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Wanna be friends?

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Mikey meets his friend's sister, who was shy compared to her twin brother. Will he help her become the girl she truly is? First fanfic, criticism accepted

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My first fanfic evar~~~ I'm a random person so this story will have random stuff

'Ok, it's the first day of Yr 7 and I'm fine.... oh fuck that I'm nervous as Hell!' I screeched in my head. Gerard looked over with sympathy in his eyes, "It's gonna be okay Mikes, just blend in with the crowd." he said.
I nodded weakly as I saw some big dudes who looked like they were hopped up on steroids.

We both walked out cautiously and people stopped and stared at us. Yeah sure, look at us and not the hippies of today. So what if I'm wearing skinny jeans and my Anthrax shirt? Gerard was dressed similarly but in a Smashing Pumpkins shirt. We shuffled along the school yard and made out way to the auditorium, where everyone gathered.

The introductions were boring and I'm pretty sure I slept, then a loud booming voice woke me up. It was the Head of Yr 7, Ms Stringer... I groaned. They announced who's class we're going to and I got some teacher named Ms Murray, let the Hell begin.

I slowly walked upstairs to our classroom and sat myself on an empty seat, a boy sat himself next to me and I pushed my black and white rimmed glasses to look at him. He had wavy black hair that sat lightly on his shoulder and a fringe that curled around his right eyes, which by the way are a pretty chocolate brown like mine.He was wearing a black shirt, skeleton hoodie, skinnies, white Converse and fingerless gloves. "Um... hi?" he said, I smiled a little. "Hey, I'm Mikey, Mikey Way." I stuck my hand out and he shook it, "Frank Iero," he smiled, a slutty looking girl came over and batted her totally FAKE eyelashes at us. "Um hi, I'm Jessica, but you can call me Jess." she giggled. "Sorry but I'm only friends with people who have lives," I snorted. She huffed and left us alone, just then a quiet voice piped up. "Hey Frank, can I sit here?" asked someone, I looked up and my mouth popped open. "Sure! Mikey this is my twin sister Saskia, but you can call her Aya." Frank introduced. She sat down next to me and stuck her arm out, I shook it and felt a small spark. I dunno if she felt it too.

I looked at her properly and assessed what she was wearing. A tight Black Veil Brides shirt that was ripped and had fishnet sleeves up to her elbow, fingerless skeleton gloves, black skinnies and biker boots. Nice taste. Her eyes were different than Frank's, she had purple eyes that were outlined and smudged with eyeliner, like Gerard. She had earrings in the shape of silver angel wings that went pretty good with her outfit. She wore checkered black and white bangles along with a charm bracelet that had black broken hearts. She had a purple, grey and black patched-up newsboy cap sitting on her head, she had bangs that curled around both her eyes. Her hair was in a low ponytail that sat on her shoulder and her hair fell forward. "Nice to meet you," she whispered. I blinked, she looked so emo/badass/awesome/hot but she had this terrified expression on her face, she was trembling and she sounds like she's gonna faint. "Another thing Mikey," Frank whispered in my ear, I leaned in to listen closely. "Aya may look all badass but she's been having nightmares of living and seeing the people she loves die, which is why she gets teased as an emo in our old school" Frank explained. I looked over at her in shock. I now know my mission, to save Aya from her nightmares.
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