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To The End

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Gerard knew there was no other way out. [Frerard Oneshot. Songfic.]

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Once More: There is character death, suicide, murder, and a general darkness about the whole thing. You've been warned.

He calls the mansion not a house but a tomb.

Gerard sat, his legs crossed over the arm of the cream colored chair. The room was empty, save for the chair and a small table with an ash tray. The man swished his ebony hair away from his eyes, and absentmindedly flicked the ash from his cigarette. He brought it to his pale lips, taking a long drag. The smoke temporarily filled the air around him.

He's always choking from the stench and the fumes.

For a moment, the familiar smoky smell masked the noxious fumes that were slowly wafting up from the downstairs lobby. He coughed violently. The police would be here soon, he suspected. But he would be gone by then, in an endless, dreamless sleep. Or so the poison promised.

The wedding party all collapsed in the room, so send my resignation to the Bride and the Groom.

Today was supposed to be the day he married the most beautiful girl on earth. The girl everyone thought he loved. He couldn't do it. He laid his head in his hands, tears beginning to form in his eyes. He thought he loved her, but did he really? "Not anymore," his mind whispered. Everyone was downstairs. All the people he'd ever loved, or cared for, dead. Mikey, his brother, his friend ever since they were just kids. The one who always stuck with him. Ray, one of his closest friends who had a fro like none other. Then there was Frank. His best friend, the one he could always confide in. the one who had kept him away from the pills and the alcohol. The one who kissed and touched him on stage, never failing to make Gerard's face flush. For Frank, it was all an act. Just another show to make the crowd go wild. For Gerard, it had become real. After that very first kiss, Gerard knew.

He was in love with his best friend.

He tried to tell Frank not to come to the rehearsal dinner tonight. Gerard told him it was no big deal, and that Frank really should take the night off. No, Frank insisted, he'd be there. After all, he was best man. That morning Gerard had cried, knowing what had to happen. There was no other way out.

This elevator only goes up to ten.

Gerard slowly rose from his chair, walking to the golden elevator doors across the room. He ran his fingers over the softly glowing white buttons. Ten floors to choose from, ten floors on which to spend his final moments. He stepped into the golden coffin,and pushed the button marked with an "L".

He's not around, he's always lookin' at men.

Today, for the first time, Gerard had been caught. He had picked up a glass of champagne, and couldn't help but notice how nice Frank looked in his suit and tie. The way it hugged every curve on his body, and how the jacket accentuated his toned chest. Gerard's eyes had widened wen Frank turned, and he could not help but think how good Frank's ass looked in those pants.

He hadn't even realized how long, or how blatantly, he was staring until Mikey had come up to him and nudged his shoulder.

"Gerard," he scolded playfully, "You're getting married today, and not to Frank." Mikey winked at him, then went off to talk with Ray. Gerard only stood there, open mouthed, shocked at his own carelessness. Needing a breath of fresh air, he'd gone out to the pool.

Down by the pool he doesn't have any friends, as they are, face down and bloated snap a shot with the lens.

The area was completely empty. The white tiles shone up at him, freshly cleaned. The water was almost stagnant, only rippling occasionally. Gerard had run a hand through his hair, losing himself in thought. He stood by the edge of the pool, wishing he could just fall in to get away from everything. The next thing he knew, he was falling face first into the pool.

He hit the water with a crack, sinking down then frantically swimming up for air.

"The Fu-" he started, but was cut off by an all to familiar giggle behind him. Gerard flushed furiously.

"Frank!" He turned to see Frank giggle adorably yet again.

"Sorry Gee." Frank grinned like a little kid stealing candy, showing every tooth. Gerard couldn't help but crack a smile and forget about everything. Frank was too damn cute.

Then it all came rushing back.

"Frank..." Gerard paused, unsure of how to continue. This would be his last chance. He tried one last time to get Frank to leave the dinner.

"Frank, you really ought to go," he murmured, lowering his eyes. Then he felt a gentle hand cupping his jaw, pulling him closer.

"Don't you get it Gerard?" Frank whispered, "I want to be here. With you."

Before Gerard's brain could fully process what was happening, he felt Frank's soft lips against his own. Time seemed to slow and the kiss, only a moment long, felt like forever. They broke away from each other, frozen in place. Rattled, Gerard was up and out of the pool in a flash, running towards the back entrance of the house.

Flooded with emotion by the recent memory, the tears came violently, racking his body with sobs, tears staining his still damp suit. The elevator dinged, and the golden doors opened slowly. When they finally separated fully, the smell of the fumes hit him full force. He stepped from the elevator, and pinched his nose. Bodies were spread all across the floor, most laying face down into the carpet. Gerard tore his gaze from the death cloaked room to stare at the little green and black pill in his palm. He held it up, as a toast.

If you marry me, would you bury me, would you carry me?

"To the end," he whispered, swallowing the pill dry. His vision quickly began to blur, and in seconds he lay on the floor just like the rest of them.

Only he was face up.
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