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Bluestar's Journey

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Bluestar crouched down and glared at the squirrel she was after. No other cats will be catching my prey today! She thought. When she was just about to jump, a large ginger cat went right pass her and the squirrel was gone. "Fox dung!" She hissed. She watched in emberrasment as the ginger cat ran off with her prey. "I'll get you next time!" She yelled to the cat who turned around and dropped the squirrel. "Oh, Bluestar!" He said in suprise. "It's me, Fireheart. I thought you were Mistystar." Bluestar jumped up and ran over to Fireheart. "You were after my daughter?" She hissed. "No, no!" Fireheart replied. "She told me that she'll come to our territory with a squirrel for the fresh-kill pile." Just then, three very large dogs appeared from nowhere and the oldest pinned down Bluestar and another grabbed Fireheart by the neck, throwing him into a tree. The youngest dog held the ginger tomcat and his first attacker bit his belly. Fireheart yowled in pain, making Bluestar worried so she bit the big dog on top of her on the nose and ran over, knocking ine of Fireheart's attackers aside. "Run, Fireheart!" She ordered. "And take the squirrel with you!" Fireheart glared at the three dogs once more and took the squirrel in his jaws then went back to camp. The dog that attacked Bluestar growled loudly and charged at the blue-gray she-cat who grabbed its neck and tossed it into the river.
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