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Not this time

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"It doesn`t matter, Gerard. It`s too late." "It`s never too late, never."

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NOTE. so I got inspired by a song by Fuel called Not this time. If you haven`t heard of `em before, I recomend checking them out. I`ve been a fan ever since I heard the song leave the memories alone in my Dad`s car. Erm, I like the begining of this, but am not so sure about the end, but I`ve had a shit day, so I kinda wanted to end on a happy note. Er, I hope you like it and I`d love to know what you think of it.
NOT.THIS.TIME. the song is blaring through my IPod headphones, almost deafening me. I didn’t care, not anymore. For once in my life I just didn’t give a damn. Not about anything, not about the band, not about my life. And most definitely not about HIM.
That’s a lie…
No. No its not. I don’t care about him, not anymore. I was no longer capable of caring, it hurt to damn much anyway. It made you weak, vunerable, easy to hurt. I just simply didn`t care anymore, I couldn`t. And it was all HIS fault. Not mine, HIS. He deserved this, he deserved this pain. Not me, HIM.
I replay the song, turning the volume up even louder this time, to full blast. And I begin to sing along to a favourite song of mine. It never used to be, I used to think that the singer was being too cruel about whoever the song was meant for. Not now. I agreed with every word.
You know I put my faith in you
(I gave it all to you)
There's nothing left for me to prove
(There's nothing left for me)

A single tear slips down my face. Angrily, I wipe it away. I sure had put my faith in him. He never cared. Never. Not about anything. Not about the band, not about his family, not about himself. Not …….
More tears fall this time. I do nothing to try and stop them, I simply didn`t have the energy.

And I won't be there when you fall
And I won't care at all
Not this time, not this time
Not this time, not this time
Where you stumble's where you fall
And I won't care at all
Not this time, not this time
Not this time, not this time

I WONT be there when he falls, not anymore. I was sick of picking him up off the ground (literally) and trying time and time again to help him fix his shitty excuse of a life. But did he care? NO. Did he ever thank me for it? NO. Did he try to get better? To stop ruining his life? NO, he didn’t.
I now know that when he falls again and needs help, I won’t be there. I WON’T. Because I don’t care anymore. He can ruin his life. He can drink himself to death and do god knows what to himself before he does. And I won’t care. I won’t.
There’s a knock at the door.
“Go away.” I hope it isn’t him.
“Whatever.” Damn it. It is.
“Hey, Frankie.” I forgot I had left the door unlocked. I mentally curse my stupidity.
“Don’t call me that.” My voice is laced with venom. I can’t help but smile slightly when I see him wince. However, I almost instantly feel guilty.
“Frank?” he asks, looking at me worriedly. I had to admit, he was a good actor, it was almost like he cared. Almost.
“Go away.” I mutter turning my back on him. “You don’t care about me.” I mutter even more quietly.
“What? How can you say that?”
“Because it’s true!” I snap at him. How DARE he pretend to care?
“Frank, I do-“
“No. you don`t Gerard. You never have!” more tears spill out. Seeing them, he moves closer to me and tries to wrap an arm around me but I push him away. Even though a small part of me doesn’t want to.
“What’s wrong?”
He didn’t know? Idiot.
“I’ve given up.” He says, half trying to cheer me up, half proudly.
“Sure.” I had heard it all before.
“It doesn’t matter Gerard. It’s too late.”
“No, it’s not.” He whispers and goes to put his arm round me again. This time he succeeds.
“It`s never too late Frankie.” He gently kisses my forehead. “Never.”
Sighing I give in and wrap my arms around him too. I knew I`s hate myself for this in the morning, and I `d hate him, but for now I just wanted to believe him.

2011. Present day.
It was a boiling hot summer day, and a very normal day for the members of My Chemical Romance. They were taking a break from touring and were currently in the middle of an interview.
“So, Gerard, Frank. “Says the dark haired, blue eyed interviewer. “When was the first time you told each other you loved each other?” she asks, smiling at us. Ray rolls his eyes and Mikey just groans. Really, did she have to ask that?
Frank and Gerard blush slightly before Gerard answers by saying some seemingly random date from many years ago. But it wasn’t. The day they had 1st told each other that was the day when he had told Frank that he was staying sober…the day he actually succeeded.
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