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Karel's vow

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Karel recites the vows he took when he joined his chapter of origin, the Black Templars.

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Karel strode down the aisle of the chappel towards the pulpit in front of the stained glass window. the chappel on the warp-rider was the oldest part of the ship. Karel felt confortable here, it reminded him of the crusader fleet he served on with the Black Templars. the chappel was silent, empty.
the pulpit was magnificent. made of white marble, with a skull and a pair of wings sculpted into the front. behind it stood a stained glass window, which depicted the emperor sitting atop the golden throne of Terra before the time of the great heresy.
Karel knelt at the foot of the pulpit and began to chant the vows of the Black Templars.

"O Emperor,
in wrath rejoicing at bloody wars,
fierce and untamed,
whose mighty power doth make the strongest walls
from their foundations shake."

"all-conquering master of mankind,
be pleased with this war's tumultous roar.
delight in swords and fists red with alien blood,
and the dire ruins of savage battle."

"rejoice in furious challenge,
and avenging strife,
whose works with woe
embitter human life!"

Karel stood up silently, and bowed his head towards the stained glass window.
"accept any challenge, no matter the odds." he muttered, then turned and walked out of the chappel.
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