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Truth or Dare...

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Mikey has hidden feelings for Frank. What will happen when Gee force Mikey to play truth or dare? Frikey, oneshot.

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A/N: Hey guys! This is a frikey I wrote some time ago, and let me just say; It's not very well written. I thought I'd share it anyway though, some of you might like it.

Mikey was lying in his bunk, reading a Hellboy comic when his brother interrupted him.

"Mikey!" He Said and grabbed his wrist. "We're gonna' play truth or dare!!!"

Weird, thought Mikey. He usually wasn't This hyper... Did He have too much coffee again? Oh god...

"Do I have to participate? I'd rather read if you don't mind." Said Mikey and began reading again.

"Come on Mikey! Please! Then you Can borrow All my comics!" Said Gerard. Ok He's up to something, thought Mikey. He usually didn't behave like This, so he'd probably planned something.

"Gee, What are you up to?" i asked, though I knew He wouldn't reveal it.

"Nothing! I just wanna play a good ol' game of truth or dare, and you're gonna play too!" He answered and dragged me out of The bunk so my ass hit The floor.

"Ow Gee! Be a little gentle would you?" i Said, and heard Ray and Frankie yelling from The couch.

"They're fucking in there! INCEST!!" they yelled and laughed. I ignored Them and Got up. Gerard dragged me into The living room, where The others had sat down on The floor.

"Sit down in a circle!" Said Frankie, god He was so adorable when- arh i did it again... I had, had a crush On Frankie for two years now. I had tried to get over it - But that was impossible. And The worst thing was that I'd told Gee a couple of weeks ago. Oh my God, now I knew why He wanted me to play truth or dare so badly... And now He sent me that evil smirk... God, This wasn't gonna be good at all.

"Hey Mikes, why did you go All pale?" asked Ray, and everyone shared at me.

"I-I Uhm... I Think I feel a little bad.." I Said, hoping Gerard would allow me to go to my bunk again.

"Then go Lie do-" Said Ray but Gerard Cut him off.

"Uh-Uh Mikey is staying here." oh that evil smirk again...

"Ok," Said Frankie with that cute voice of his. "Who's gonna start then?"

"ME ME ME ME ME!!!" Said Gerard. Ok... Might as well prepare myself for something really bad involving me and Frankie.

"Ok, go on then." Said Ray and Gerard looked evilly at me. I should never had told him that i loved Frankie, I should've known He would just try to get us together.

"Mikey! Truth or dare?" Said Gerard.

"Uhm.." What The hell was I gonna choose? If I chose truth Gerard would get me to reveal my feelings for Frankie, and if I chose dare He would probably get us to kiss...

"Dare." I answered him. It would be better to kis's Frankie than reveal my feelings for him.

"Very brave huh'?" asked Gerard and chuckled. "You have to kiss Frankie." Everyone became Silent, and Frankie and Mikey blushed.

"Just do it!" Said Gerard, feeling inpatient. Mikey knew He couldn't get out of This now, so He leaned forward towards Frank. He glanced at Gerard, notice that He had a huge grin plastered on hus face. Sure He was gonna enjoy his little brother get humiliated.
Frank leaned towards Mikey too, and Gerard and Ray stared intently at Them. Then Mikeys lips touched Franks, and Mikey enjoyed it a little too much. Frank licked Mikeys Lower lip asking for entrance and Mikey opened his mouth immedeatly. Just as things Got hot, they pulled away from each other. Ray and Gerard were laughing their ass' off, and soon Frank joined them. He were just laughing? Mikey had just had one of The Best moments in his life and Frank was just laughing at him? He should've known from The start. Frank had never loved him.

He stops up abruptly and ran to The bathroom with tears in his eyes. He locked The door and slidllldd Down on The floor, sobbing. Then He thought of something... Yes that would make him feel better.. Ye stood up, finding his razorblade in The cabinet. He sat down and rolled up his pants so you could see his many scars. No one knew of This. Not even Gee. Actually Gerard had had good intentions in getting Mikey and Frank together, He didn't wanna see his little brother miserable. But now Mikey was even more miserable than He was before, 'cause now He knew Frank didn't love him.

He put The razor onto his skin, and slashed a thin Line. After a few seconds small droplets of blood came out and ran down his leg. He didn't care. He Cut another Line, then another each on becoming deeper and deeper. After a couple of minutes He heard someone knocking on The door. He ignored it. Then The person knocked again.

"Mikey it's me, please let me in." Said Frank. Mikey quickly recognized his voice.

"No." mumbled Mikey, but loud enough for Frank to hear.

"Mikey please, I know you're upset." He Said.

Mikey ignored and slashed another Line, This one was The deepest so far. Deeper than he'd thought... Oh good blood was pouring out now, and it hurt like hell.

"Oh God, shit.. Fuck it hurts.." Mikey mumbled, but had forgot Frankie was on The other side of The door. Shit.

"Mikey whats wrong?! Mikey open!!" Said Frank, knocking furiously. Mikey ignored him. He couldn't let him in now, that would only make him Think He was mental or something.

"Mikey I'm knocking The door in now." Said Frank. Fuck. Shit. Crap. What The hell was He gonna do? He couldn't cover This up now... There was blood everywhere...

Suddenly The door crashed and terrified Frankie entered The bathroom.

"Frank it-" Said Mikey but Frank Cut him off. He had tears in his eyes.

"Why did you do This Mikes?" He Said, now crying heavily.

"I-I thought..." Said Mikey but his body trembling from pain and anxiety. Frank rushed over to him and Wrapped his arms around him, obviously not caring about getting blood on his clothes.

"Don't ever do This again ok? Not ever. Promise me." whispered Frank.

"I-I promise..." Said Mikey still shaking.

"I love you." Said Frank and smashes his lips against Mikeys, not lustfully, but lovingly and caringly.

"I love you too." Said Mikey and thinking This was a Dream... Frankie had just laughed him before right?

"I'm sorry for laughing before... I was scared.." Said Frankie as He faced Mikey.

"It's okay now.." Said Mikey Hugging Frank tightly and never wanting to let go of him.

"Did I mention that I love you?" Said Frankie smiling at him.

"Yes, but I wouldn't mind if you Said it again." Said Mikey, a huge smile covering his face.

"I love you, and I would like to have a kiss if you don't mind." Said Frankie pulling Mikey closer to him.

"Not at All." He answered and kissed him.

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