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Chapter twelve

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At the hospital Mikey and Alicia realise that Gerard and Frank aren`t going to admit to eachother how they feel. So they decide to take matters into their own hands and come up with a plan.

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NOTE. okay, so I was kina sad when I got no reviews for the last chapter. I didn`t feel it was my best, but was it really that bad? Or are you all losing interest, `cuase teh next few chapters WILL be more exciting. Or do you all want me to give up? I don`t mind if no one likes it anymore. BUt anyway, hope you like the chapter, and in the next one you`ll find out what Lindsey is planning.
Frank`s pov.
He was alive? I glace over towards the hospital bed. I stand up, but do not go over to him.
“M…mum?” Gerard croaks.
A group of doctors come in, obviously worried about the noise.
“ is that possible?” cause you don`t know everything? I’d never liked doctors, especially ones that thought that they were always going to be right. They had said Gee was going to die but he didn’t. How, who knows? I was just glad he was still alive.
After a few minutes, they leave completely baffled as to how he was still alive and awake. I could hear them mumbling something about too much blood loss, combined with the consumption of a lot of strong alcohol and a head injury.
Everyone apart from me is surrounding the bed he is now sitting up in. Ray, Mikey and Alicia have stopped crying and his parents are giving him a big hug. I want to go over and talk to him, but I don`t. I want to know if he meant what he said, but I don`t ask, fearing his answer.
“SHIT!” Gerard suddenly screams, shocking us all and earning him disapproving looks from his mother.
For the first time since he woke up he turns towards me.
“Did I say anything before I blacked out?” he asks, sounding quite desperate.
Yes. My heart sinks. I know he remembered what he had said. I also knew that he regretted it, that he didn’t mean it. I guessed as much.
“No, nothing.” I can feel my heart shattering within my chest, breaking into a million little pieces.
Yeah, I love you, that’s nothing. It means absolutely nothing, Gee. Don`t worry `bout it.
I can see Alicia looking at me out of the corner of my eye.
“Who wants a drink?” she asks innocently.
Everyone nods and tells her what they want.
“Frankie, help me?” It doesn’t sound like a question, more of an order really. Knowing I have no choice, I agree to help her get the drinks, more than glad to get out of the room.
Alicia’s pov.
I smile to myself as we both exit the room and go back to the main waiting room where there is a drinks machine. We both grab a cup and press the correct buttons to get the coffees.
“You can talk to me, you know.”
He doesn’t answer and instead goes to sit down on a nearby plastic chair.
“Err, what ya doing? We have to get the drinks back and-“I trail off, seeing the dampness surrounding his eyes. I place the tray of drinks down and sit next to him.
“He hates me.” He sobs covering his head with his hands.
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who he means by the “He.” Gerard.
“Trust me on this, Frankie, he doesn’t hate you. In fact he…” I pause, not wanting to betray Gerard’s trust. Frank looks at me, a half hopeful expression on his face.
“He doesn’t hate you. He…you mean a lot to him.” I stare into his eyes as I say this, hoping he would understand what I was trying to say. It soon becomes clear to me that he doesn’t. Idiot.
“Frank, Gerard really cares about you.” He shakes his head.
“No, he doesn’t. I thought he did, but he doesn’t.” there’s something in the tone of his voice that makes me wonder if Gerard said something to him, maybe when Frank found him.
“Did he say something to you last night?” I question gently. I wasn’t going to force him to tell me, but this had gone on long enough, the two of them clearly were head over heels, but neither one would admit it. Idiots.
Frank manages a quiet, "yeah.”
“Can you tell me what?” again, I do not push him to tell me.
“D…do you promise not to hate me, or judge me? “ More tears. I am honestly shocked that he would think I`d hate him, or judge him. No decent person would.
“It`s me, Frank. I care about you.” I smile, trying to reassure him.
“H…he said that he…loved me.” He whispers the last part, before breaking into even more tears.
“And?” I ask, unsure what the problem was. Gerard loved Frank, Frank loved him.
“He said it before he blacked out.” He continues sobbing.
It finally dawns on me; Gerard had asked if he said anything before he blacked out. And seemed relived when Frank had answered “no.”
“Oh, poor Frankie.” I pull him in for a hug. He protests at first, but soon gives in.
“C`mon. let’s go back. “ I say while standing. I hold out my hand and help him up.
“What about the drinks?” he asks, drying his eyes. “They`ll be cold.”
I bite my lip considering. “We COULD get more.” Frank nods. “Or,” I begin, dragging him away from the machine. “We can tell `em to get their own damn drinks if they don`t like cold coffee.” I laugh, earning a few dirty looks from some nurse, but I do not care.
“C`mon.” I pick up the tray of cold drinks and we head back towards the hospital room everyone was in.
“Do you hear that?” Frank asks me, just as we are about to open the door. I nod, and motion for him to be quiet.

Gerard’s pov.
“I can`t guys, he`ll hate me!” I can’t believe them. The second Frank and Alicia had left, Mikey had started having a go at me for what I had done and then when that was over he told me to hurry the fuck up and tell frank. Like hell I was going to do that.
“Gee, he won’t.” Ray had been silent for most of the conversation, but had now decided to join the war of words, on my brother`s side. Thanks Ray.
“Gee, sweetie.” My mum begins hesitantly. “Is what Mikey said true?” I just nod and turn away, not wanting to see the look of horror and shame on her face.
“Well, I wish you`d of told me, but I`m happy for you, really.” She squeezes me hand.
“See, told ya they`d be okay with it.” Mikey smirks at me. I narrow my eyes; he was going to pay for that later.
Sure, they were okay with it. Mikey and Ray were too. Frank wasn’t going to be okay about it though. I should never have said anything to Mikey the other night. And then last night I stupidly told him how I felt, thinking I was going to die, thinking I wouldn’t be alive to face the consequences.
“I’m tired.” I mutter, lying back down and closing my eyes.
Mikey`s pov.
I glance at my watch. Alicia and Frank had been gone 20 minutes. From outside I could hear whispering, then something dropping on the floor. I smile briefly. For that was the signal.
“Gee, can you do something before you go sleep.” I speak loudly so that the people outside the door can hear.
“What?” he is annoyed, I can tell.
“Say you love him again.” He glares at me but does as I ask.
“Fine. I love Frank Iero. Happy?” I can hear a shocked gasp from outside. Our evil plan was working. They`d heard.
Gerard lies down again, muttering something about me being a bad brother and closes his eyes.
Just then the door opens, revealing a smirking Alicia and a very pale, shocked frank.
“Y...You do?”
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