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I'll Never Let Go

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Turn away, if you could get me a drink... Frerard

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“They found the tumor in my brain, Frankie…I have a few weeks to live.” Gee’s voice is quiet.

“No…you’re my best friend…you can’t leave me…you can’t!” I beg, tears hitting full force.

“I promise you, I’m going to fight it as best as I can…get chemo and everything…but they say it won’t help…” A tear drips down his cheek as he pulls me in for a hug.

“No! You’re only twenty nine! Y…You can’t die this young!” I scream into his chest, clutching onto the soft fabric for dear life, the exact life I couldn’t save. He pulled away but kept his steady gaze on me. I looked up to meet those deep hazel eyes and the whole world froze. He gently reached up used his thumb to wipe a tear off my cheek.

A gentle rain was falling outside, the droplets making a slight beat as they hit my window. His eyes shimmered with tears he didn’t let fall. How was he so calm about this? He leaned forward and gently brushed his lips with mine, pulling away but letting our foreheads touch.

“You’re strong, Frank… you’re going to be fine without me.” His voice was reassuring and honest, but I didn’t believe him at all. The tears returned with a fierce passion as it finally sunk it that he was going to die.

“No I’m not, Gee. You are my strength…you are what k-keeps me going…wit-without you, I’m nothing…you’re my everything…I-I love you…Gee, I-“

“Shh…” He put a finger to my lips as my breathing was getting erratic. I breathed in his sweet scent of coffee and cigarettes deeply, as if it were the last time I would ever smell him. “I love you too, so much…but sometimes, you just have to let go.” He pulled me into his lap, holding me close. His heartbeat was strong against his chest and I wondered how something so powerful could just fade and die so quickly.

We sat there in silence for hours, just staring at the rain. I felt myself drifting to sleep in his arms. He lightly kissed my forehead and began humming.

“Don’t let go…”

“Never, Frankie…Never…”

When I woke up the next morning, I was alone. On the pillow next to me was a light blue guitar pick and a note.

They’re taking me to the hospital, Frankie…this is it. I love you so much. You were the best thing to ever happen to me. Thank you for being my best friend.
Xoxo, Gee
p.s. I’ll never let go.

Some of the words were smeared from water droplets, what I can only assume were tears. I pulled the note up to my face and kissed it gently, not bothering to stop the tears from falling.
It had taken my best friend, but I will always keep my promise.

“I’ll never let go, Gee…never.”

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I almost cried when I wrote this
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