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First Time

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FRERARD. Frerardy frerard! You've gotta read it. Chapter nine. Love it.

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Gerard's POV
The kiss burn my lips. It was filled with passion and rage as we fought for dominance. Frank wrapped his arms around my neck, and hoisted himself up and wrapped his strong legs around my waist without breaking the kiss. I held onto him and carried him inside and upstairs and threw him on the bed.
I crawled on top of him. I didn't care whether or not he wanted sex. I was going to punish him for hitting me. Then suddenly he started caressing my reddened cheek with his thumb.
"G-Gee... I-I'm sorry..." He looked at me with pathetic stare, and I couldn't help but feel bad. I mean... I did push him... And it was more than just a tiny shove... I guess I was just surprised.
"No... Frankie... It's okay... I pushed you... I shouldn't have done that..." I said, shaking my head a little.
I sighed and laid beside him and held him. I figured he still wasn't ready for sex. And that was fine, as long as I had him with me, I'd never need to have any relations with anything ever again.
I heard Frankie let out a somewhat disappointed sigh.
"What's wrong, babe?" I asked and kissed his cheek.
"I-I kinda wanted to um... Never mind..." He said, turning bright red.
"You wanted to what? It's fine, talk to me..." I said.
"It's nothing... New subject." He said and kisses me.
After an hour or so of the most mind numbing conversation about unicorns, narwhals and drunks that decided to order stuff from the company we worked at Frankie kissed me deeply out of nowhere. I wasn't going to argue. There were always those fireworks everyone wants to feel when they kiss someone they like. The fireworks never got any duller, never less amazing than the first time. In fact, sometimes, I think that our passion for each other grows everyday.
After a long period of kissing, I noticed Frankie was now on top of me. That took my by surprise, but his next actions were more surprising.
He started rubbing his package against mine, causing me to let out a small gasp. The warm, the friction, the small soft moans leaving his lips were making me hard an he knew it. I was distracted by how amazing this felt. I figured it wouldn't go any further than this, and I considered his teasing rude. I was writhing under him, and he pinned my arms above me, holding them down by my wrists and he withdrew from the kiss.
"Tell me what you want." He said with a faint smirk curving his lips.
"Un... I-I want you..." I managed to get out past my moaning.
"Then take me." He whispered seductively into my ear.
Without hesitation, I rolled on top of him and tore off his clothes along with mine. He grabbed my hand and took two fingers into his mouth.
"G-Gee... Babe... Please do it quick..." Frankie moaned slightly.
My first finger got a little further than the first ring of muscle before Frankie tightened up around it. After I got my second finger in, I scissored them around. I must've found his sweet spot because his moans ceased and in place of them was a silent scream as his lips formed a small 'o'.
"Tell m-" I began.
"DONE!" He answered.
I smiled a little at how eager he was.
I lined up with his entrance, and slowly pushed myself in past the first ring of muscle, and he tightened up around me. I let out a loud moan, and slowly pushed myself further in. I thrusted slowly into him, as not to cause him any pain or discomfort.
"U-Uh... mmm... G-Gerard... Move..." Frankie moaned pushing himself into me.
The sweet noises he was making were driving me close to my peak, and seeing as it has been over 3 years since either of us has had sex, it was fine for us to be as close as we were.
"Oh... Fuck Frank... So good..." I had moaned.
I heard a gasp from him as I hit his sweet spot. I had sped up considerably. I hit his sweet spot multiple times, his moans making my head spin.
The velvet warmth that was engulfing me was to good. The slight tensing of his muscles around me was making this all a millions times better than I could've ever imagined it.
"O-Oh god Gerard... I-I'm going to... I-I'm... GERARD" He screamed in delight and released onto our chests in a blinding climax. Seeing as before I thought I was as close as -if not closer than- him, I was not soon after him. I gave it one last good hard thrust, and came hard into Frankie.
I collapsed to his side, as we both rode through our orgasm.
"G-Gee..." Frankie began once he could talk again.
"Y-Yeah Frank..." I said, panting heavily and kissing his cheek.
"How're we gonna clean this mess up?" He said with a smile, and half lidded satisfied eyes.
"...We're going to get a shower." I said with a small devious grin.
"Can we go to sleep first?" He asked yawning a little.
"Mhm..." I wrapped my arms around him and held him.

Dudes, dudettes... It's been a while... sorry for not posting. I've had school work galore! But, here we go. The first sex seen. Sorry it sucked.
Lots of love
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