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Cuz I know how to say, love in many different ways.

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Being woken up by your fiance at four in the morning isn’t fun. Being woken up by your 25 year old fiance at four in the morning who happens to be jumping up and down singing the Bananas in Pajamas theme song is even worse.

“Hey Baby Boo, want some coffee?”

I raised an eyebrow while slowly shaking my head, “What are you doing?”

“Dancing, want to join me?”


“Want to have sex then?”


“Aww but it’s your 18th birthday Baby! It’s not illegal anymore,” Peter smirked while wiggling his eyebrows.

I slowly sat up, pulling my hair into a loose knot while counting the days. It was my birthday and as of three hours ago I was 18.

“I tried to wake you up at the right time but you kneed me and rolled over, I think you should kiss my owwie better.”

“I’m not kissing your dick Pete.”

“How about you sit on it then?”

Now I know what you’re thinking, a 25 year old and a barely 18 year old. That’s wrong on so many levels. But the two really were in love and between Pete’s lack of maturity and Izzy’s insane levels of maturity things worked out. They’d been together since she was sixteen and he proposed on his 25th birthday, just 20 days before her 18th. Both of their parents approved, and just hoped Pete didn’t break through a condom before she finished school.

I yawned, pulling the covers over my head before coughing, “Why does it smell like smoke?”

I watched as the man’s eyes widened before he ran out of the room screaming. “I ruined my cake!”

The next time I woke up, Pete was licking chocolate frosting off my face. He smirked, kissing the last bit off my lips as I blinked at him.

“Since I couldn’t eat the cake I figured I should still enjoy the frosting...”

“You couldn’t eat it out of the can?”

“It’s not as sweet as when it’s on my apple,” he smirked, snaking a hand down to hold my butt as I tried to get my face unsticky.

“What time is it?”

“Seven something.”

“You woke me up at fucking seven after waking me up at four!?”

Peter shrugged, kissing me three times before giving me puppy eyes, “I just want you to get the most out of your birthday Bella.”

“But it’s early Peterpan.”

“But, but, but, you’re too sexy to be left alone sleeping.”

I rolled my eyes, pushing his head some as I sat up. Pete had completely decorated his room with signs, balloons, and streamers in my favorite colors. There were random pictures of us plastered to the wall as well as presents hidden in a mock scavenger hunt. When this boy has a plan, he goes big.

“Iz, I’ve decided something.”

“And what would it be?”

“I’m going to impregnate you.”

I looked at Peter, his face completely straight as he waited for my reaction, “Why?”

“Because I want to make sure my swimmers work.”

“You can go to a doctor to find that out.”

“But if I go to a doctor you won’t be able to fawn over all of our mini Petes.”

“What if we have a girl?”

“If we have a girl, I’ll die from a heart attack as soon as a boy comes near her so I’ve been training my swimmers, we’re all set for boys Babe.”

The third time I woke up, I was buried in a pile of people with a crotch near my nose and someone breathing against my big toe. What is with these people and waking me up in abstract ways?! Pete was leaning on one elbow, holding a video camera near my eyes as I continued to be molested.

“Is she awake yet?”

“Squirm around a bit, you know she sleeps through everything.”

“Whoever keeps touching my ass is about to lose a hand...or their balls.”

“I swear to God if you don’t shu- HEY BABY!”

I felt my human blankets freeze before they all started singing a very off-key version of ‘Happy Birthday.’ When they finished they all leapt off of me, keeping their hands behind my back while Peter smirked.

“We have a surprise for you.”

“What is it?”

“If I tell you it won’t be a surprise now will it, Babe? Now put on a bra so we can go.”

I rolled my eyes, shooing the boys out of the room as I threw on some clothes, practically running down the stairs to find Pete so I could get back to my day of relaxing. A pair of familiar arms wrapped around my waist while someone else started tying a bandana around my eyes.

“Stand on my feet, Iz.”

I did as he requested and let him lead me outside. Raising an eyebrow beneath the blindfold as the humming of an engine sounded behind us. Pete spun me around three times before slowly untying the bandana to reveal a tour bus.

The Fall Out Boy tour bus.

With luggage surrounding it.



A/N: Happy birthday to meeeee! So I decided that since it was my birthday I'd post the first bit of that story I said I was working on. Of course you'll have to wait to find out who I picked for a character =D Oh, and I totally forgot that the first scene was based on Izzy's birthday when I decided to post it, how's that for situational irony?

p.s. The title's from 3oh!3's new album. let's just say i have connections and got it early =) and sorry it's so rough, i haven't had time to edit yet.
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