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In The Dying Light

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A Frerard: Frank is tortured by his claustrophobia but is the light his only escape or perhaps the raven haired boy he talks to in the forest clearing every morning

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In The Dying Light

A/N: Hey Tumbleweeds and welcome to my first story! I finally came up with a title I liked. Please review this after reading and give me your verdict as I like to know what people think of my writing. Personally I think it's developed since I wrote this over a year ago but I still like it in some way XO

The door slammed with a loud bang, wailing metal on metal. Next, the thunderous sounds of the key in the lock, closing him in like a trinket in a box.

The claustrophobia made its appearance every now and then but never quite disappeared, hiding in the shadows of his mind, making its entry when the night came, the darkness pressing in on Franks eyes, who sat tight in the corner of the room, waiting for the sun to rise and offer him his freedom from this, but not his freedom from the room which encapsulated him.

Jagged marks scratched onto the wall in rhythmic patterns where Frank sits, count down the hours each day until he is free, free to think, free to live inside his own head instead of fearing what will happen when its dark. That s not a good place to go, the dark, like a Ouija board summoning spirits, spirits which haunt Frank, closing in on him from all angles: claustrophobia.

Monsters appear in the night to Frank, circle him where he sits in the corner, knees curled up to his chest and head down in his arms, screaming, moaning, blocking out the terrible sounds from just by his ear, his eyes screwed up tight. They told him he wouldn't see his friends again: he lives inside of his head now. His mind is the only one there for him but even that fades into the darkness of the night, sending Frank running through the dense forest of his mind, hiding in fear, escaping.

But he never escapes, even in sleep they come for him, pushing him over the edge to the rest of them where he jerks awake, breathing raggedly, knowing again he will have to run.

Only the light of the sun offers him his happiness, into the clearing very morning where he sits and waits for the person who will save him: Gerard. The monsters can't go beyond the forest and Frank is safe here. every morning, sat in the center of the clearing, the sun warm on his back and the grass cool on his arms he sits and waits for Gerard to come, to take him away and give him an ounce of sanity.

He appears at the same time each morning, walking towards Frank, raven black hair blowing lightly in the tepid breeze, a light smile playing upon his face, his pale complexion turning rosy red as he sees Frank waiting for him smiling in return. Only his eyes gave him away, a beautiful hazel colour but shallow and unemotional. Frank never notices this.

Frank stands up as Gerard nears, a mixed expression of relief and joy on his face 'You came' Frank states as they entwine their hands together and lean into each other in a silent embrace. 'I'm here now' It's OK now Frank, you're safe with me, nothing can hurt you here, I promise, I won't let it' Gerard replies softly, breaking the embrace to tilt Franks chin up to look at the same conversation everyday.

They stare into each others eyes intently, green into hazel, hazel into green before Frank looks down at the twig strewn floor and whispers ' You leave me during the night; you leave me when I need you the most, the monsters come, they close in on me an..and you re not there to protect me.' his eyes become a pool of hurt.

Gerard wraps his arms around Franks shoulders and hugs him close whispering softly in his ear 'Think of me and I'll be there, I ll never leave you.' His raven black hair brushes Franks cheek and he looks up again, a small smile at the corner of his lips.

Slowly, Gerard moves in and gently touches his icy lips to Franks, brushing softly against each other before parting, allowing Gerard to explore inside Franks mouth, his tongue playing with his lip ring, running across Franks upper teeth, entwining it with Franks who moans in response and grabs the back of Gerard's hair, tugging lightly, tangling his fingers in it and stroking it.

'Its OK Frankie, you're safe now Gerard whispers, more softly this time as his hands move under Franks shirt and run across his smooth chest, bringing them downwards, all the while still kissing. Frank moans into the kiss at Gerard's touch as his hands too, move under the shirt and gently pressing him down towards the floor, moaning again but with happiness rather than fear.

Gerard reaches down towards Franks jeans, his hand unsure of what he is about to do, looking up to Frank for instruction who gives him a small nod, eyes closed feeling rather than seeing what Gerard was after.

Gerard fumbles slightly with the jeans before he and Frank tug them down and off and then Gerard reaches up to pull Franks shirt over his head who sits up to make it quicker. They break apart the kiss to pull their shirts over but then lay back down again, Gerard leaning on top carefully as to not put all of his weight down but also huddled over Frank in an almost protective manner as they kiss again, Frank tracing the outline of Gerard lips with his tongue.

They smile at each other as Gerard once again moves his hands downwards towards Franks boxers, who again moans in response as he feels Gerard come into contact with him through the thin material, his hands tangled in Gerard's hair.

'No 'he whispers ever so slightly Gerard could barely hear him. 'I'm not ready' whispering as he grasps Gerard's hands and move them back upwards toward his chest. 'Please, not now' 'When?' Gerard says innocently, his hands now on Franks cheek stroking it with his fingers. Frank doesn't make eye contact as he speaks 'When its the right time and everything's perfect' he states 'I'm here with you, isn't that perfect enough?' Gerard asks with a hint of hurt in his voice.

'I need you to be here with me all the time, you're never there when I need you the most, when they come after me you're never there, I need you there to save me'

'I can't be there to save you, only you control the things in your mind Frank, I can't go into that dark forest where the monsters are otherwise how would I be able to help you if I need help myself?' Gerard over closer to Frank his breath soft in Franks ear and he whispers his script.

Franks eyes widen and he nods slowly breathing raggedly 'How do I escape from them?'

'Think of me and I'll be there' Gerard repeats 'Imagine I'm the darkness and you'll imagine me hugging you, imagine I'm the noises and you'll imagine me whispering in your ear, imagine I'm the Ouija board and you'll imagine our connection to each other. We have a connection you and I, we were made for each other and when the time is right and everything is perfect, I will be there waiting for you too. Never look back at the monsters chasing you, look straightforward at how you will escape and you will see the path, the monsters are in your head Frank and so am I, and if I'm what you need to get on the path, then I will light the way for you.'

He caressed Franks cheek gently, earning a smile. Gerard smiles too, a sad smile which makes Frank scared 'I have to go now' he says as the thunderous noise of the lock interrupts them. Franks eyes widen 'you said you wouldn't leave' he replied, his tone fearful 'you said to think of you and you'll be there, I think of you all of the time, where do I find you?'

'Just sleep Frank and I ll be there, I'll watch over you in your dreams, just sleep.''

Frank nods as Gerard fades away and the man in the white coat enters the room, but Frank knows the nod meant nothing, just like the nod meant nothing in the clearing, he wouldn't move on, he wouldn't get any further, Gerard's words were gone as soon as the monsters came and no matter how hard he tried to concentrate, Gerard had left and wouldn't be seen again until daylight, and Frank will stay awake until Gerard gets back, stay and wait for him, even if it meant facing the dark.

And that is that. I really hope you liked it. Yet again, why don't you tell me yourself in a review :) Thank you for reading XO
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