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21 Guns.

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Gerard's POV.

"Gerard, you need the pain relief." Maria begs. "What happened to Frank wasn't your fault!"

"I don't want it!" It was my fault, all my fault. If Frank was hurting then I would hurt too. I bit my lip as my leg throbbed and my chest ached. "If Frank suffers, I suffer."

Maria made a random sound of anguish and tossed her coffee to the floor, the liquid forming a dark brown puddle. I flinched as she fixed me with hurt eyes.

"Stop being such a martyr, Gerard! It's stupid! It's pathetic!" She snapped, throwing her hands up in exasperation. "You're just gonna make yourself sicker and sicker! What would your mother have to say about this?! What about your dad and Mikey?! What about us?! Stop being so selfish and just accept you need painkillers!"

"NO!!!" I shouted back. "I've already told you; if Frank suffers, I suffer!"

"Stop being such a moron and take the medicene!" There are tears in her eyes but I'm not gonna back down now. I can't. I won't.
"Just fuck off! Stop telling me what to do!...You aren't my mom!" I screamed and immediately regretted it. Maria stood calmly and came to the bed, next thing I know, my cheeks burning hotly and Maria drops her arm.

"That's from all of us." She whispers and opens the door. "I know that I'm not your mother Gerard, but I am your friend..." And with that she walks out, leaving me with my cheek red, tears streaking my face and my heart finally and truly broken at long last.

I sat up and swivelled round, my feet dangling to the floor and gently lowered myself. The tiles were numbingly cold and the cast was heafty and awkward to move.

I hissed as I stepped forward, pain shooting up my leg and I coughed heavily, wheezing slightly. I eventually dragged myself to my over night bags and rummaged around, fishing out my wallet. I undid the clasp with shaking hands and withdrew the photo.

It was a picture Mikey had took on the school roof not long back. Frank was stroking my hair softly, a small smile on his lips as he looked down at me sleeping on his lap...with a content look on my face.

"I love you..." I sniffled and curled up on the chair, my injured leg left out of the tiny ball I had morphed myself into. I pressed the photo to my chest and sang softly, not wanting my voice to break so soon,
"When the hangover doesn't pass, nothing's ever built to last, you're in ruins..."

And so I cry myself to sleep, three words from 21 Guns echoing numbly in my head as I slip into darkness;

You're in ruins...
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