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See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.

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The celebration.

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A/N: So guess what? This story was only supposed to have ten chapters! And I had already written the last one a while back. But because you guys were so generous with the reviews last time, I decided to add this bonus chapter. :P Haha thanks a lot guys. :) Sorry if its short, but ya know, it wasn't even supposed to exist lol.

Chapter Ten: See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil.

Frank went to Gerard's room to go fetch him for lunch. He dragged himself there with great effort. Even after they had returned from another swinging session the night before, he hadn't been able to get any sleep. His mind was too plagued with his own troubles. Once he got there and opened the door, he saw Gerard wasn't in there. He frowned and felt a poke of worry.

The next place he decided to check was naturally the basement. He marched down the wooden steps and felt his fear increase when he saw that several things had been knocked over from the shelves.

"Gerard?" he called out.

"Frankie?" was what he got in response.

Frank turned the corner and saw Gerard sitting in front of the canvas again. He was well into painting what looked like a child. Frank figured it was supposed to be Bandit.

"What happened? Why is there stuff all over the floor?" Frank asked him.

"Oh. I fell." Gerard shrugged casually.

"Are you okay?" Frank pressed on.

"I'm fine." Gerard chirped as he continued to paint. Frank came closer and grabbed Gerard face, gently turning it towards him.

"Oh jesus." Frank said alarmed.

There was blood seeping from Gerard's head and running down the side of his face. Gerard looked perplexed as though he wasn't sure what Frank was seeing. Frank wondered if he just didn't feel it, or if he did but he didn't care.

"Dammit Gerard, I told you not to come down here alone!" Frank scolded him as he tried to get him back upstairs.

"I wanted to paint. I hadn't in a while. I missed it."

"I know babe, but there's more important things! Like not bleeding to death! Just because you want to do something doesn't mean you should!" Frank sighed as he pulled Gerard up. Leading Gerard back up the staircase, Frank looked back at the clumsy portrayal of Bandit and wondered if it was really painting that Gerard was missing.


As Frank was cleaning Gerard up in the bathroom, Gerard chit chatted like nothing was happening. If only he could see the amount of blood, Frank thought.

"Hey Frankie." Gerard said suddenly, "You know what else I want that I shouldn't do?"

Frank waited for the answer, confused. Gerard grabbed Frank's pelvic area, although Frank figured he was probably reaching for his penis based on his hand was cupped.

"Gerard...I don't think we should...."

Gee frowned, "Why not? It would make me feel all better.". Gerard smirked seductively before reaching up for a kiss.

And yet again Frank found himself thinking, 'You can' can't....Frank god dammit, don't do this to yourself... don't do this to him....but those lips... those soft baby lips... and the way his hand is near your crotch right now....he wants you....'

Frank felt his knees buckle as he gave in, coming at Gerard with full force. Gerard wrestled with his tongue aggressively, hungrily. Gerard moaned and Frank wanted him. He wanted every inch of him. He lifted Gerard's shirt and lowered himself to suck at his nipple. He pulled Gerard's pants down just a bit and saw it. The scar. The ugly reminder of what started this whole thing.

"I can't." Frank backed away suddenly.

"What?" Gerard asked confused, still basking in the heat of the moment.

"I can't....I... this is wrong.... Gerard, I need to talk to you." Frank sighed finally.

"Why? Did I do something wrong?" Gerard frowned.

"No...Gee...are you crying?" Frank looked at Gerard in disbelief. His bottom lip was quivering. Why would he be crying already?

"The day she left me...she said the same thing.... with that same sigh..." Gerard almost sounded as though he laughed a little.

Frank didn't know what to do. God, how could he say it now? Wasn't it just not that long ago when he told Gerard he would never leave him? It had seemed like such an easy task back then. What had changed?

"I miss my family..." Gerard said in what sounded like half a whisper.

That's right. Frank missed his too. Gerard was depressed because he could no longer be there for his daughter. He had no choice. He was blind. Frank had a choice. How would Cherry and Lily feel if he didn't make the right one?


Dinner was almost finished when Mikey finally came home. Ray greeted him as Ray was the only one really on speaking terms with Mikey. Frank wasn't talking to him at all, and Gerard was still weird with him about the incident at the park. Yet Frank still couldn't help but stare at the grinning, satisfied expression of the younger Way as he strutted through the door.

"Marshall Lhors." he said as he set down a glass on the table.

"What?" Frank, Ray, and Gerard all responded in unison.

"Marshall Lhors is the name of Gerard's attacker." Mikey announced.

Frank grabbed Gerard's hand underneath the table and squeezed it.

"The search is over." Mikey smirked. "We got him."

While it hardly meant the ordeal was over, a celebration was had that night. All everyone's other troubles were forgotten. Although Gerard seemed more awkward than happy, as he received hugs from his friends and band mates. Ray ran to the store to get them some celebratory drinks. Frank brought out all his favorite albums and blasted them as loud as he could. And that night, before they went to bed, Mikey read Gerard's favorite issue of The Crow to him before he fell asleep, peaceful at last.

Next chapter: Mikey find a surprise in their living room. (See, NOW it applies haha.)
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