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You Taste Much Better

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A Frikey less seen. A picture's worth a thousand words.

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“Kob!” Fun Ghoul called out, stomping through the ransacked diner the Fabulous Killjoys were currently settled in. “Kobra, where are you?”
Kobra Kid groaned as he leaned against a back wall in the diner, closer to Dr. Death Defying’s radio area than the part of the diner Ghoul was scouring through for any sign of Kobra. It’s not like he wanted to avoid him, he just wanted some well-needed rest, and that wasn’t going to be possible with Ghoul twenty feet away.
“Kobra Kid, I swear to god, if you don’t get in here I will eat your popsicle!”
“ALL RIGHT! I’M COMING!” Kobra yelled, standing up straight and musing his hair so it stuck up again. “Damn, not wrong at all…” he muttered, shaking his head at the previous statements and making his hair flop back down. “This better be fucking good, Ghoul, or –-”
“I have popsicles!” Ghoul pounced in front of Kobra and shouted excitedly in Kobra’s ear, shoving a red popsicle into Kobra’s hair. Ghoul put his mouth around his own green popsicle. “They taste good, and still frozen.”
Kobra rolled his eyes. “You would think you were five, Ghoul,” he said, snatching the red popsicle from Ghoul’s hand, which had begun to ominously drip. Kobra put the popsicle in his mouth carefully. “Wow, Ghoul, where’d you find these?” he asked, smiling at the cherry taste and sucking some of the juice from the frozen water.
“I have my secrets,” Ghoul said, winking as he took a chunk from his own popsicle and chewed the ice methodically. Kobra punched him in the arm and smiled, making Ghoul laugh and fall over a little. “They were just in the ice chest here. Only two left.”
Kobra smiled and gnawed his popsicle slowly, savoring the taste of the ice and cherry mingling on his tongue. He sighed and shut his eyes, relishing the popsicle. Ghoul coughed and Kobra opened his eyes, watching Ghoul blush and tilt bowed his head a little.
“Sorry. Choked on a little piece of juice,” he said, still blushing.
Kobra shrugged. “Just don’t die on me, Ghoul. I will finish your popsicle for you if I have to.”
Ghoul smacked Kobra’s arm. “I will finish this popsicle if it’s the last thing I do,” he said, smirking. “You won’t be getting any of this.”
Kobra shook his head and glared at Ghoul. “I will, Ghoul,” he said, reaching for Ghoul’s popsicle, despite the red one dripping in his hand. Ghoul whined in protest as Kobra grasped the stick of Ghoul’s popsicle, but didn’t try to push Kobra away. Kobra smiled in victory and snatched Ghoul’s popsicle from his hand, licking the little juice drips forming at the bottom of the popsicle. “Told y--”
Ghoul stumbled forward as he teetered off his toes into Kobra in attempt to get his popsicle. To Kobra’s dismay, the juice he had just been licking off the bottom of Ghoul’s popsicle flew to Kobra’s face, landing lazily over his jaw and neck. “Arugh, Ghoul, now I’m going to be sticky,” Kobra whined, trying to wipe a bit of juice from his ear.
Ghoul put a finger to Kobra’s mouth and stopped his hand. “I can fix that,” he whispered huskily, standing on his toes and licking the juice of Kobra’s face. Ghoul’s tongue felt like magic as it cleaned the juice up, and Kobra couldn’t help but let out a small groan when Ghoul began to lick his ear. “Mhh, you taste much better,” he whispered, licking the shell of Kobra’s ear and making Kobra shiver.
“Ghoul,” Kobra whispered, wrapping his arms around the short man’s shoulders and turning his head. “You want some of mine?” he asked, smiling lazily and offering his seemingly bloody popsicle, which was dripping all over his hand.
Ghoul took the melted popsicle from Kobra’s hand and threw it to the ground, taking Kobra’s messy hand. Ghoul winked and put one of Kobra’s fingers in his mouth, suckling gently and getting a moan out of Kobra. Ghoul took Kobra’s finger out of his mouth. “Kobra,” he purred, looking up at the taller man through thick, dark lashes.
Kobra pressed his lips to Ghoul’s, just enjoying the feeling of Ghoul’s soft lips on his own. Ghoul mewled softly and tilted his head upward, deepening the kiss with another kiss, another touch. Kobra moaned and began tugging innocently at Ghoul’s vest from behind, absentmindedly picking at the threads keeping the fabric together. Ghoul sighed and leaned in closer to Kobra, running his tongue over Kobra’s cherry flavored bottom lip. Kobra opened his mouth and let his tongue swirl with Ghoul’s, tasting his lime flavored popsicle and sighing. Ghoul tasted so good, and the fact that he just had one of his favorite things in the world made it even better.
“Mhhph, you like that, don’t you?” Ghoul asked, pulling away from Kobra only to stare in his hazel eyes with his own smoldering green eyes as he panted slightly. A slight blush had crept across Kobra’s cheeks as he and Ghoul were lost in their own little world, forgetting all else that really existed.
Kobra nodded, still breathless. “Ghoul, I… You…” Kobra stopped and shook his head, clearing and organizing his thoughts. He sighed and smiled weakly at Ghoul. “How’d you know my favorite flavor was cherry?” he asked, finally getting a full sentence out without any problems.
Ghoul chuckled and shook his head. “I didn’t until now, Kob,” he said, tracing patterns over his chest with his finger. “I would probably be the girl in this relationship, wouldn’t I?” Ghoul asked, looking up at Kobra and pouting a little.
Kobra nodded, smirking. “Sorry, Ghoul, no tall girls here,” Kobra said, chuckling. “We could always be two guys.”
“I think I like that better,” Ghoul said, laying his head on Kobra’s chest. He gasped and stood up straight again, bouncing excitedly. “Y’know what I just remembered, Kob?”
“What you’d remember, Ghoul?”
“We have more popsicles.”

'Allo, loves. Just wanted to let y'know, this is based off a deviant work of art here: The artist, Eilyn-Chan, is amazing, you should honestly go and look at her work.
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