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What She Heard

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What did the girl over hear? J/P Slash

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Amber was so excited. She had won a contest to meet John and Paul,of the Beatles! It was a dream come true for her.
She knew she had to be their biggest fan.

Amber was siting on staircase . She had been told to wait there by the director of this show.
Being so excited over getting to meet John and Paul. She had almost forgot that she had also won a spot on this TV show too.
It was just an bit part, nothing big. But she didn't care. John and Paul were the big prize. And right now they were right
below her, under this staircase. They were whispering to themselves quietly. Amber had a hard time siting still, because
right after this show was over she would finely get to meet them. She found if she listened real hard she just could make
out what they were saying.

"Hey Paul, what's this show for again?"

Paul smiled at his forgetful mate, " It's to honor our songwrighting Johnny."

"Ohh, yeah," John laughed a little.

Paul looked at his grinning face and smiled back."What's so funny?"

"Well you know just how we write songs Macca," said John with a wink.

This made Paul blush, he knew all to well how the songs were written. And what happened before and after.
John laughed at the look on Paul's face. And nudged him. This made Paul's face even redder.

" John! Quit, there's a bird right above our heads here" Paul hissed. John looked up.

"She can't hear us love" John gave Paul a big smile and moved even closer. Whispering in his ear.
"After this show is over how about we go write some more?" John gave Paul a wicked grin.

Paul gasped and tried not to fall down. John knew just what that idea would do to him. And John breath on his ear didn't
help any.

"Johnny, your sure she can't hear us?"

"I'm sure Macca."

"Good," Paul leaned closer into John.

"because I can't wait to have you inside of me" this made John grin.

"I can't wait either baby, it's been to long since we had sex."

"Way to long, Man I wish we were alone right now." "I wanta kiss you so bad"
Paul could not keep the moan out of his voice,as he said this. John moved back, pulling Paul with him until they were as
far under the staircase as they could go. He pulled Paul into a hug, and kissed his neck.Paul moaned. He hugged John back
tightly moving his hips against John's. John could feel Paul's hardness against his leg.

"Macca,Love I promise as soon as this show is over,I will take care of you" He reached down and gave Paul's manhood a squeeze
before letting go and stepping back.

Paul had grab the underneath of the staircase to keep from falling down. " How much longer?" he said hissing.

John grinned "Not long now, then I can make you scream."

"Oh Johnny"

Up above them,Amber had turned very pale and was swaying. She felt faint and then with a crash she did just that.
She rolled down the short staircase into a heap at the bottom. A few stagehands ran over to her and helped her up.
Amber wasn't hurt just dazed. The director came running over to her.

"Miss,Miss are you ok? What happened?"

"I really don't know" she said softly. Amber's eyes gazed back up to the staircase and back to the director.

"Well, no harm done" he said patting her hand.

John and Paul who had heard the fall, came over to where Amber was sitting. Paul leaned down in front of Amber and
smiled at her.

As Amber looked up at him,she went very pale and screamed.

Paul jumped back in shock."Hey what's the problem miss? I'm the Cute Beatle, I'm harmless."

He tried to touch her but she jerked back and screamed again. Paul looked up at John for help. John put his arm around
Paul and smiled down at Amber.

"Yeah he's the cute one," he winked at Paul. Amber saw this and promptly fated again.

Paul gave John a worried look. "I'm not that scary am I Johnny?"

John looked at him,pretending to think it over. "Hmmm, well maybe you are a little," he laughed at the look of outrage on
Paul's face.

"I am not scary looking!"

John could not keep the giggles out of his voice. "Well she seamed to think so Macca."

Paul sent another glare at John, which only made John laugh harder. "Maybe we should call you the Scary Beatle."
He leaned into Paul and whispered into his ear. " But to me you will always be the Sexy one, love."

Poor Amber was starting to come around again,but took one look at John whispering in Paul's ear and fainted again.
A few stage hands came over and picked her up and took her to a back room. Where she came to and promptly ran out never
looking back.

Latter after they had finished the show, And were leaving,John threw his arm over Paul's shoulder. Then with a huge grin
on his face, he said to Paul.

"Next time we meet fans, I'm going to bring Ringo with me. He's not scary."
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