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Merry Christmas, Paul McCartney

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Paul is ill, John comes over to make him feel better. J/P light slash.

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Author's Notes:
The boys are 17-18 in this story. Thanks to Jennifer A for the beta.

This is pure fiction. Nothing in this story is in any way true.


John Lennon put down the guitar case he was carrying and knocked on Paul McCartney's front door. It took a few moments before the door slowly opened.

"Yes? Oh, hello John." It was Paul's dad.

"Hi Mr. McCartney, is Paul in?"

Just then, the sound of loud coughing was heard coming from inside the house.

"Yes he is John, but as you just heard, he isn't feeling too well now. I don't think he is up to seeing any visitors today. Sorry John."

"Oh, well please tell him I stopped by and to get better soon."

"Sure, I will. Thanks for stopping by."

John had just turned to leave when a yell came from inside the house.

"DAD! Is that John?"

"Yes son, but he was just leaving."

John stopped and looked back at Mr. McCartney. He held up the guitar case.

"Maybe I can cheer him up some?"

"Well, he really needs his rest, John."

Paul yelled down again. He could hear what they were saying.

"Please dad, I can rest later."

Mr. McCartney looked at John for a few moments and then seemed to make up his mind.

"Okay John, but please don't make too much noise," he said looking at the guitar case.

"I won't Sir. It's a gift for Paul."

John went in past Mr. McCartney and up the stairs to Paul's bedroom and knocked on the door.

"It's me, Paulie."

"Come on in, John."

John opened the door and walked into the room, putting the guitar case behind his back. Paul looked sick; his eyes were red and he was still in bed. There were bottles of pills on his bedside table.

"Man, you really look bad."

"Thanks a lot," Paul sniffed.

John grinned.

"What's wrong with you?"

"I've got the flu, and I feel miserable, John."

He started coughing again. John put the case on the floor out of sight and rushed over to Paul, who pointed at a glass of water sitting on his bedside table. Paul took the glass and took a long sip.

"I'm glad you came John," he smiled.

"Maybe I should have waited until you were feeling better Paul, you're really sick."

"No! Please don't leave me. I mean, I don't feel so bad when you're around, John."

Paul blushed after he said that and looked at his glass of water. It grew quiet after that. Neither boy said anything.

John moved over to where he had left the guitar case and picked it up and brought it over to Paul. He sat down on the bed, making Paul look up at him. He was still blushing some. John gave him a smile and brought the guitar case from around his back.

"I have something here for you, Paul."

Paul's eyes grew wide as he took the case and opened it, pulling out a brand new bass guitar.

"Oh Johnny, it's wonderful!"

"I'm glad you like it."

"Like it? I love it!"

Paul carefully put the guitar and case down on his bed, and then threw his arms around John in a tight hug.

John pulled back from Paul, but not completely out of his arms. He smiled at Paul and looked into his eyes. Paul blushed and tried to pull away from John, but John would not let him go.


"I have one more gift to give you, Paul."

"Oh, what is it?"


And with that, he pulled Paul back to him, tilted his face up and kissed him. After a few moments he pulled away from a very shocked Paul.

Placing one more kiss on his lips, he said, "Merry Christmas love."

"Oh Johnny..."

Paul pulled John down and kissed him back.

"This is the best Christmas ever."

John smiled as he looked at the man in his arms. He thought so too.
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