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Chapter 9

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Brandy's POV

Frank and I laid quietly on the couch and Brenda was asleep on the floor. We were no longer tied up all the time, except by our hands in the mornings when everyone goes to sleep. Frank and I had become close friends rapidly after kicking his ass reapeatedly at every game he owns, including some he stole from a 14 year old kid off the street. It had been funner times than expected.

"Frank?" I asked while staring at the tv, we were laying opposite of each other on the couch so that our legs were intertwined and on top of one another. We were playing halo and I was blowing Frank up with frag grenades.

"Hm?" Frank mumbled back absentmindedly, still staring at the screen.
"What's Gertard going to do to Lily?" I asked feeling worry set in. Frank glanced at me.
"I don't really know. She'll be fine though, he's not going to kill her or turn her or anything, yet." Frank responded trying to maneuver away from my deadly video gaming skills.
"What are you guys gonna do to her when she bargains our way outta here." I asked both curious and terrified. Frank paused the game and set down his controller.

"She's not going to. There is nothing that she can do to bargain you out." Frank said staring right at me. I stiffened up with realization.
"You guys aren't sending her back to Pete's mansion to negotiate." I stated in a stunned voice.

"You're going to trap her. We’re not even going to be there are we?" I asked pointing to my sleeping girlfriend, feeling completely freaked now. Frank shook his head.

"You'll be there but, you won't be going home with her. She'll be coming here with us." Frank responded watching me carefully, he was probably listening to how crazy fast my heart was beating.

"Why didn't you just grab her at our warehouse?" I asked trying to not make myself run out of the room.

"Because Gerard wants her to come of her own accord. Gerard's not into complete force, only pushes in his own direction." Frank said moving up on the couch and untangling our legs to watch me better.

"Then what's going to happen to us?" I asked feeling my breath escaping me.
"I don’t know," Frank said un pausing the game and blowing up my person.

"What the fuck?!" I yelled. “Why’d you do that for?!” I said clearly pissed

"Because I always loose.” He said and started poking my stomach, the door to entertainment room slammed open. Gerard Way walked right over to the bookcase and sat down reading with a pissed off look all about him. I have never seen someone read viciously, trust me, it's an odd sight. Frank crawled off of the couch and was over by Gerard within the time it took for me to blink.

"What happened Gee?" Frank asked looking concerned. Frank stopped reading. Then, he threw the book at the TV. I ducked down just in time to dodge it. The television now had a book going through the screen. No more Mario Kart or Spongebob for Frank.

"I lost fucking control, that's what happened! I lost my damn control of myself!" Gerard screamed at Frank. Frank just stood there and listened as Gerard began to rant.

"I could have hurt her! I could have killed her, or worse! What if I had accidentally turned her right then?! Then everything would be ruined! She'd freak out and run off, and then we'd have a similar problem with her like we do with Bob, only she'd be stuck as one of us and wouldn't know how to control herself and would likely get herself killed!" Gerard yelled out in panic. Frank put a hand on Gerard's shoulder.

"But you didn't hurt her, you didn't kill her, and you didn't turn her. Hell, I bet you didn't even bite her. You didn't lose control Gee, you may have lost a little bit of your sense but you didn't lose control." Frank said calmly, trying to ease Gerard. Then I noticed something I had never expected, I peered over the couch for a better look just to be sure that I wasn't losing it. However, I was completely right, Gerard Way was sobbing into his hands while Frank looked down at him with a sincerely distressed expression.

“Five more minutes mother.” Brenda said in her sleep. I swear that girl could sleep through an earthquake and wouldn’t even wake up

Lily's POV

I was numb and nothing was working, my entire lower body had given out on me, and had left no sign telling me when it might kick back up again. Those last moments with Gerard had terrified me. He could have done anything right then and I would have had no way to stop him. I also noted another thing to myself, he had proven his point. Gerard had let me get away, now I could only question, why? Why on earth let me get away when he had me right where he wanted me? I continued to let this chew at the back of my mind even as I talked with the girl that was trying to help me up.

"You're not going anywhere very easily are you?" She asked bending down to my level. She had cherry red hair pulled into pigtails, bright grey eyes, mascara, pink blush, a striped hoodie, and some intricately designed black jeans on down to her matching black shoes.She continued to try and pull me up but my legs just weren't working.

"Okay, I don't think that this is going to work." She said as she gave up and sat down next to me. "Care to explain what happened here? I just saw some vampire fly into the night. He didn't hurt you did he?" She asked calmly. I turned my head and looked at her.

"No, but he could have, he had me right where he wanted me, he could have just done anything. That's the second time he's had me right in place." I explained just trying to breathe and let my body relax.

"I see. So he's been like stalking you?" She asked carefully. I shook my head.

"I'm a hunter. Only he's sort of flipped the roles recently." I explained, then I noticed something. "How did you know about vampires? I never said he was one."

"Because I am one." She smiled showing off her own set of fangs. I instinctively reached for my stake, only to realize than Gerard had taken it with him on his great escape. Dammit, Way.
"Relax, I'm not one of the RAWR I'MA SUCK YO BLOOD FOOLS CAUSE YOU IS MORTAL AND I IS TEH SHIZZ, kind of vampires. I'm a good guy." She reassured me. Relief swept over me, I was in no position to defend myself at the moment.

"So what's your name?" I asked, the feeling returning to my legs.
"That's something you ask when you plan on learning more about someone, you planning on learning more about me, or are you gonna get up and walk away in a moment?" She asked. I grinned at her.
"You tell me, are you worth knowing?"


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