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I Want a Perfect Soul

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I wrote this a few days ago,but didn't get a chance to post it.

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The service was lovely.Really.
I mean,I know I sound stupid when I say that,but the funeral really was nice.
First of all;all the girls were there.Everyone obeyed your wishes and dressed down,but still in black.People around me were mourning little-girl-Lorna,as opposed to the badass,fan-fiction writing Lornaigh that I knew.
You looked lovely as well,hon.Black MCR shirt,navy skinny jeans,and the Nike 6.0.'s you freaked over.Your hair shone a sanctimonious ebony across the room,highlighted by your pale make-up and your gaunt figure.Well-you're deathly pale naturally,so it doesn't really make a difference!
Sorry,honey.I didn't mean that.I'm just still a puppet on strings.
Hymns were nice too.Well,when I say "hymns" I really mean Radiohead and My Chem-the church pianist played this beautiful acoustic version of "Creep"-after that there wasn't a dry eye in the house.And,Jesus Christ,when "Helena" was played through the speakers,I nearly started sobbing.
I watched the burial from afar.I just couldn't stand the thought of seeing you actually leave me-being lowered slowly into the ground,like the lifeboats from the movie Titanic.The priest chanting away in rapid Latin was enough for me,I just walked away,nearly choking on my lungs.
Oh babe,I'll miss you so much.Your stupid dorky laugh,your warped,sometimes-fuck that,all the time-perverted sense of humour,your injections of randomness into boring conversations.How short you were-5'4'' and eighteen years of age,how bloody funny-and how you still beat the shit out of lads twice your size-once cuz Peter insulted Gerard Way's hair,remember?
God,I just fucking love your guts,man.
It's so unfair that God took you.We loved you so much Lorna-you were just too good for us,honey.
See you on the flipside,Ni Ionnrachtaigh.
You float like a feather,in a beautiful world-
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