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It all started with gummy bears

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Basically, Frank seduces Gerard with playing with gummy bears and the whole thing leads to hot Frerard sex XD Please R&R!!!

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A/N; I'm writing this on my iPod in the dentists, so if I spell anything wrong, sorry in advance.

"Oooh, Gee and Mikey getting it oooon!" I heard Frank's voice from the front lounge of the bus as I boarded. What the hell? Is he reading fanfic again? I walked through to investigate, and found Frank hunched over in the corner.

"Mmmm, oh Gee Gee!" Frank imitated Mikey's voice. What the fuck?!

"Oh, oh, OOHHHHH! RAY!" He screamed in an imitation of what I think voice.

"Hey Mikey, I know I'm ya brother but do ya wanna have anal sex?" His voice was high pitched and squeaky, like something off a kids show. I sure hope none of the kids shows have content like that though!

"FUCK YEAH MIKEY! LET'S FUCK!" He squealed, his shoulders and arms moving. Was he...jacking off?? I found myself getting tingles I shouldn't at the thought of this.

"I want to fuck GeeBear!" He squealed, in the voice he usually gets on Christmas fucking morning.

"Hmm, come here Frankie baby!" He husked, in a tone similar to the one I have a habit of using on stage. It really makes the fans go wild. No! Great, now some blood has just rushed 'down there', if this carries on, it aint gonna feel too pretty in fucking skinny jeans.

"Oooh, aah, right there Gee. RIGHT THERE!" He squeaked. How could I find whatever my best friend is doing so damn hot? Maybe because I've had a crush on him for years? Who knows.

"Ooooh, ohh, mmm." Frank moaned still in the same high pitched squeaky cartoonish tone. I crept up behind him, quiet enough so he wouldn't hear and poked him in the waist on either side.

"Eek!" He squeaked and wheeled round, blushing lightly.

"Are those...gummy bears?" I asked, referring to the four sweets on the floor in front of Frank which were doing something that looked like the human centipede, or multiple person spooning. Standing up. A red one at the front, leaning on it's ass was another red one, then a green one, then a yellow.

"What are you doing?" I asked, realising that somehow, Frankie's little gummy bear antics had given me a boner... WTF?

"I, um, well... how much did you hear?" He asked quietly, blushing as he looked up at me.

"Enough to know that I thought you were jacking off." I said, sitting down next to him and not even trying to cover my boner. He'd figure it out anyway.

"I just...felt like it?" He lied, I could tell when he was lying, it always sounds like a question.

"I know you're lying." I stated, rolling my eyes.

"I'm not the one who got a boner from it though." He pointed out and I blushed.

"I err, better go take care of that then." I muttered, starting to get up when he straddled me.

"Or I could do it for you." He whispered, his hot breath sending shivers down my spine as I released an involuntary moan.

"'re not thinking straight...I-" I was cut off by his lips crashing down on mine.

"Gee, why do you think I was making the gummy bears have a fucking orgy?" He moaned, his teeth nipping gently at my neck as he rubbed up against me.

"Oh." I groaned, my arms wrapping round his waist.

"I'm gonna make you scream." He whispered, his fingers tracing over the contours of my chest and stomach, slowing down and pressing harder as he reached my lower abdomen.

"Do it, do it." I groaned, his hips rocking against mine as I basked in the friction.

"Oh honey, I'm gonna." Frankie growled, ripping my shirt off, tearing it straight down the middle. God, he's so hot, so strong...

"Gee, you know the gummy bear song?" He asked and I nodded, my small teeth clamped over my lip as he licked and kissed his way up and down my torso. He stopped to play with my nipples, biting them softly then sucking them to soothe the dull pain that sent my head spinning and made my erection jump.

"Fuck, Frank, just fuck me already." I groaned and he crashed his lips against mine, saliva, tongues and teeth meeting and clashing unromantically, his calloused fingers entwining in my raven black hair.

I slipped my hands underneath his shirt, the warm, muscled skin feeling so soft beneath my touch as I pulled the well known red 'homophobia is gay' T-shirt over his head, breaking the kiss as I launched the garment to the other end of the room. His fingers fumbled slightly with my bat belt buckle, though my jeans were soon in a completely different area of the room to where we were as I slipped his own ripped up black jeans off his slender legs and onto the floor, leaving up both in nothing at all as those stage trousers were too tight for underwear.

"Oh OH! GEE!" Frank moaned in ecstasy as our erections slid and rubbed together, the friction almost too much for us both to take as we groaned.

"I-I wanna f-feel you inside of m-me." I moaned out and he nodded, getting off me to spread my milky white legs and sit between them. Frank brought his fingers up to my mouth and I sucked and nibbled on them, coating them in enough saliva.

"You're so fucking hot and fuckable babe." Frank groaned, taking his fingers from my mouth and smirking up at me.

"Fuck me then." I moaned, my eyes rolling back in my head as he slipped in the first finger. The pain, mixed with the pleasure as he wriggled it in deeper, my muscles contracting and relaxing around the digit as I moaned. He slipped another finger in, the sharp pain making my masochistic side come out and show fully as I cried out in ecstasy. I felt the rings of muscle stretching as he scissored his fingers, adding a third and thrusting them deep inside of me, searching for something. He nudged his fingers forward and I screamed out as he hit my prostate, starts exploded in front of my eyes and all I could hear was our heavy breathing as my boner leaked precum freely.

"Ready?" Frankie asked, his voice low and sexy as I nodded, just managing to open my eyes as he coated his thick, hard cock in his own spit and positioned himself at my entrance. The tip of his swollen member nudged me gently and I groaned, him taking this as a signal to push in all the way.

"Fuck, Gee, you're so tight, so tight." He groaned, I could feel him shaking with pleasure as I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him in even deeper. It felt strange, having something so damn big in there. I couldn't care less though because it feels more good than bad.

"Ugghhh...move.." I moaned and he pulled out, my ass shivering at the loss of contact before he pushed back in. Heat ran through my body and poured from both our skin, he thrust deeper, starting to angle his thrusts in search for that one magic spot inside of me.

"OH! THERE, RIGHT THERE FRANKIE!" I yelled, electricity running through my veins as passion pumped its way through my heart.

"So good Gee, so DAMN GOOD!" He screamed, his thrusts erratic and rhythmic and I could feel his own pulsing member weep the salty beads of percum inside of me.

"Harder!" I begged, my hips rolling as he thrust into me.

"Agh! Move against me just like that!" He screeched, the erotic feeling of him pounding my prostate never once leaving my body.

"Oh!! I-I'm sooo close!" I yelled, sweat coating both our bodies and mixing.

"M-Me too, cum with me Gerard, I want you too." He groaned, his hand wrapping around my cock as he pumped it in time with his thrusts, the added pleasure sending me over the edge.

"GERARD!" Frank screamed as he came inside me, the feeling making me come myself, all over his chest.

"AGH! FRANKIEEE!" I screeched/moaned as we rode out the orgasm. He kissed me roughly on the lips and rolled off me, his softening member pulling out of me as we lay side by side, covered in sweat, come, and a bag of gummy bears which had burst beneath us. Frank picked one up and fed it to me, my mouth sucking on it appreciatively as I fed him one too.

"I love you." Frank said, his hand cupping my cheek as my heart leapt, both of still bathing in the glorious afterglow.

"I love you too." I said, entwining our sweaty fingers as he snuggled into me.

"I really mean it." He promised and I hummed softly.

"Me too, but how did this happen?" I asked, not really remembering how we ended up in such a hot and heavenly place.

Frank paused for a moment before replying with, "It all started with gummy bears..."

* A/N; Please please rate and review because this is the first one-shot I've written and I really want to know how I did. Unfortunately, I'm like, only twelve, so I'm not really very good at the whole sex scene thing, but this just had to be done when the idea came to me. Have a cookie on me.
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