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There Are No Atheists In Foxholes

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Nothing is fair in love and war,my dears.

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Something I found,again,in Lorna's Microsoft Word.Nothing to do with MCR,but her friends are here,so I'm putting it here.I found this quite good.It shows her erratic obsession with hating war and violence.

"War.God help me,I love it so"-General Patton

Oh yes.Yes.There's nothing quite as good as forcing some helpless bastard to leave his wife and kids,shave his head and sling a holster around his waist,and make him die for the country that doesn't care about him,telling some sugar-coated lie that glory and patriotism will make you get past Peter's gates.
There is nothing to compare with trudging through the sludge and grudge strapped with an AK 47 and enough bombs to blow Russia up.No.Fuck walking in the park;fuck listening to a good album;some poor underage motherfucker plugging a guy full of lead is one hell of a past time.
War isn't what it seems,y'know;there is mindless discrimination and meaningless hatred.Not the Uncle-Sam-Wants-You,propaganda-induced fits of excited teenage boys rushing to the draft boards,dying to get enlisted.
War is angry and disgusting.It is a beautiful example of how man-kind has not evolved in the past fifty thousand years at all-I hate him because he speaks a different language to me,worships a different God to me,is on the other side to me-and that means he must die.
I myself have never lived through a war-knocks on wood-but just through infuriating prejudice and bigotry.I am eighteen years of age but know more about the inner feuds between Catholics and Protestants than most grown adults.
Until about two months ago-when I left school-I was told that "the Protestants" were evil.Scumbags.The men were rapists,wife-beaters.The women were whores,sleeping with every man they see.And the kids?They'd just grow up to be mirrors of the parents.
I was told that if I mixed with "the Protestants" their "Protestant-ness" would rub off on me,I'd be condemned to hell and He would never forgive me.You know what my music teacher said when I said My Chem were one of my favourite bands?
"Oh,good,they're Catholic."
Listen,bitch,I wouldn't give a shit if they were fucking fundamentalist Islam-Kaballah Palestinians,I love them and their music,no matter what church they go to. mean,what does it matter?Protestant and Catholic-it's the same basic religion,Christianity.I mean,I know there are some pretty major differences,like Justification before God,Solo Scriptura,and the whole English-Irish thang but apart from that,it's like,just so weird.When you're from ROI you're Catholic,and if you're from the North you're Protestant-goes without sayin-dig?
I know every single Catholic prayer you can think of-Our Father,Hail Mary,Glory Be,Nicene Creed,you name it,I can recite it-in English,Irish and Latin.I also know so many insults for Protestants,like Tan,for example,which is as bad as calling an African American the n-word or a gay person a faggot.
Anyway,the point of all that is cuz these idiots won't let go of the past-the war.
I dunno if you guys know but Queen Elizabeth II visited Ireland over the last week,her first visit to the Republic since The Rising in 1916.I'm an anarchist,so I don't like the monarchy,but I have nothing against the woman.And when she made her speech at Dublin Castle,and she opened with "an Uachtarain,agus a chairde"-Miss President,and friends-it was so nice to see that she was speaking the country's national language.
And still people hate her.
Whether it's the North,Iraq or the USSR,you're still gonna get those war-maniacs,seeking out revenge in the most peaceful of people.
I'm gonna finish lads,by saying that some old guy in my history textbook once said war is hell.
Well,I don't agree with him there.I believe that war is war and hell is hell-
-and of the two,war is so much worse.
Your local friendly neighbourhood pacifist,
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