gun in his right hand.

The tears freed themselves, and they instantly washed down Gerard's pale face to an extent where there were more of them than the water dancing down his cheeks.

"And I'm so scared," His stomach churned, flipping with an explosion deep within him as he heard the cars park, and the cops searching for him within the cemetery.

"We're out of time, Sugar," He said below a whisper, closing his eyes as he quickly brought his lips to her forehead, resting there as he let his tears wash with misery down his love-splattered face.

He cocked the pistol, sobbing heavily as he heard the faded voices call, "He's over here! I see him!!" but before any of them could recall what was happening, Gerard lowered his standards from a perfect goodbye and simply whispered, "I love you" before bring the pistol to her head, squeezing his eyes shut as he pulled the trigger with only the smallest hesitation.

He's killed before. But he never expected any murder of any kind to bring his heart to its knees. But before he knew it, the cops circled him, guns aimed at him as Gerard practically shrieked, "WHY DON'T YOU SHOOT ME THEN?! DO IT! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!" He held Tristan's bleeding corpse close to his side as he brought the gun to his head as well.

"Sir, just put the gun down." A cop warned. Gerard shot him a glare.

"Don't make me waste this last bullet on you, fucker," He spat, lying his finger on the trigger as he sputtered out, "God forgive me," The shot was heard, not only from his gun but numerous others around him, and not long after that, Gerard’s vision fell, and his heart died out within his own chest with his sobs and laughter echoing throughout the graveyard.

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