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The perfect moment

Category: WWE - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Published: 2011-05-30 - Updated: 2011-05-31 - 113 words

7. Star

Chris couldn't have asked for a better moment.

Held within those strong arms he felt safe, lying under a sea of stars, the ground a blanket of green.

Lazily he traced along Randy's tattoos, the intricate patterns holding his attention.

Randy placed a kiss to Chris' forehead, "You're gonna miss the shower," he spoke in a hushed tone turning Chris' head to the heavens above.

Chris smiled seeing a star shoot across the velvet sky.

"Make a wish," Chris replied softly.

Randy leaned down to position himself above Chris. "I already did. It came true," he whispered before closing the distance between them and sealing their lips together.

This moment was perfect.
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