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Trunks's Lover

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“GOHAN!” I heard a familiar voice shout as I walked towards Capsule Corp. Then I saw a little blue, nearly white, haired boy run to me. He wrapped his arms around me and we headed into his house. “What are you doing here?”
“Your mom asked me to come and baby sit you, while she and your dad went out,” I replied picking him up and putting him on my shoulders.
“YAY!” He giggled as we headed inside.
It had been six years since the androids attacked Earth. The world was at peace, for now, and nothing was wrong. We changed the future that the first Trunks was from and now the world was right. We had out parents and our friends. The things we need the most, not to mention our love. Vegeta was, actually, nice no that he had no one to fight.
I was actually seventeen and got to see my father and little brother everyday. That was something that didn’t happen in the future, Big, Trunks was from. Little, Trunks had a father and friends in this present day. Something he barely had at all. Something he worked on to change.
“Bulma! I’m here!” I shouted setting down Trunks as Vegeta walked into the room. “Oh, hey Vegeta.”
“Don’t ‘Hey’ me, boy,” Vegeta replied walking past me and Trunks and straight out the door.
“Sorry about him, Gohan. Just have him in bed by twelve and no sweets before bed. We’ll be back Thursday, of next week,” Bulma said rushing out the door behind her husband. Bags at her heels.
“Guess it’s just you and me, Trunks,” I mumbled taking his hand. “What do you want for supper?”
“I don’t care,” Trunks answered with a yawn. I dint know how to cook much so I just took out a bag of chicken tenders and put them in the microwave.
“Go wash up for dinner and I’ll give you an ‘after dinner snack,’” I winked at him. We had ‘that’ kind of relationship. I loved him and he liked me. I didn’t think he had any idea about what love was. When he was around his father he had barely any emotions. When he was with me he was himself.
“Can I not have a ‘Before dinner snack?’” He asked licking his lips as he hugged my legs. I grinned down at him. The look he had on his face was an innocent one. I picked him up and he pushed his lips to mine. I laughed at his ‘hunger’.
“Can you not wait until after we eat?” I asked pulling away from the kiss. He shook his head and I chuckled at his persistence. “Then let’s go to your room.” He nodded and I head up stairs.
His room wasn’t as plain as it had been last month. It was black, his favorite color. It had a bed against the wall with purple sheets. He had a dresser that was purple as well. There were posters of my dad on the wall and, Piccolo as well. He had pictures all over the place. He took pictures of everything, literally EVERYTHING. He wanted to cherish all his memories. He was always afraid he was going to forget. Worst part was he took pictures of us, with him and his erotic pictures, and he hid them under his mattress to keep them from his parents.
“Kiss me?” He asked me and I complied. I pushed my lips to his and forced his mouth open. I thrust my tongue into his mouth and intertwined my tongue with his. He gasped as I shoved my hand under his shirt. His blue eyes filled with tears as I pinched his nipples, managing not to break the kiss through the whole thing.
“How far can I go today?” I asked pulling away and licking my lips. He squirmed underneath me as I placed my hand on his chest. Taking that as ‘as far as you want’ I pulled his hands over his head. He looked concerned but I licked his cheek. Gently, I moved my other hand down his body, pulling his shorts away from his skin.
He was paler than the average kid. He didn’t have a tail like the rest of us did and he didn’t have the black hair. Instead he had blue hair, like his mom and blue eyes. He was pure heaven. I loved him as much as he loved me. His legs were tanner than the rest of his body and he was big for a seven year old. Although he was big he wasn’t huge. He was just the right size.
Letting go of his hands I put my lips to his member and began to suck. He moaned as I nibbled at the tip. He twinned his fingers in my hair as I took all of him in my mouth. I rubbed my, left, hand up his body and under his shirt.
“Gohan, I’m going to-” He released and I swallowed every bit.
“Don’t go to sleep yet,” I chuckled pushing a finger inside of him. He screamed out and I pushed in another. Of the eight times we’ve done this he never let me go this far. I was pretty proud of him for hanging in this long. In went the third finger and he was panting. I pulled his hole up to me and I thrust in my tongue.
“No more,” he panted exhausted.
“I’m almost done,” I mumbled lining myself with his hole. I pushed inside of him and his eyes widened. “Just relax.”
He nodded and I pushed in as far as I would go. I started moving when I felt ready enough and he went ridged. He gritted his teeth and twisted his hips to get closer. I pulled him on top of me so he could ride and he took to it quick. I let go of him and he started moving himself, up and down. Each time he dropped himself he winced.
Finally I released and he screamed out. His voice was shrill as I poured my load inside of him. He collapsed against my chest, panting as we receded from out high. He curled up on my chest as I covered him with the covers.
My eyes widened as I remembered the CHICKEN IN THE MICROWAVE. I slid him onto the bed and fixed my clothes. Quietly I rushed to the kitchen. I got there just in time. I pulled the chicken out of the microwave and put it on the table. I fixed enough for three; Knowing Goten would be by soon.
There was a knock at the door and my little brother appeared. He rushed to me and hugged me. His short hair fell in front of his eyes. He pulled at my long black hair giggling. He was a year younger than Trunks was but just a stubborn.
“Where’s Trunks?” He asked as I sat him at the table.
“He’s in his room. Wash your hands and I’ll go get him. Don’t touch the food or you won’t get any of it,” I replied setting him down. He rushed to the sink and ran his hands under the water as I headed up the steps.
“MY ASS HURTS!” Trunks screamed hitting me with a pillow as I walked in. I laughed as I seen him pull on his shirt. “YOU FU-”
“Finish that thought and I will rape you,” I mumbled grabbing his member, a scary look on my face.
“I-I’m sorry,” He groaned kissing me on the lips. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and let go of his cock. He turned red as I pulled him into my arms.
“It’s okay,” I mumbled letting him go. He pulled on a pair of shorts and we headed down stairs. Goten sat at the table pouring salt in his mouth. The kid was obsessed with it. If he didn’t have salt on his food he would eat it plain. Mom always got onto him for it, but he stayed healthy either way so she let it pass. It still got on my nerves, because it meant that he ate some of that chicken when I told him not to.
“He ate the chicken,” Trunks murmured meaning for me to hear it only.
“GOTEN!” I screamed and he jumped spilling the salt in his eyes. He screamed out and Trunks broke out laughing. I rushed to Goten and put him over the sink. I washed out his eyes, trying not to laugh the whole time Trunks was.
“That was hilarious!” Trunks gasped tears falling from his eyes.
“Yeah well that hurt!” Goten cried rubbing his eyes.
“Since I know how much that hurts I’ll let you off with eating the chicken,” I cracked, laughing as little as I could. I placed them in their seats and let them dig into the food. They devoured almost all of it.
“Gohan?” Trunks asked rubbing his legs together. “Can I sit in your lap?”
“I guess,” I replied letting him climb onto my legs. As he sat down he started grinding against me groin. I seen him turn red as he leaned against my chest.
“Hey dad wanted to know if you wanted to help train me today,” Goten suddenly asked causing Trunks to jump and actually land on my hard cock. Trunks gasped and instantly covered his mouth.
“I have to look after Trunks for a week, but tomorrow I’ll help train you both,” I replied rubbing my hand against the crotch of Trunks’s shorts.
“Okay, well I have to go, talk to you tomorrow,” Goten yelled running out the door. When he shut the door I threw Trunks on the table, well sat. He pulled me into a kiss and wrapped his legs around my waist. I laughed at him as I pulled his shorts away from his body. I instantly thrust a finger inside of him, scraping his inside slightly. He shook as I pulled out my member and pushed into him.
“Ow,” he mumbled scrunching his eyes closed. I froze and instinctively pulled away from him. He wined and clung to me.
“Are you okay?” I asked letting him hug me. He nodded and I fixed my clothes. I gave him his shorts and helped him put them on. “I love you.”
“I love you more,” He answered kissing my cheek.
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