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PWP-ish, pseudo-porny: a trippy little drabble of what Heat and Serph might interact like in their demon forms, when not involved in some plot-driven event.

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[Boring Author's Notes]

I had this really, really disturbing dream related to Digital Devil Saga (which segued in and out of a Princess Tutu deathscene, which was really wtf-inducing), for some reason, so of course the instantaneous reaction was to write fic about it.

Ahaha. Ha. Ha?

Anyway, it's the pseudo-Heat/Serph fic I've always been dying to read, but no one ever wants to write, it seems. I don't really blame them, but still, you think there'd be even one disturbing PWP floating around.

Hooray for ficwad having a DDS section, yo.


The last of their enemies tumbles to the ground with a muted shriek; Agni licks his claws free of blood, and Heat grins at the tang. A lazy twitch of the wrist, and the sharp spurs of bone slide back into his flesh -- one, two, three. Satisfied by his body's ever-present efficiency, Agni turns to scent the air for Varuna, and Heat turns with him, towards the inevitable pull of his leader's presence. Whatever disagreements the Atma may have with his human counterpart, this at least remains constant: a reluctant but undeniable submittal to Serph's command.

The leader is /dirty/, and Agni's lips -- both of them -- curl in an expression that Heat would call disgust, if they both didn't know it was an attempt to quell a bubble of hunger rising up from his stomach. Agni lopes over to Serph with a speed just this side of unseemly, but Varuna isn't in much of a position to notice. He's absolutely filthy: gore caulks his scales and a bit of tattered intestine even hangs off his crown. Once he's in arm's reach, Heat can't resist, and claws pop out, snickety-snack, to flick the offending bit of tripe off Serph's head.

Varuna just looks at him in return, too irritated by the clingy mess of entrails and bodily fluids to attempt a more serious reprimand. Serph isn't really angry with Heat, either, just annoyed by the further complication of having to clean off on top of an already-frustrating battle. After all Serph Believes in things, even if he won't admit it, and one of these things is that there's no satisfaction in eating enemies that barely make your danger-sense blip. In Varuna's opinion, the current situation's somewhat similar to a human, having squashed a mosquito, looking for a convenient place to wipe its remains off his hand that isn't the seat of his pants.

This is all communicated in a silent language of twitching muscles and snarling teeth, of course, and Agni approaches the situation with a solution typical of his usual aplomb and tact for such matters. He tackles Varuna to the ground.

Heat doesn't have to see the blood to know where it is, and two heads make short work of a task that one might find itself struggling with. His tongues trace over his leader's chest in lazy, symmetrical patterns, sweeping over curves of muscle to lick them clean -- when he finds a nipple nestled among demon-scales and strokes it clean a little more harshly than necessary, Varuna hisses and squirms beneath him, but it's Serph that gasps and bucks up towards his touch.

The movement crashes their hips into each other, and the sudden contact provokes a pause -- not out of embarrassment, which demons such as they must surely be incapable of, but surprise. So far their awareness of the more delicate parts of their anatomy has extended only so far that they're aware that getting them injured would be a highly unpleasant experience indeed, and this situation is... unprecendented, to say the least.

[MORE REALLY Boring Author's Notes, I'm So Sorry]

I never got past this part, thankfully. L Uhhh. The constant switching between Heat and Agni, Varuna and Serph was supposed to be a more blatant portrayal of how integrated each pair of human/Atma really has become; Heat and Serph always struck me as the most accepting of and attached to their Atma natures from the get-go, as well. Argilla, Gale, and Cielo all seem to isolate their Atma from them in some way; Argilla's method of detachment is obvious (DENIAL! SUPPRESSION!), but to me Gale and Cielo seem to regard their Atma more as something to be used at will or leisure.

Of course, this is all based on the first game's canon, although I'm fairly spoiled for the second game anyway. >__>; I got a copy of DDSAT2, but being pirated, it was too faulty to play. Sniff-sob. I heard there's a terribly Heat/Serph scene or twenty, but I'm not sure if that's just fanon. XD

WELL, THAT'S THAT. I was reminded of this by the fact that one of our neighbors just went and butchered their pig in their backyard. (Behind us, thankfully. Pigs don't sound like screaming people when they're dying, incidentally. I thought some dog was dying of heatstroke. D:)

My, don't I feel dirty now.
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