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Frank wants bananas.

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"Gerard!" Frank shouted from his place in the small kitchen - sitting on a counter next to the coffee machine.
All Frank got in response was a burp, and a sound of the sheets rustling.
Frank scrunched his nose up in disgust, and started to kick his legs against the chair in front of him; resulting in loud bangs. "Fuckin' wake up, Geetard!" Frank shouted. Soon he heard some grumbling and sheets rustling again. He continued kicking until he heard the squeak of their bedroom door, signalling it had been opened.
Grinning triumphantly, Frank waited until he saw Gerard.
"Why'd you wake me up?" Gerard asked, yawning and pecking Frank on the lips, then reaching behind him to grab a mug. He walked over to the coffee machine and poured a coffee for himself. Only after taking a huge gulp and carefully setting the mug down, did Frank tell him why he woke him up.
"We're out of bananas." Frank pouted, wrapping his armsa around Gerard's waist and resting his chin on his shoulder.
"You could suck on mine." Gerard retorted, pulling away from the embrace, grabbing his crotch and shaking it.
Frank snorted and rolled his eyes, kicking Gerard in the shin for good measure. "Fuck off."
"I'm being serious." Gerard frowned, flicking Frank on the neck.
Frank's hand flung to his neck, rubbing over the spot Gerard had flicked. "Aw shit that hurt!" He exclaimed.
"Aww ickle Fwankie, Geward is sowwy." Gerard cooed, as if talking to Sweat Pea. "Want me to kiss it better for you?" He continued talking in that stupid voice that Frank found so annoying yet so cute.
Frank nodded, pointing to the now red mark. He felt Gerard place several kisses on the spot, before nibbling it. Frank wrapped his arms and legs around Gerard (who had started placing wet kisses all over his face) and pulled him closer. He placed his lips on Gerard's and grabbed his ass, making him jump and gasp. Frank stuck his tongue into his boyfriend's mouth and moaned. The brush of tongue against tongue was enough to drive Frank mad and after a few minutes of lazy kissing - as well as Gerard's taste: stale tobacco and vanilla - Frank was hard. He pulled away, panting and continued to knead Gerard's ass. "B-bedroom, now."
Gerard smiled sweetly and shook his head. He removed Franks arms and legs from around him and grabbed the car keys from the key rack Frank loved way too much (it had a cute little cartoon version of their dog, a small vampire Gerard and an even smaller Frank dressed in a Freddy Krueger costume. Gerard had drew it, obviously).
"What? Why?" Frank scowled, trying to pry Gerard's long fingers from around the key chain. They should be around my dick instead.
"To get your precious bananas!" Gerard sang, kissing Frank's nose.
"Yeah, after we fucked!" Frank crossed his arms, still frowning.
"Be careful, you might get frown lines." Gerard grinned, slipping on his leather jacket and searching for his shoes. He found them under the table, and let out a small "Ah-ha!" before slipping them on.
"Be back in a minute Frankenstein!" He smiled, pinching Frank's cheek.
As Gerard got to the door, Frank shouted a "wait" and ran up to him. When Gerard turned round, Frank kissed him and said "love you".
"Love you too angel." Gerard smiled, walking out of the door and closing it behind him.
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