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The Parking Lot

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Rachel is the new girl at Belleville high school for her senior year, but what happens when she meets Gerard way.

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Okay so here is the first chapter of the new story, enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Parking Lot.
Gerard's POV

"Gerard get the fuck up we're going to be late." I heard my younger brother Mikey scream from upstairs.

"Suck my dick Mikes! I'll get up whenever the fuck I want!" I screamed back at him still half asleep, I rolled over and shut my eyes trying to renter my dreams. I was practically out when I felt a lanky body land on top of me.

"GET THE FUCK UP!" Mikey screamed in my ear, while slapping me repetivitly on my back.

"MIKEY FUUCK OFF!" I roared as I kicked him off me onto the floor. I don't know why he cared about being on time for school, he never did before.

"Well get the fuck up Gee, it's the first day of my junior year and the first day of your senior year and I kind of want to try and get our teacher's to like us by showing up on time." He explained his reasoning, and he was right, all of our teacher's in the past hated us because we were constantly late.

"Fuck... all right Mikey. But get the fuck out, I got to shower." I said drowsily.

"Okay, you've got ten minutes." he said sternly and disappeared up my stairwell.

At least our teachers liked Mikey a little bit, he was smart. Not that I wasn't, I just didn't care enough to try. Every single teacher I have ever had has despised me. Here's why I'm a smart ass, I'm lazy as fuck, and I'm always causing some kind of trouble according to them. I visit the principle's office almost three times a week and have been suspended over ten times. Honestly, I am shocked the school hasn't expelled me yet. But either way I couldn't really give a fuck, I only went to school because Mikey made me anyway. I pulled myself up and rubbed the gunk away from my eyes. I tried my best to not fall back into my bed, which always felt more comfortable in the mornings. I was completely hungover, I snuck out last night and got wasted, and I had completely forgotten that I had school today. It didn't matter I would have done it anyway. I dragged myself to the shower stall and blasted the cold water. I stepped in and let it rain over me. I literally just stood there for five minutes letting the water hit me. When I felt awake enough I turned the water off and wrapped a towel around my torso. I checked the time I had a couple minutes before Mikey would come pounce me again. I sluggishly walked over to my dresser and pulled out a plan white v-neck and some baggy jeans. I slipped on the clothes, ran upstairs, and poured myself a cup of coffee. Coffee was my greatest addiction besides cigarettes. I saw Mikey waiting impatiently in the corner, I grabbed my keys, and him and we were out the door.

Rachel's POV

Great, my senior year and I have to start at a new school. This is just fucking great, I would have been fine with moving my junior year, but no, my dad's company just had to relocate to Belleville New Jersey this year. It sucks because I was just finally starting to fucking fit in at my school. But whatever, I was used to having my life ruined by my parents so fuck it! I looked at my freshly straightened auburn hair in the mirror; maybe this wouldn't be all that bad. I mean no one in this town knew who I was, so I could finally get a fresh new start. At my old school I hopped around from little clique to clique, I fucking hate all the labels that drove me crazy. Freshman year I was "emo", sophomore year I was "hipster", and junior year I was "popular". I hated being labeled because each one of those things were who I was. I wasn't one specific category and I hated that people felt the need to fucking categorize people. But, I guess that is just the way high school is, but thank the heavens that this was my last year in the hell hole. Even if I was in a new town I would still be labeled as the "new girl" that all the jocks would try fuck, just to be able to say that they "hit that". I snapped out of my trance and started applying my make up. I wore a bit of powder that matched my tan skin, some bronze eye shadow that made my brown eyes pop, and finally a little bit of mascara. I then grabbed the outfit I had geekishly planned out the night before. I didn't wanna seem like I was try hard, but I kind of was. Regardless of how I felt about high school and labels, teenagers were going to be teenagers and I just wanted to blend in and not cause a ruckus.

"Rachel! Hurry up sweetie you're going to be late!" my mom yelled from downstairs.

"Uh here we go." I sighed taking one final look at myself in the mirror. "I'll be right down!" I yelled back, I gathered my shit and ran downstairs.

"Are you excited for your first day of your senior year honey?" my mom asked, being strangely cheerful for the morning.

"I guess, it'd be a lot more exciting if I was at my OLD school with my OLD friends." I said irritated, glaring at my father. Who was as usual eating breakfast and reading the paper, oblivious to my feelings.

"Mmm." he grunted taking a sip of his coffee.

"Oh dear I promise you, you are going to love Belleville, just give it a chance okay?" she said to me trying to boost my mood. She moved a hair away from my face and kissed me on my forehead. "Now get going or you'll be late for your first day."

"All right, I'll see you later. Bye mom."

I walked out the front door and jumped into my 2008 black jetta. I pulled out of my drive away and prayed I wouldn't get lost on my way to school.

Gerard's POV

Mikey and I pulled into the school a good 15 minutes before class was about to start.

"Really Mikey, you rushed me out of my bed for this shit. We are so fucking early." I complained, I really didn't want to be early to this hell hole. I pulled out a cigarette and sparked as I leaned against my silver Subaru XT.

"Well, from the looks of it some people are glad you are here when you are." he said to me slyly raising his eyebrows as he looked over to the right.

I followed his gaze and saw three of the "popular" girls starring at me. As soon as they saw my eyes meet there gazes they turned away giggling. I don't know why, but those types of girls were always drawn to me. I guess it was because they liked the whole "bad boy" thing as they phrased it. I mean it didn't matter to me, if they practically threw themselves at me I wasn't going to deny them but none of them were worth any more of my time than a quick fuck.

"Mmm, nothing like a fresh pack of bimbos in the morning." I chuckled to him taking a drag off my cigarette. Mikey laughed along with me, and he started talking about some comic he was reading.

I would usually be interested, but I was too hungover to even care at the moment. I was about to flick my cigarette over into the unoccupied parking spot next to me when a black jetta swerved into the spot. I was confused at first because I have had the same parking spot for all of high school and the one on my left was always empty. I saw and auburn haired girl in a floral print dress get out of it. I have never seen this girl before, apparently neither had Mikey because he was looking at her just as bewildered as me.

"New meat." he whispered as he leaned into my ear.

New meat she was, and she was cute too. Not usually the type of girl I would go for, but I felt myself attracted to her and I could stop starring. She had finished gathering her things out of her car and slammed her door shut, her big brown eyes were now meeting my gaze.

"Gotta problem?" she asked, she could obviously feel me starring at her the whole entire time, because she looke a little freaked out. I felt like this was a good time to freshen up my game for the school year so I took a shot at her.

"Yeah, that you aren't over here with me." I smirked devilishly as I winked at her.

She looked amused, and there was no doubt in my mind that she would take the bait, girls always wanted to try and get a guy like me. Perfect example were those three bimbos earlier who where now starring at the new girl enviously because I was giving her the attention they thought they deserved.

"Ha awh how cute, you're my first cheesy pick up line in this town." she said sarcastically. "But I am going to have to sadly reject the invitation for the quick fuck in the back seat of your car." she gently smirked and walked away.

"Come one sugar you know you're gonna want this." I yelled at her as she walked. She quickly turned around.

"Oh baby, you wish I wanted even the tiniest bet of you." she screamed back cockily and turned on one foot and continued walking.

Wow, a gril that actually wasn't interested in me. I have never had a challenge before,and I was definetly take advantage of this opportunity.

"My name's Gerard." I yelled out to her again.

"Don't care." she screamed back still walking away, as she raised her middle finger to me.

I grabbed my shit from car, shut and locked the doors and rushed into school. I was intrigued by this girl and determined to get her. I could already tell that this was going to be an interesting year.
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