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Gerard smiled as the start of Vampire Money kicked in. The three remaining band members all exchanged glances, knowing what they were about to do. And it was Ray, surprisingly, who'd thought of it.
"Well are you ready Ray?" Gerard asked.
"Fish!" Ray announced proudly.
Gerard threw him a confused looked before asking "How 'bout you Frank?"
"Oh I'm fishin' baby!"
"How 'bout you Mikey?" Gerard asked, getting really confused.
"Fishin' ready." Mikey announced.
Gerard was about to say 'Well I think I'm alright' when suddenly a man in a fish costume came on and tackled him to the ground.
"Well I think I'm fishin'!" The large fish announced, getting up off Gerard and singing "One, two, three, FISH!"
Gerard got up but as soon as he did the fish just belly flopped him. The fish stole Gerard's microphone and sang "Three, two, one. We came to fish. Everybody fish til the gas man comes."
Gerard pulled himself off the floor again and jumped on top of the large fish, making him drop his microphone. The others continued to play while Gerard wrestled on the ground with the overweight fish.
Suddenly Bob came running back onto the stage. "Bob?" Gerard asked, totally unaware of what was going on.
Bob picked up the microphone and yelled "This one's for you Hamburger!" And then he started to honk into the microphone, in tune to Vampire Money "Honk! HONK! Honk Honk!"
Gerard stared at Bob, raising his eye-brows. He could only stare at him for a second or two though before the fish came back for more action.
The instrumental kicked in and Bob stopped singing and began bopping. Ray stood next to him and Bob instantly stopped and started playing with his hair. "Nom nom nom, still got that lemon smell to it!" Bob announced, sniffing Ray's hair.
When the final chorus kicked in, Bob began honking again. Gerard managed to push the fish off of him and get up. He stormed over to Bob like a jealous child and snatched the microphone out his hands. Bob glared at him and yelled "Fine! Don't make Hamburger happy!" and then he stormed off stage.
"Gimme, gimme, some of that Vampire Money c'mon!" Gerard yelled, managing to finish the song proudly.
"What did you think?" Ray asked, walking over to Gerard.
"What do you mean what did I think?"
"With... The fish?"
"What fish?" Gerard asked, raising his eye-brows. But inside he was thinking 'Thank god this was only a rehearsal.'

[A/N] - My first FanFic and I know this is terrible but yeah :') Bunch of inside jokes in there...
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