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Rakes and Hoses

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Just mindless rambling aout squeezing the life out of poems to get their 'meaning'...

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Hi. I am a
But I guess you could see that.
I go through everyday,
sitting in the back of a book,
craving to be read..
Not tied to a chair and beaten
with a hose
for a meaning.
You think, "What's this poem's deep meaning?"
I have none.
Inwas the love child of
emotions, and
a pen,
just free written onto crisp
My writer was
ad chose to tame her boredem with
Do not tie me down,
do not lie me down,
Do not hit me down.
Watch me as I flow,
watch me as I fly,
watch me as I free
There is no
even to those
with their rope,
their guns,
their rakes,
ready to beat me for all I am,
and more.
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