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Famous Last Words.

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Even at the end of the world, the Way brothers remain inseparable. Oneshot. Mikey/Gerard story but not a Waycest. (I don't think.)

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A/N: This is more of a Mikey/Gerard story, but not really a Waycest. I guess you could interpret it that way if you like. I guess it’s kind of like “Just Sleep”. Also, I know the ending is a tad confusing. Don’t bother asking me exactly what it means, because I’m not too sure myself. Okay, have fun then.

"Everything I do is inspired by Gerard. I’m the Robin to his Batman." - Mikey Way

Famous Last Words.

People were screaming. Running. Shouting of the end of the world. Rubble and dust was everywhere. The ground was shaking violently. Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Mikey Way, and Gerard Way were scrambling to get their things. They could hear the house they were in cracking into bits and pieces around them. Gerard couldn't find his favorite picture of Bandit. He was doing his best to dig through everything. He couldn't find it, yet he couldn't bring himself to leave without it. It was the only copy.

He heard Frank yelling at him to hurry up. Just as he did, he found it under a pile of clothes in the corner of the closet. He pocketed it and turned to leave. The ground gave a great rumble. The ceiling collapsed. Gerard became bombarded.

He heard Mikey scream his name as it happened. He did not pass out. He only felt pain. Horrible, searing pain rip through his legs and arms. He felt as though flesh was being torn from flesh, bone snapped in half. He fell, being pulled downward by some unseen force. He wondered if this was it. The death of Gerard Way at last.

And after a while, the dust settled. He coughed, surprised to find he was still able to breathe. With blurry vision, he saw feet running towards him. He knew those shoes. Mikey.

Mikey knelt down, looking pale and horrified. He inspected Gerard, evaluating the damage. Ray was yelling something. It took some moments for it to occur to Gerard that the ground was still shaking. It wasn't over.

Mikey shakily told him that his bottom half seemed to have fallen through the floor to the basement. He said he would try to pull Gerard up. He nodded his head at Frank, who ran over to them. Mikey explained the situation and they tried to pull him up from underneath the armpits. As they did, the sensation of being torn returned and he screamed from the agony. Frank yelled for them to stop. They could progress no further --- they now saw Gerard was already nearly severed in half. Only being held together by rubble and planks of wood. They would not be able to remove him without very likely killing him. Mikey asked what they should do.

As Frank suggested they find help, a large wooshing noise came upon them. A wire from the powerline just above them had become detached and cracked at the ground like a mighty whip. Frank grabbed Mikey and pulled him away. They both looked up at the powerline in fearful awe. The thing was going to collapse at any second, and it had already started the process.

Frank admitted they could no longer stay here.

Mikey only asked again what they could do about Gerard.

Frank told him nothing. They could do nothing. They had to leave him. At least for now.

In the distance, Ray was screaming that they had to go. If they stayed any longer, the powerlines would easily kill them all.

Mikey only shook his head slowly, backing away and again kneeling down by Gerard. He was not going to leave Gee. He made that clear.

Gerard himself told Mikey to leave. It wasn't worth it. Frank tried to convince him that they could find help for Gerard later. But Mikey ignored them. He turned to Gerard and he took his hand. He squeezed it. He told him he would never abandon him. Batman and Robin forever, right?

Frank looked at them both and he knew it was a lost cause. There was no changing Mikey's mind. The powerline emitted yet another odd noise. Frank looked at it, afraid. He looked at Mikey and Gerard. Hesitantly, he turned away and ran. He met up with Ray, who he had a brief exchange of words with. Gerard couldn't hear what they were talking about, but he saw Frank shake his head and Ray give an understanding nod. Ray looked to them and yelled that they would be back with help.

Gerard spent the next few moments yelling at Mikey. Telling him to go. Leave. Run. Yet the pain from his injuries seemed to settle in more and more as each minute passed. Soon, Gerard found himself unable to do anything besides groan, sweat, scream and pant. Mikey was comforting him, making hushing noises and stroking his hand soothingly through his hair. Gerard tried so hard to tell Mikey he needed to save himself. Yet he couldn't. He couldn't even breathe anymore. He was dying, and he knew it. How senseless that his uninjured, perfectly capable baby brother might go with him.

Crack, crack, crack. Sparks flew into the sky. The earth gave a mighty rumble. The powerline tilted down upon them.

"...Mikey, please go...."

"I love you, Gerard."

His younger brother stared straight into his eyes. Determined.

Awake and unafraid.

Just like he had described him.

"I love you too, Mikey."

A great flash of light. Gerard felt Mikey suddenly pounce upon him. Mikey wrapped himself around him, shielding him as best he could.

Gerard felt Mikey breathing on his neck before they both went limp.

One dead, and one merely asleep.

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