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The day I move back to Belleville, the day I make friends...

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Second chapter...... all in one fucking day!!! I'm on the roll!!! *starts dancing*
My friends: stare and start dancing with me as well

This is it! Today is the day I get the fuck outta that madhouse!!! Yeah, the innocent little girl that came there 7 years ago is no more, it's been replaced by a girl who was street-wise, taught by gangsters who were admitted there and knew a few tricks on offense and defense, bad-mouthing, and emo/scene/punk girl who dyed her hair with red and silver streaks.

I slowly walked up to my home and found my mom there, she took one look at me and hugged me. "My darling girl! You're back!" she sobbed. I patted her back and we both awkwardly wobbled into the house. I hugged my father and he patted my back. I gave a small smile and followed mom into my room, it needed decorating. It had black walls and a red wardrobe built into the wall. I dumped my bags on the floor and went back outside, "Mom I'm gonna be going out, to get to know the place. I have my phone with me." I shouted, I heard and 'okay' from the kitchen and then I walked down the street.

I looked around and saw a cemetery there, I smiled a bit. I was in such a dreamy state I bumped into someone and staggered back a bit, "Um, sorry." I said meekly. "No worries, it was my fault. You're new around here aren't you?" the person asked. I looked up and was greeted by a pair of baby blue eyes, "Uh yeah, I live in #9 Cemetery Drive." I said, "Sorry, my name's Bob Bryar." he said. "Saskia Iero," I smiled. "But you can call me Aya." I added. "So you live in #9 Cemetery Drive?" he asked. I nodded. "I live right next door in # 10... wait... doesn't Frank live in #9?" Bob pondered. I was rugby tackled by none other than my brother, Franklin Anthony Iero Jr. ""Aya you're home!" he sobbed. "There there Frankie, It's alright." I mumbled and patted his back. "Guys this is my sister I told you about, the one that got shipped into an asylum." Frank said. "Aya this is Gerard, Ray, Mikey and you already know Bob." Frank said. I looked at Gerard, with his long shoulder-lenght black hair and hazel-green eyes. Ray had a brunette fro and dark brown eyes. Mikey was tall and lanky, with black hair that stuck on his face.

"Nice to meet you," I smiled. "So you were shipped in an asylum... may I ask why?" Ray said. I was gifted with the ability to lie smoothly, "A guy attacked me and injected me with drugs, it was a tough time." I lied, the words rolling off my tongue. Frank glanced at me and a smirk was dancing on his lips. "I'm very sorry to hear that," was what Ray said, mumbling it quietly. "It's okay, it's all in the past now... let's enjoy the future." I smiled. Then I saw something and my eyes nearly popped, it was him again. The demon, who visited me and told me his name was Akuryo, it was Japanese for 'evil spirit'. I tensed and Frank looked at me, worried. "Um guys. I'm going to take Aya home okay? We'll see you guys tomorrow in school." Frank said hurriedly and I walked with him back home.

We both sprinted to his room and I sat on his bed, while he wrapped his arms around me in a cuddle, "Frank, he's back." I whimpered. "Sshh, it's alright. You just have to stay strong." Frank said, "You're starting school tomorrow and mom made sure we got the exact same timetable, incase Akuryo tries anything." he promised. I wiped away my tears and fell asleep in his embrace.

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