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Riku rock

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Riku X Sora. Sora's practicing his confessions... On a rock. Hey, whatever works. oneshot. FLUFFF!

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Teto: This actually came about by a joke at school after finding a rock with a face drawn on it...
Sora: You have your own Riku rock?
Teto: DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!

“Riku, I, I… I lo… I lo!” the words seemed to meld together, frustrating the brunette. How could he confess if the words kept getting stuck in his throat? Angrily he shook his head and fixed his determined gaze on Riku’s eyes. Riku, for his part, hadn’t said anything. He just sat there, one eyebrow raised and his mouth twisted in his sarcastic, sexy smirk that drove a certain brunette named Sora wild. “Riku, I love…I, I… ARGH!!!!!!” Sora grabbed his head melodramatically while his sparkling, oceanic eyes screwed up in frustration. Why was this so hard? Strangely, Riku still hadn’t moved, his trademark smirk still dancing on his lips. Sora turned the full force of his furious, spiteful glare on him, and in a fit of desperation, he picked him up and pegged him at the wall of the Secret place. The tanned boy couldn’t help the vicious smirk that snuck onto his lips, revelling in the satisfying thwump Riku made when he hit the wall. God, he was so mean… But it was that assholes fault! How was he supposed to confess to someone that sexy? With a melodramatic sigh, Sora walked over and picked up the rock which he had painted Riku’s face on, dubbing it the ‘Riku rock’. “If I can’t even manage to confess to you, how can I go about telling the real Riku?” he asked it glumly. Naturally, the rock made no reply. Sora huffed, suddenly angry at himself. He couldn’t believe he was confessing to a freaking rock! Admittedly the rock had the face of his incredibly hot best friend, but still. That kind of stuff could get him put in a mental hospital! “That’s the last time I’m talking to you.” He informed the rock, even though he knew it was a lie. As soon as he felt like he would confess to Riku he would be back in here, practicing. On a rock. Hey, whatever works. An involuntary sigh escaped Sora’s lips. “I can’t believe I’m talking to a rock…”
“Neither can I.” the sudden voice made Sora leap a foot in the air. Who the fuck… Riku stood by the entrance to the Secret place, smirking at Sora. Sora’s eyes widened as he registered his presence, a small squeak escaping his lips.
“R, Riku!” The silver haired teen couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at that, his aquamarine eyes dancing with merriment.
“The one and only. Do you normally spend your free time talking to a rock?” he asked mildly, grinning at the blush that raced across his best friend’s face.
“Sh, shut up! I was practicing, stupid Riku!” Sora snapped, still pink. Suddenly a horrific thought struck him. “How long were you…” he stammered, still red. If Riku had heard him practicing confessing, then… Riku just chuckled darkly.
“I heard enough. You like someone, no?” He teased, wrapping Sora in a playful headlock and ignoring the small pang of jealousy in his chest. “So, who is it? Kairi? Namine? Or is it Selphie?” Riku had to hide a sigh of relief as Sora wrinkled up his nose in disgust.
“Ew, no. They’re nice and all, but no way. And where did Selphie come from? Can you seriously imagine me with her?” Sora asked, slightly tilting his head and setting alarm bells ringing in Riku’s head. Dear God, he was too cute. Riku seriously wanted to lose control, pinning Sora to the ground as he ravished him from above… Okay, not the things to think when Sora is staring at you. “Um…Riku? You okay? You’re drooling…” Sora pointed out, making Riku jump.
“…I’m fine…” he muttered, glaring darkly at the wall. Curse these stupid hormones! They’d been acting up ever since they’d returned home to the island. All he could think about lately when he was near Sora was how nice he smelled, how sexy he could be if he tried, especially when he smirked… Riku had to shake off a blush from just the memory. Yup, smirking Sora definitely equalled a sexy Sora.
Unknown to Riku, Sora’s thoughts had been drifting to the darker side more and more lately as well. Something about Riku… It puzzled him. They had been friends since forever, but he still couldn’t squash the growing desire for him. His deep laugh, the mesmerising way he flicked his hair, and his eyes… God, those eyes… Sora snapped out of his rapidly deteriorating daydream to find Riku staring at him, a devilish smirk on his lips. Sora had to bite his lip to stop himself pouncing. “Déjà vu, Sora, déjà vu.” Sora frowned. What was he… Suddenly he realized he was drooling. His cheeks flamed with embarrassment as he wiped away the drool, ignoring Riku’s deep chuckle that made him want to moan. God, why did his best friend have to be so sexy? “So Sora, which of these rocks is the lucky one?” Riku asked mischievously, prowling around the cave. Sora’s eyes widened and he jumped up with a yelp. He couldn’t let him find the Riku rock! Too late, said boy picked up the rock, raising his eyebrow as he saw the rather distinctive painting. “Is this…me?” he asked incredulously. Sora silently cursed in his head. Now he was in for it.
“…yes. I painted it when I was little, and kept it here.” Sora lied, hoping desperately that his older friend believed him. He never was any good at lying…
“Hmm. So Sora painted pictures of me in secret when he was little.” Riku added wryly, making Sora flush crimson. Why the hell did it sound like he was some kind of stalker? “Ahh well, I think you would’ve been cute as a 5-year-old stalker! Crouching outside my house every night…” Riku added, smiling mock wistfully.
“Oi! Leave me out of your perverted fantasies!” Sora laughed, pegging a pebble at Riku, who dodged it easily and retaliated with the Riku rock he was holding. “Don’t break the Riku rock!” Sora cried cheekily, catching before realizing what he had just said. Riku picked up on it immediately; raising an eyebrow and smirking in a way that made him look almost identical to his stone counterpart.
“Riku rock? You even named it after me?” Riku asked, smirking at the adorable blush that took over the brunettes face, enhancing his beautiful eyes.
“…Yeah. You wanna know why?” Sora started, not wanting to pass up this chance. It was so perfect… All he had to say was because I love you. Riku raised a questioning eyebrow.
“Sure. Why?” Sora gulped slightly. Here goes…
“…Because you’re bland and have no personality, just like a rock!” he blurted out cheekily. Okay, it wasn’t what he had planned… but hey. It was worth it just to see the look on Riku’s face!
“Oh, am I? Come back here!” the silver haired teen roared, chasing a shrieking Sora around the cave. As Sora bolted for the exit, he couldn’t help smiling. One day. One day he’d confess, and then deal with all the shit that followed. But as long as they were friends, that was enough for Sora. As he bolted out of the secret place with a furious, but still laughing Riku charging after him he couldn’t help looking back at the Riku rock, smiling slightly. Even if he never confessed or his feelings weren’t returned, it was nice to know he had his own Riku, always waiting patiently for him to come back.
Teto: end! well, that wasn't so bad :)
Yami: Hey, Sora! look what I found! (Holds up rock with a blue smiley on it)
Teto: GIMME BACK MY RIKU ROCK!!! ( chases Yami)
Sora: please review! She doesn't bite :)
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