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Work and A... First Date?

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Evin is working, minding his own business, when he helps the most beautiful girl named Bandit. He decides to call her and ask her out. What will she say?

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"See you later mom" I called to my mom, still sitting in the car. I walked in the malls front entrance and headed toward my place of employment, Orange Julius. I walked into the door marked "Employees Only" and stood behind the register, preparing for my shift.


The whole day had been relatively slow until now. There was a huge line and only two cashiers to work it. I saw from a distance a girl with her friends, twins and a shorter blonde girl. The girl took a few dollars from each of her friends and headed towards me. As she got closer, I noticed she had the prettiest eyes. They were hazel. Her eyes clashed with her hair, which was also beautiful. It was choppy layered, dyed a black that shined in the fluorescent mall lighting. She got in the back of the line. Soon enough she came face to face with me.

"How can I help you?" I said with a sigh, I was exhausted.

"Four medium Orange Juliuses please" she said with a cute little smile.

I punched in the order on the cash register. "16.74" I said, a little bit nicer this time. I thought she was cute, so I decided to flirt it up with her. "By the way I'm Evin. Evin Sadowsky." I said. I noted her outfit. A red and black plaid t-shirt with black skinny jeans. She seemed like my kind of girl. For the first time, I believed in love at first sight. I saw her across the room and knew I had to make her mine.

"Here you go" she said handing me 17. "I'm Bandit. Bandit Way. Keep the change." she said. I finally figured out where I had recognized her from. She went to school with me at Belleville High, she was a class below me. Way, I thought, where have I heard that last name before. And then it hit me. Her dad was the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, my favorite band.

I took out a piece of paper and hurriedly scrawled my cell phone number on it, folded it up and handed it to Bandit. "You should call me sometime." She sighed. I had know idea why, but she seemed to be pretty pissed off.

"Or you could call me" she said as she neatly wrote her number on a scrap of receipt. She grabbed her drinks and walked away. Oh I would definitely be calling her tonight.


I pulled out the slip of receipt and punched in Bandit's number.

"Hello?" she asked confused "Who is this?"

"Hey Bandit. It's Evin" I said

"Oh hey Evin. How are you?"

"I''m good. I was wondering if you want to go out somewhere Friday night?" I said. I was a bit nervous, I hope she couldn't tell.

"Sure. Where would we go? I've been wanting to go to that new glow-in-the-dark mini golf place. We could play, and get pizza afterwards" she said

"That sounds cool" I said. YES!, I thought to myself, I am so glad she said yes. "I'll pick you up."

"Cool. Do you know where I live?" She questioned. Crap. I didn't.


"I live on 236 E. Belleville Place" she said.

"236… E. Belleville… Place… got it! See you Friday at 6." I said. Oh crap. She lived in the rich neighborhood.But that would make sense, seeing she had famous parents.

"Bye Evin" She said then hung up. I put the phone back on the charger. Friday was going to be amazing
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