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To Whom It May Concern

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Note to unitedsuck007's readers

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Hey guys.
So...I found Lorna's last story today.It's got ten chapters,and it's pretty good.It's about...well,you'll see.
The story is called "Holiday in Cambodia",after the Dead Kennedy's song.
If you guys want me to,then of course I will put it up.I'm kinda busy today,but I'll try and put it up the first chapter tomorrow.There's an important prologue at the start,which I'll get up tonight.
And thanks for all the wishes and tributes,girls.You guys are absolutely really fucking comforting,great writers and overall just great people.
So,there you go.Holiday in Cambodia will be put up tonight.
Much love,

Note:This story is shorter,more depressing,and quite different compared to Full of Holes.Just FYI.
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