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Chapter 6 - Epilogue

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Shuichi was given something Yuki thought he would never ever even know about let alone see and now Yuki has to pick up all the pieces.

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My Lover, My Darkness

Summary: Shuichi was given something Yuki thought he would never ever even know about let alone see and now Yuki has to pick up all the pieces.

Disclaimer: I own no rights to anything Gravitation, though I wish I did. But I just have to live with my ever increasing Gravitation collection.

Rating: M

A/N: Based on the Gravitation Megamix Panda. I believe I have covered enough in the body of the story for you if you have not read it, but still go and find and read it. It gives a deeper look into Yuki’s past and his trauma.

A/N2: Well, this is it, Gravi-fans! My heart goes out to all of you for your support!


Chapter 6 - Epilogue

'Here lies the body of Yuki Kitazawa, I hope to heaven his soul is gone'

Shuichi stood, looking down at the gravestone. He and Yuki were in the middle of a well-deserved holiday to Tahiti, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, away from people that know them. Shuichi had requested that they visit New York on their way, even though it was in a different direction.

Shuichi knew how Yuki felt about New York, but that was all the more reason to go there. In order to help Yuki more, Shuichi needed to make New York a better place for him, and for them. It worked. Yuki finally opened up to Shuichi, told him everything about Kitazawa; how he had loved him, how he had wanted to be with him, and Kitazawa’s promise to be with him, and what he remembers of the night his innocence was stolen and his heart broken. Shuichi had sat straddling Yuki’s lap on the bed while Yuki described to Shuichi how he plummeted into his slumps, and what the memories of being with Kitazawa did to him, and why he turned to Tohma and Tatsuha.

Shuichi tenderly placed his hands on Yuki’s lowered face, making him look at him, and placed a loving kiss on Yuki’s lips. “Eiri, not all that long ago, you asked me to prove to you that you are number one in my heart, and I said that you shared that place with my music. You still do, but there is a place so deep down in my heart that my music does not reach, and it is filled with you, there will never be anything else that can fit in there. Your writing is as important to you in your heart as my music is to me. I live for my music and I live for you, Eiri. I want that place in your heart to be mine, Eiri, and I will fight every one of your ghosts every damn day for the rest of my life to keep it. You live for your writing, and it is time that you proved to me that you live for me, not for Kitazawa.”

Yuki gave Shuichi the greatest gift he could, and had let Shuichi make love to him. He rejected Kitazawa’s unfulfilled promise, shattering the wall in his mind that stood between him and his love for Shuichi. As nervous as he was, Shuichi had surprised Yuki with his ability to be the dominant partner. Regardless how it turned out, it had been the single most influential act to restoring Yuki’s tormented soul. Shuichi knew he would not likely get the chance to do so again, but he did not mind; once was all he could have ever wished for from his Yuki.

After a long moment, Shuichi placed a single, white lily on the site, out of his respect for the dead.

“I never knew you, and for that I am glad,” Shuichi said to the grave, “The way you hurt my Eiri is unforgiveable, and I hope you do not find salvation in your death. Eiri has me now, and I will not let you hurt him again. Goodbye, Kitazawa Yuki.”

Shuichi pushed his sunglasses further in place, and walked away from the grave, leaving the cemetery altogether. He stopped by the florist he had purchased the lily from and picked up a red rose. He slowly strolled along the cold, New York winter streets, making his way through the busy boulevards and throngs of people shopping for their Christmases. Shuichi smiled at the doorman to their hotel, passing through the wide, perfectly polished, glass doors and into the elaborate foyer.

The hotel corridors were heated, and Shuichi was already removing the layers of clothes from his body that kept out the chill while he was outside. He entered their room to find Yuki had recently showered, the novelist dressed in his black slacks and an unbuttoned white shirt. He was towelling his hair dry while brewing his morning coffee.

Yuki turned to Shuichi walking through the door, “Where the hell have you been?”

Shuichi closed the door, “Just out for a walk, Eiri,” he smiled, “I did leave a note, dear.”

Yuki threw the towel back into the bathroom, “Huh…I know, I found it. I do not mind, Shuichi, but just remember that your English is worse than a one-year-olds.”

Shuichi placed the pile of clothes he had stripped from his body in the elevator on one of the chairs in the room, smiling to himself at Yuki’s way of telling him to be careful and that he was worried. Shuichi removed the flower from its paper, and started humming to himself, earning Yuki’s further attention.

“Are you okay, Shu-chan?” Yuki asked him.

Shuichi turned a bright grin to his lover, “Honestly, Eiri, I could not be happier.”

Yuki gave Shuichi a look, “Whatever,” he said, turning back to his coffee. He let his own smile free. Neither could he. A moment later, Yuki turned back to Shuichi, “Oi, you better hurry up and get ready if you want to go to-”

Shuichi interrupted Yuki, “I am sorry, Eiri, but I have changed my mind; I do not want to go there now, not today anyway.”

Yuki’s shoulders slumped, and he turned a long-suffering expression on his lunatic lover, “Are you serious? After you hassled me yesterday?”

Shuichi nodded and approached Yuki, the rose dangling in his hand, “Yup.”

Yuki scowled, “Well, what do you want to do instead?”

Shuichi giggled, “Something much better.” Shuichi grabbed Yuki’s open shirt with one hand, his arm coming around Yuki’s neck, letting the rose dangle down his shoulder, and pulled him into the bedroom. “We can go out later.”

“Fine by me,” Yuki agreed, and he captured Shuichi’s lips with his own, lying over his lover on the bed.

The lovers had left their hotel room that afternoon, finding their way to a cafe a short walk from their hotel, having completely missed the normal lunch hours. From there, they had taken a stroll through Central Park, where Shuichi had found the seldom ice-covered lake. New York had been gripped by a below-average, cold winter, and The Lake had frozen over enough to allow safe ice-skating. It seemed like half of Manhattan was also there, experiencing the rare event.

Yuki was sceptical about taking Shuichi out on the ice; the clumsy vocalist was sure to fall on his backside, or somehow slice his own fingers off. By the time Yuki had mused over his doubts, Shuichi had expertly laced up his hired boots, and was waving to him from the ice, “Come on, Eiri, hurry up!”

Yuki had to quickly get his boots on, an attendant checking them over for him, in order to catch up to Shuichi before he hurt himself. He slid out onto the ice, taking a couple of strides to get his balance right, and went out in search of his lover. He was drawn over to a small crowd by the bridge. Fearing the worst, he skated over, imagining an injured Shuichi sprawled out over the ice. He slipped through the crowd and under the bridge to find that the crowd was indeed caused by Shuichi, but for a different reason.

Yuki was amazed as he watched Shuichi gliding across the ice with ease, performing short spins and even a double twist.

Shuichi drew out of his on-the-spot routine, and skated over to the applauding crowd, coming to an expert stop in front of his surprised lover. “What?” he asked.

Shuichi took Yuki’s hand and led the novelist out to the ice, the crowd dispersing and going back to their own skating fun.

Yuki allowed Shuichi to pull him along. “I did not know you could skate,” he mused.

Shuichi smirked, “Oh? Too uncoordinated, right?”

Yuki returned the smirk, “Something like that.”

Shuichi slid in front of Yuki, turning backwards, and taking Yuki’s other hand in his, “My cousin is a skater; she taught me,” he explained.

Yuki stuck with the basic staking he knew, while Shuichi darted around him, spinning and adding some small jumps. By the time Shuichi had had his fun, the natural light was fading, the hidden sun making its way towards the horizon, and the number of other skaters had diminished to a small handful. The temperature was also starting to drop with the lessening daylight.

Shuichi skated around Yuki, and Yuki took his opportunity to grab Shuichi’s wrist, pulling the vocalist against him. Shuichi gave a cry as Yuki yanked him off balance. Yuki wrapped his arms around his flailing lover, pulling Shuichi against him.

Shuichi leaned back against Yuki, one hand gripping Yuki’s arm, the other clawed on the back of Yuki’s hip. His feet were sprawled in different directions. Shuichi turned his head to look at his lover, too confused for words.

Yuki smirked darkly, “See, I knew you were too uncoordinated for something like this, Shuichi.”

Shuichi’s eyebrow rose dramatically, “Say what now?” he exclaimed, having picked up the English phrase here in New York.

Yuki chuckled and unwrapped his right arm from around Shuichi’s waist, placing his hand on Shuichi’s cheek and guiding his lover into a kiss. Several minutes later, Shuichi still leaned against Yuki, enjoying his lover’s playfulness, but had crossed his arms in front of him. Shuichi pulled out of Yuki’s arms and turned to face him, “Uncoordinated? I will give you uncoordinated,” he said determinedly.

Shuichi grabbed the scarf tucked around Yuki’s neck and pulled it. The scarf pulled free from Yuki’s body, however, not without spinning the author around with it. Shuichi skated away, giggling triumphantly and waving the scarf around in the air like a ribbon.

Yuki’s arms flailed about him as he regained his balance, thankfully without falling and landing on his backside ungracefully on the cold ice. He glared hotly at his spinning lover, skating away to himself on the opposite side of their arm of the lake where they were skating. Yuki took up the challenge and skated after his lithe lover.

Shuichi performed a small turn and grinned at his lover coming straight for him. Shuichi giggled and was about to dart away from the lake’s edge when his skate got caught in a deep groove in the ice made by another skater. Two seconds later, Shuichi found himself sailing to the snow-covered ground on the bank of the lake, strong arms wrapped around his torso.

Yuki and Shuichi crashed into the soft snow, a mass of tangled limbs, Yuki’s scarf settling across them. Shuichi sat up and looked down at Yuki, his messed up hair framed by white snow. Yuki’s golden eyes looked up at Shuichi, “Caught you, brat,” he stated.

Shuichi’s laughter bubbled out of him. His laughter was cut off when a snowflake floated passed his vision. He followed the snowflake until it landed on Yuki’s nose. Shuichi leaned down and kissed the snowflake, and he turned his gaze up to meet his lover’s. Shuichi pressed his lips to Yuki’s, the novelist responding by placing his gloved hand to the back of Shuichi’s head and pulling him closer.

Their kiss was interrupted by the clearing of a throat.

Shuichi pulled away, and Yuki sat up to find one of the attendants standing before them on the ice, slightly embarrassed at interrupting the tender moment. “Sorry to…ah…interrupt, but we are closing the hire stall in a few minutes, and will need those skates back.”

Shuichi looked at Yuki, who translated what the attendant had said to them. Shuichi nodded and turned to the attendant, “Okay, thank you,” he said in accented English.

The attendant nodded and skated away.

Shuichi turned back to his lover, placing Yuki’s scarf around his neck and pulled Yuki to him. “One more minute will not hurt,” he said, capturing Yuki’s lips again, Yuki smirking as he returned the kiss.

The minute passed and Shuichi pulled out of the kiss.

“Are you ready to go back to the hotel room,” Yuki asked Shuichi.

Shuichi nodded, “Very.”

Yuki smiled and stood, offering his hand to Shuichi.

Shuichi grinned up at the man he loved, adored, worshipped even, and let Yuki lead him on to the rest of their lives.


T.T It is finished!! T.T

Well…until I start posting the next instalment…and my track record says ‘Don’t ask when that will be’. I am writing not a sequel…more like a spinoff, if you will, staring our favourite Gravitation cast, but centring on another relationship. This epilogue will allow this new fic to flow into my Gravi-world. Look forward to it…eventually…

I would love to know how you have all felt about this insight into Shuichi and Yuki’s life.

Love to you all
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