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Story 4 - Chapter 1

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Just read it in my pants ;)

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In My Pants - Chapter 1

We were all in Maths and Frank had a list of '100 things to do before Frankie turns 14' and one of them was something we all thought looked interested. Well there were two but they didn't the second one at first.
Frank scribbled onto a piece of paper - The Teacher Is Great! and passed it onto the nearest person.
It got round half the class before it made its way back to the front when Frank 'whispered' extrememly loudly "Peter! Pass me the note!"
Miss.Hipps ran forward and took the note off Frank "Ooh I like notes!" She announced, hoping to find something really embarassing about one of the students inside. Instead she just stared at it before rolling her eyes and chucking it in the bin.
"This one looks fun!" Ray said noticing one near the bottom. He read outloud "Say IN MY PANTS at the end of every sentence. Okay, let's do it! Starting now! In my pants."
Someone popped their head round the classroom door "Beth! You need to go see Mr.Circle!"
Beth got up and left while the five boys laughed and kept saying 'In My Pants' at the end of every sentence.
"We're doing maths in my pants!"
"Stop touching me in my pants!"
"You like it really in my pants!"
Beth re-entered the room after seeing the behaviour manager. The whole class went silent as Frank loudly announced "Oh Beth, you naughty girl in my pants!"

End of Story 4
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